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From and protocol
From this work the Aloha multiple access protocol was derived.
From early 1980s the All Union Scientific Research Institute for Applied Computerized Systems ( VNIIPAS ) was working to implement data connections over the X. 25 telephone protocol.
From the datasheet, the enhancements include " the addition of new dedicated addressing hardware ( consisting of a high speed ALU, a barrel shifter and an address register ), a very efficient increased ( 20 bytes ) instruction prefetch queue, a new system / memory bus interface / protocol, increased efficiency slave processor protocol and finally enhancements of microcode.
From version 1. 9. 4, Ares included basic support for the BitTorrent protocol.
From 2008, EU participants must link with the other developed countries who ratified Annex I of the protocol, and trade the six most significant anthropogenic greenhouse gases.
From 1998 onwards TTTech Computertechnik AG has taken over the further development of TTP, providing software and hardware solutions for this data communication protocol.
From 1997 to 2000, ILU was used as the foundation for experimental work on a " next generation " HTTP protocol by the World Wide Web Consortium's HTTP-NG activity.
From the point of view of the X protocol, this is a regular window.
From 1981 to 1989, he acted as chief protocol architect in the development of the Internet, and chaired the Internet Activities Board, which later became the Internet Architecture Board.
From the countries which attended the conference, 98 voted in favour and 27 against the protocol, while 10 countries abstained from voting.

From and copy
From an economics viewpoint, there is a clear trade-off between cost per copy and cost of the printer.
At that point, Symbolics began using their own copy of the software, located on their company servers — while Stallman says that Symbolics did that to prevent its Lisp improvements from flowing to Lisp Machines, Inc. From that base, Symbolics made extensive improvements to every part of the software, and continued to deliver almost all the source code to their customers ( including MIT ).
From the search engine's point of view, there is a cost associated with not detecting an event, and thus having an outdated copy of a resource.
From that point on, Scribble is on a mission to find another copy of the rare and contraband Curious Yellow feather ( found within English Voodoo ), so that he can exchange The Thing for Desdemona.
# 1893, Hamburg – The base layer in Mahler's hand corresponds to the final version of the Budapest manuscript, and probably was the manuscript sent by Mahler to Schott as a ( engraver's copy ) in 1891 in hopes of publication, and for the first time given a title: ( From the Life of a Lonely-one ).
From the 1930s, following the work of Val Page, most British four-stroke parallel-twin motorcycles used a crank angle of 360 °, which allowed the use of a single carburettor because 180 ° and 270 ° twins need twin carburettors, as did an early Meguro was a copy of the 360 ° British BSA A7.
From the perspective of the end user, copy protection is always a cost.
From an 1100 copy of Macrobius ' Dream of Scipio.
From communication between Mainline and airport officials during the planning stage in 2002, the company intended to operate leased aircraft, older wide-body L1011's refitted with new interiors featuring leather seats and TV's at each seat, a copy of JetBlue Airways.
From post card stores to gallery exhibits, to Barbara Cushman's Color Xerox Calendar this was a busy time for copy art.
From 1956 to 1965, he continued to earn royalties on his patents from Xerox, amounting to about one-sixteenth of a cent for every Xerox copy made worldwide.
The copy presented to Rudolf was inscribed " From the heart – may it return to the heart!
From a late copy of The old Englisch Homely on the life of St. Chad, c. 1200, in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
From 1949, a copy of Hedgehog was produced in the USSR as MBU-200, developed in 1956 into MBU-600 with enhanced range of 600 m.
From the expansion of a dominant weight in terms of the fundamental weights one can take a corresponding tensor product of the fundamental representations and extract one copy of the irreducible representation corresponding to that dominant weight.
From a copy of Old Glasgow published by Coghill in 1907 with no ISBN
From 1957 onward, Mac Low worked as an etymologist, writer of reference-book articles, copy editor, indexer, proofreader, and fact checker for many publishers, including Knopf, Funk & Wagnalls, Pantheon, Bantam, and Macmillan.
From a copy of the Sanjurokunin Kashu or Thirty-six Poetry Immortals | " Thirty-Six Immortal Poets " kept in the Hongan-ji | Hongan-ji Temple, Kyoto.
From 15th to 17th centuries, the formula seems to have been to copy the ancient Roman naming convention: praenomen ( or given name ), nomen gentile ( or Gens / Clan name ) and cognomen ( surname ), following the Renaissence fashion.
From: " These original images are free to anyone to copy, crop, whatever – provided only that you include a brief acknowledgement along the lines of ' Image courtesy of Chris Clowes ,' with a hyperlink to this page ( http :// www. www. peripatus. gen. nz / gallery / gallery. html ).
( Note: This version is from The Complete Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson ( 1904 ), edited by Edward Waldo Emerson, who noted, " From a copy of this hymn as first printed on slips for distribution among the Concord people at the celebration of the completion of the monument on the battle-ground, I note the differences from the poem here given as finally revised by Mr. Emerson in the Selected Poems.
From issue 4, the masthead contained the invitation " Please pass on this copy or display it ".
From the remains of Omega, however, rises a Reploid that looks just like Zero and at that moment, Weil informs Zero he is merely a copy and that Omega inhabits Zero's original body.

From and notary
From 1840 to 1857 he practised as a notary in Hamburg.

From and extends
From early family portraits, painted before he entered the schools of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the chronology extends to a group of paintings executed in his last year ( 1951 ) and still part of his estate.
From the local point of view time stops at the horizon, whereas from the global point of view time extends beyond it, and surfaces of constant time cross the horizon.
In 1754 to 1762 Hume published the History of England, a 6-volume work of immense sweep, which extends, says its subtitle, " From the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688 ".
From Jabal al Akhdar, Cyrenaica extends southward across a barren grazing belt that gives way to the Sahara Desert, which extends still farther southwest across the Chadian frontier.
From Dipolog City eastward along the northern coast of Mindanao almost to Butuan City extends a rolling coastal plain of varying width.
Upon independence in 1947, the government of India used the Johnson Line as the basis for its official boundary in the west, which included the Aksai Chin From the Karakoram Pass ( which is not under dispute ), the Indian claim line extends northeast of the Karakoram Mountains through the salt flats of the Aksai Chin, to set a boundary at the Kunlun Mountains, and incorporating part of the Karakash River and Yarkand River watersheds.
From north to south, Chile extends, and yet it only averages east to west.
From Nipigon, Highway 11 extends through Northern Ontario for east to Hearst and another east through Cochrane.
From here the divide extends eastwards, culminating in the Aiguille de Scolette ( 3, 505 m ), but makes a great curve to the north-west and back to the south-east before rising in the Rocciamelone ( 3, 509 m ).
From the summits of these hills the country extends back in a comparatively level table-land, on which a large section of the city now stands.
From the Sutors the Firth extends inland in a westerly and then south-westerly direction for a distance of 19 miles ( 30. 6 kilometres ).
From Escalante's journal, he describes Utah Lake: " The lake, which must be six leagues wide and fifteen leagues long, extends as far as one of these valleys.
Wels is located in the Hausruckviertel at an elevation of 317 m. From north to south, it extends over 9. 5 km, from west to east over 9. 6 km.
From the river the village extends to the southwest almost two miles ( 3. 2 km ), generally longer than it is wide, with a projecting area to the southeast along Goodwill Road.
From the circle representing a weather station, a staff ( rather like the stem of a note in musical notation ) extends, with one or more half or whole barbs.
From the ferry terminal a sandy beach of about 15 km length extends all along Föhr's southern shore and halfway up the western coast.
From the Caspian in the northwest to Baluchistan in the south-east, the Iranian Plateau extends for close to 2, 000 km.
From the palace, a ceremonial road ( sacbe ) extends to an elaborately decorated gateway arch (" El Arco ").
From the Mississippi state line U. S. 45 extends north past Selmer and Henderson and Jackson to Fairview, just north of Jackson.
From a lateral view, its pronotum looks rectangular and it extends back to the tegulae, near the base of the wings.
A soft, tender waltz, Riley writes that the song " extends the romance from ideals of emotional honesty out into issues of conditioned conformity (' From fixtures and forces and friends / That you gotta be just like them ')... in ' Spanish Harlem Incident ,' using flattery as a front for the singer's own weak self-image ; in ' To Ramona ,' he's trying to save his lover from herself if only because he knows he may soon need the same comfort he's giving her.
From the north to the south, the territory of the oblast extends for more than 220 km from 53 ° 30 ' to 55 ° 30 ' N, and from west to the east – by 220 km.
From north to south, it extends for more than, and from west to east — for over.

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