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From and end
The details of the setting of `` Neutral Tones '' are not, strictly speaking, metaphorical, but they combine to create a mood which is appropriate both to a dismal winter day and to the end of love, and in this way love and weather, the emotions and the elements, symbolize each other in a way that is common to many of Hardy's best poems ( `` Weathers '', `` The Darkling Thrush '', and `` During Wind and Rain '', for example ) and to some moving passages in the novels as well ( Far From The Madding Crowd is full of scenes constructed in this way ).
From the upper end of the lake the river issues through the Nidau-Büren channel and then runs east to Büren.
From left to right: end of a video scan line, front porch, horizontal sync pulse, back porch with color burst, and beginning of next line
" From beginning to end, Capp was acid-tongued toward the targets of his wit, intolerant of hypocrisy, and always wickedly funny.
He also says: " From either end protrudes a blunt chin ; each is far from each other.
From the end of World War II until the widespread change of regime in Eastern Europe in November 1989, the Bulgarian Communist Party ( BCP ) exerted complete economic, social and political control in Bulgaria.
From empty in chapter 1, she is filled again by God at the end of chapter 4.
From a base of 90 % of trains arriving on time in 1998, the measure dipped to 75 % in mid 2001 and, by the end of the 2002 – 3 period, had recovered to only 80 %.
From the beginning of each playing period with a stroke-off ( a set strike from the centre-spot by one team ) until the end of the playing period, the ball is in play at all times, except when either the ball leaves the field of play, or play is stopped by the referee.
From the end of the 15th century we have printed ballads that suggest a rich tradition of popular music.
From the time of the end of the Seven Years ' War in 1763, Great Britain and its successor the United Kingdom has been one of the leading military and economic powers of the world.
From the Carolingian epoch to the end of the Middle Ages and beyond, this was the most widely copied work of secular literature in Europe.
From the time of his original formulation until the end of the 1980s cladistics remained a minority approach to both phylogenetics and taxonomy.
From the 19th century, up to the end of the 20th century, most of Central Asia has been part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, both being Slavic majority countries.
From the end of 1949, new transmitters were steadily opened to serve other major conurbations, and then smaller areas of population.
From then until the end of the war in Europe on May 8, 1945, Eisenhower through SHAEF had command of all Allied forces, and through his command of ETOUSA, administrative command of all U. S. forces, on the Western Front north of the Alps.
From the 1960s through the end of the century Gary Karr was the leading proponent of the double bass as a solo instrument and was active in commissioning or having hundreds of new works and concerti written especially for him.
From the beginning to the end of his career at the New Yorker, he frequently provided what the magazine calls " Newsbreaks " ( short, witty comments on oddly worded printed items from many sources ) under various categories such as " Block That Metaphor.
From the end of the Continuation War with the Soviet Union in 1944 until 1991, the policy was to avoid superpower conflicts and to build mutual confidence with the Western powers and the Soviet Union.
From 1966 till the end of her career she taught at Boston College.
From 60, 000-80, 000 Russian soldiers remained stationed in Finland at the beginning of 1918, but the majority of them were demoralized and unwilling to fight, and were withdrawn from Finland by the end of March.
From the end of 1949, the refugees received aid directly from UNRWA.
From the previous passages, it is argued that in the beginning, Paul and Barnabas were getting along with each other ; but that at the end, they started to depart in their beliefs to give to the importance of the Jewish law.
From this point until the end of the century, the Whigs and ( after 1859 ) their successors the Liberal Party, managed to gain a majority of the Westminster Parliamentary seats for Scotland, although these were often outnumbered by the much larger number of English and Welsh Conservatives.

From and 1888
From 1888, block printing was limited to short run specialist jobs.
From 1881 through 1888 Diego Garcia was the location of two coaling stations for steam ships crossing the Indian Ocean.
From this effort resulted the three-volume Theorie der Transformationsgruppen, published in 1888, 1890, and 1893.
* 1888 – The " From Hell " letter sent by Jack the Ripper is received by investigators.
The title is taken from the first words of the " From Hell " letter, which some authorities believe was an authentic message sent from the killer in 1888.
From 1888 to 1902 the guild prospered, employing about 50 men.
From 1883 to 1888 he was chief librarian at Columbia University, from 1888 to 1906 director of the New York State Library, and from 1888 to 1900 secretary and executive officer of the University of the State of New York.
From 1811 to 1888, boatyards produced more than 3, 000 steamboats.
From 1874 to 1888 Bucoda was the site of Washington's first territorial prison.
From 1888 to 1891, a stage line that ran from Sundance to
From " L ' atmosphere " book of 1888
One of his sons was Geoffrey Storrs Fry ( 1888 – 13 October 1960 ) From 1929, the first ( and last ) Baronet Fry of Oare in Wiltshire.
From 1889 lieutenancy counties in England and Wales were to correspond to groupings of administrative counties and county boroughs established by the Local Government Act 1888.
From 1881 to 1888 he was Chancellor for the Universities of Uppsala and Lund.
From 1888 to 1902, the exchange moved to the Drexel Building which was located near Fifth Street and Chestnut.
From 1882 to 1888, Frey was the first ambassador ( Minister ) of Switzerland to the United States in Washington.
From 1885 to 1892 five articles in the Nineteenth century brought him into conflict with Church authorities: " Modern Catholics and scientific freedom " ( July 1885 ), " The Catholic Church and biblical criticism " ( July 1887 ), " Catholicity and Reason " ( December 1887 ), " Sins of Belief and Disbelief " ( October 1888 ) and " Happiness in Hell " ( December 1892 ).
From 1884 to 1888 he studied at the universities of Berlin and Strassburg, after which he became an assistant at the Academy of Münster.
From 1879 to 1888, he engaged in difficult experimental investigations.
From 1888 to 1902 he was a member of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
From April 1882 until May 1885 he was the editor of the Viennese paper Die Heimat ( The Homeland ), in May 1884 he became a contributing editor of Le Figaro and in August 1888 he became the editor of the Wiener Bote ( Vienna Messenger ).
From 1888 to 1897 Théodore Reinach edited the Revue des études grecques.

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