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From and seventeenth
From birth to 1789, as a second son, he was known officially as Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy and colloquially as the prince du sang ( prince of the blood ); then on becoming heir-apparent as a four year old after the death of his 7 year old older brother the Dauphin Louis Joseph from a quick acting illness on June 4, 1789 to October 1791 he became styled for the period officially as Louis-Charles, Dauphin of France ( the seventeenth Dauphin of France ; the hereditary title under the Capet Monarchy of a French crown prince ).
From the middle of the seventeenth century onwards, many new toll roads were created in various parts of Britain through acts of Parliament.
From the middle of the seventeenth century, almost all new Latin-rite altars were built against a wall or backed by a reredos, with a tabernacle placed on the altar or inserted into the reredos.
From the seventeenth century they often played the koto or the shamisen.
From the seventeenth century onwards European settlers brought other animals, including cats, cattle, horses, Small Asian Mongoose ( Herpestes javanicus ), sheep, goats, and the Brown Rat ( Rattus norvegicus ).
From the seventeenth century onwards the game, which at its peak rivaled chess for popularity in Europe, virtually disappeared until the late 19th and early 20th century when rediscovered by historians.
From the seventeenth century the shires started to be used for local administration apart from judicial functions.
From E. Sykes's " Persia and Its People ": " Early in the seventeenth century, Shah Abbas imported Chinese workmen into his country to teach his subjects the art of making porcelain, and the Chinese influence is very strong in the designs on this ware.
From the seventeenth century the shires started to be used for local administration apart from judicial functions.
From the latter part of the seventeenth century these could be found serving in Spain itself or in its possessions, and fought against Portugal, against rebellions in Catalonia, in the War of the Spanish Succession, War of the Polish Succession, War of the Austrian Succession ( in the fighting in Italy ), and against Britain in the American Revolutionary War.
From the seventeenth century until the early twentieth century, the region was the site of the Buton sultanate ( Butung ).
From the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, bollocks or ballocks was allegedly used as a slang term for a clergyman, although this meaning is not mentioned by the OED's 1989 edition.
From the beginning of the seventeenth century, the rose was sent only to queens, princesses and eminent noblemen.
From the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries, " vulgar " simply described the common language or vernacular of a country.
* From the seventeenth century on, a frock is a thigh-or full-length loose outer garment worn by shepherds, workmen, and farm workers in Britain, generally of heavy linen with a broad flat collar, now usually called a smock-frock.
From the late seventeenth to the mid nineteenth century smugglers used the Cove and other bays and beaches nearby.
From being in seventeenth and last place in the County Championship in 1948 ( and failing to win a county match between 1934 and 1939 ) Brown led Northants to sixth place in 1949.
From the end of seventeenth century up to 1837 CE, Poonch was ruled by the Muslim Rajas of Loran in Tehsil Haveli.
From the high Middle Ages, in works of piety, clerical critics often deemed romances to be harmful worldly distractions from more substantive or moral works, and by 1600 many secular readers would agree ; in the judgement of many learned readers in the shifting intellectual atmosphere of the seventeenth century, the romance was trite and childish literature, inspiring only broken-down ageing and provincial persons such as Don Quixote, knight of the culturally isolated province of La Mancha.
From 1169 until their eclipse in the early seventeenth century following the Tudor conquest of Ireland, the community underwent a process whereby they became Hiberniores Ipsis Hibernis.
* Stephen G. Burnett, From Christian Hebraism to Jewish studies: Johannes Buxtorf ( 1564-1629 ) and Hebrew learning in the seventeenth century ( Studies in the history of Christian thought 68 ).
From the latter the larger seventeenth century Katharinenkirche developed.
From the mid to late seventeenth century, French art is more often referred to by the term " Classicism " which implies an adherence to certain rules of proportion and sobriety uncharacteristic of the Baroque, as it was practiced in southern and eastern Europe during the same period.
From the seventeenth century to the early part of the twentieth century, artistic production in France was controlled by artistic academies which organized official exhibitions called salons.

From and nineteenth
From the early nineteenth century to the mid 1950s, Izalco erupted with a regularity that earned it the name " Lighthouse of the Pacific.
From the late nineteenth century onwards, interest has revived in the works of Borromini and his architecture has become appreciated for its inventiveness.
From the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century, thousands of Italians settled in Argentina, Uruguay, southern Brazil, and Venezuela, where they formed a strong physical and cultural presence.
The 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia wrote, " From ancient times until the nineteenth century the port of Monaco was among the most important of the French Mediterranean coast, but now it has lost all commercial significance.
From the birth of geography as a science during the Greek classical period and until the late nineteenth century with the birth of anthropogeography or Human Geography, Geography was almost exclusively a natural science: the study of location and descriptive gazetteer of all places of the known world.
From the nineteenth dynasty onward pr -` 3 on its own was used as regularly as hm. f, ' Majesty '.
From the nineteenth century onwards influence from the South through education and increased mobility have caused Scots features to retreat northwards so that for all practical purposes the political and linguistic boundaries may be considered to coincide.
From the beginning of the nineteenth century, the word " temple " began to be used for Jewish houses of worship, almost exclusively by the followers of Reform Judaism, first in Germany, then in other countries, especially in the United States, as in Temple Beth-El.
From here, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, coaches departed by various routes to Dover, Brighton, Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Holyhead and York.
From a modern point of view, Fourier's results are somewhat informal, due to the lack of a precise notion of function and integral in the early nineteenth century.
From medieval times until the nineteenth century, the Gascon language was spoken, which is a regional variant of the Occitan Language.
From the first quarter of the nineteenth century, Velázquez's artwork was a model for the realist and impressionist painters, in particular Édouard Manet.
According to historians, " From the middle of the nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century, the United States went through a period in which wetland removal was not questioned.
From the nineteenth century there is not a separate curve theory, but rather the appearance of curves as the one-dimensional aspect of projective geometry, and differential geometry ; and later topology, when for example the Jordan curve theorem was understood to lie quite deep, as well as being required in complex analysis.
From the days of George Buchanan, supplying the initial propaganda for the makers of the Scottish Kirk, until a startlingly recent date, there was warrant for an anti-Roman, anti-episcopal and, in the nineteenth century, anti-establishment stance in the Columban or ‘ Celtic ’ Church ….
From the thirteenth to the start of the nineteenth century, Stockwell was a rural manor at the edge of London.
From the latter part of the nineteenth century through the early years of the twentieth century, Lakeland was home to several upscale hotels and a small amusement park along the shores of Onondaga Lake.
From that day, through to the late nineteenth century, when the final restrictions on Baptists and other non-conformists were lifted, Baptists faced fines, imprisonment and restrictions on their liberties.
From the 1830s many Māori converted to Christianity and in the process learned to read and write, to the extent that it has been claimed that in mid nineteenth century New Zealand, Māori were more likely to be literate than Pākehā.
From the late nineteenth century, Irish leaders of the Home Rule League, the predecessor of the Irish Parliamentary Party, under Isaac Butt, William Shaw, and Charles Stewart Parnell demanded a form of home rule, with the creation of an Irish parliament within the British government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
From early Bangkok Period, in the early nineteenth century, the town originally called Muang Pae, was renamed ' Buriram '.
From this point it is possible to speak in terms of entire groups holding the belief, and only the most prominent individual nineteenth century advocates of the doctrine will be mentioned here.
From the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century Lymington was famous for making salt.
From the early nineteenth century it had a thriving shipbuilding industry, particularly associated with Thomas Inman the builder of the schooner Alarm, which famously raced the American yacht America in 1851.

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