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From and dissolution
From such a surrender, the dissolution of the body corporate ensues .” Nor does there seem to have been much question that by “ a judgment of forfeiture against a corporation itself, it may be dissolved .” However, Supreme Court Justice Wilson, lecturing in his unofficial capacity, at least, suggests his displeasure with the doctrine that corporate dissolution cannot be predicated “ by a judgment of ouster against individuals.
< imagemap > File: 1990s decade montage. png | From left, clockwise: The Hubble Space Telescope floats in space after it was taken up in 1990 ; American F-16s and F-15s fly over burning oil fields and the USA Lexie in Operation Desert Storm, also known as the 1991 Gulf War ; The signing of the Oslo Accords on 13 September 1993 ; The World Wide Web gains a public face during the start of decade and as a result gains massive popularity worldwide ; Boris Yeltsin and followers stand on a tank in defiance to the August Coup, which leads to the Soviet Union's dissolution on 26 December 1991 ; Dolly the sheep is the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell ; The funeral procession of Diana, Princess of Wales, who dies in 1997 from a car crash in Paris, and is mourned by millions ; Hundreds of thousands are killed in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 .| 420px | thumb
From its creation, Cream were faced with some fundamental problems that would later lead to its dissolution in November 1968.
From that date until the dissolution of the county government on July 1, 1998, it was the only county seat.
From 1891 until the party's dissolution, Red Tories generally dominated the highest rungs of the party and its leadership.
From 1621 until its dissolution in 1810 during the Westphalian rule under Jérôme Bonaparte, Rinteln was the seat of a university.
From the time of the band's first album release in 1981 to its dissolution in 1986, Culture Club had amassed hits in several countries around the world, including ten Top 40 hits in the US, most of which went Top 10.
From 1991 to 1992 the post of the president changed hands several times due to the political changes and uncertainly following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and ensuing social unrest and violence in the Tajikistan Civil War.
From 1765 to 1770, he was governor of Greenwich Hospital, and on the dissolution of parliament in 1768 he successfully contested Northampton at a ruinous cost.
From September 28, 1991 to January 26, 1994 he was the first leader and head of state of independent Belarus after the dissolution of the Soviet Union ( Chairman of the Supreme Soviet-also chairman of Parliament ).
From end to end it measures 312 feet ( 95 m ), though prior to the destruction of the original Lady Chapel ( also at the time of the dissolution ), the Abbey's total length was 375 feet ( 114 m ).
From then until the dissolution of the GDR, they used it as a private retreat for high functionaries, including the GDR heads of state Walter Ulbricht and Erich Honecker.
From November 25, 1924, to the dissolution of parliament they held a two-seat majority thanks to their victory in a by-election in a seat previously held by the Conservatives on that date.
From 1965 until the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the industrial growth in Ukraine decreased, and by the 1970s, it started to stagnate.
From the 1930s to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Chita was a closed city.
From 1940, following the Fall of France, the government moved to London, and remained in the United Kingdom until its dissolution in 1990.
From 1905 until its dissolution in 1921, he was president of the national Anti-Imperialist League.
From the founding of OSPAAAL and Tricontinental in 1966 until the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which led to a rapid recession in the Cuban economy, propaganda posters were folded up and placed inside copies of the magazine, however, this was stopped, along with publication of Tricontinental, due to ink shortages and financial trouble.
' From the dissolution of Parliament in 1922, it was merged back into Down.
From the dissolution of Parliament in 1922, it was merged back into that constituency.
From September 1948, and until its dissolution by Nasser in 1959, Gaza Strip was officially administered by the All-Palestine Government, recognized by most members of the Arab League, though actually it carried a largely symbolic status.
From Thomas Becket's canonization in 1173 until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538 his shrine at Canterbury became the most important in the country, indeed " after Rome ... the chief shrine in Christendom ", and it drew pilgrims from far and wide.
From 1319 until its dissolution in 1536, Whitwick Church was an endowment of the Benedictine priory of Upholland, near Wigan, Lancashire.

From and Government
Doublespeak: From " Revenue Enhancement " to " Terminal Living ": How Government, Business, Advertisers, and Others Use Language to Deceive You.
From mid 1998 toll revenue has been credited to the account of the DHB and not to the Government of Guyana, as it was until then.
From June 1848 until December 1848 General Cavaignac became head of the executive of the Provisional Government.
From that year until 1810, the island was in charge of officials appointed by the French Government, except for a brief period during the French Revolution, when the inhabitants set up a government virtually independent of France.
From shortly after the Outer Mongolian Revolution of 1921 until 1990, the Mongolian Government was modeled on the Soviet system ; only the communist party –– the MPRP –– officially was permitted to function.
From 2011 until 2013, the Victorian Government and the Melbourne Cricket Club will fund a $ 55 million refurbishment of the facilities of Great Southern Stand, including renovations to entrance gates and ticket outlets, food and beverage outlets, public concourses, toilets, function rooms, etc.
* From the US Government:
From November 1939 through 1947, the atoll had resident Federal Government representatives, the island commanders.
From 1846 onwards the establishments in the United Kingdom were gradually reduced, while the last vestige of the British quarantine law was removed by the Public Health Act 1896, which repealed the Quarantine Act 1825 ( with dependent clauses of other acts ), and transferred from the privy council to the Local Government Board the powers to deal with ships arriving infected with yellow fever or plague, the powers to deal with cholera ships having been already transferred by the Public Health Act 1875.
From 1948-1960 the Malayan Communists committed numerous effective acts of sabotage against the Malaysian Government, first targeting railway bridges, then hitting larger targets such as military camps.
< imagemap > File: 1940s decade montage. png | Above title bar: events during World War II ( 1939 – 1945 ): From left to right: Troops in an LCVP landing craft approaching " Omaha " Beach on " D-Day "; Adolf Hitler visits Paris, soon after the Battle of France ; The Holocaust occurred during the war as Nazi Germany carried out a programme of systematic state-sponsored genocide, during which approximately six million European Jews were killed ; The Japanese attack on the American naval base of Pearl Harbor launches the United States into the war ; An Observer Corps spotter scans the skies of London during the Battle of Britain ; The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the first uses of nuclear weapons, killing over a quarter million people and leading to the Japanese surrender ; Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the Instrument of Surrender on behalf of the Japanese Government, on board USS Missouri, effectively ending the war.
From 1935 the First Labour Government showed a limited degree of idealism in foreign policy, for example opposing the appeasement of Germany and Japan.
From 1800 until 1885, Barbados then served as the main seat of Government for the former British colonies of the Windward Islands.
From 1927 the Irish Government alone had the power to advise the King whom to appoint.
From February 12 to July 17, 1944, it hosted the Government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio.
From 1943 to 1945, the Carabinieri were accountable to the Control Commission of the Allied Military Government ( AMGOT ).
From, a Transitional Government of National Unity, backed by South Africa and various ethnic political parties, tried unsuccessfully for recognition by the United Nations.
From February 12 to July 17, 1944, it hosted the Government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio.
* ACLU: Stop The Government From Turning Neighbor Against Neighbor
From the time of her commencement as Governor, Bashir, like her immediate predecessor, did not reside in Government House, Sydney, retaining it for reception and official purposes.
From 1995 to 2000, he taught Globalization Studies at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in the United States.
From 1945 to 1946, he was the Secretary of State for Air in the first majority Labour Government.
From 1972 – 1975, Douglas was a junior minister in the Third Labour Government, where he won a reputation for his capacity for innovation.
He attended an event on May 11, 2004 at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University entitled " From Thought to Action: Growing Leaders in a Changing World ".

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