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From and went
From that point on he said he went to the post office and then walked leisurely to where his niece was staying, more than a mile away.
From shock and incredulity, most of the listeners went on to open resistance and animosity.
From there they went to Saxland ( Germany ) and to the lands of Gylfi in Scandinavia ( Section 5 ).
From Cyprus they went to the port of Antioch in Syria, and thence traveled for a year to the Khan's court, going ten leagues ( 55. 56 kilometers ) per day.
He states: "... From that time on all went wrong with the Kingdom and the state was undone.
From its walls went forth men who carried his rule, together with the Gospel, into France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.
From Mercia the army went north, stopping at Chester-le-Street, before resuming the march accompanied by a fleet of ships.
From the moment the Crusaders entered Asia Minor, the Crusade went badly.
From there ' the younger Henry, devising evil against his father from every side by the advice of the French King, went secretly into Aquitaine where his two youthful brothers, Richard and Geoffrey, were living with their mother, and with her connivance, so it is said, he incited them to join him '.
From these early species the Australopithecines arose around diverged into robust ( also called Paranthropus ) and gracile branches, one of which ( possibly A. garhi ) probably went on to become ancestors of the genus Homo.
From there he went by steamboat to " Quaker City " ( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ) and continued to the safe house of abolitionist David Ruggles in New York ; the whole journey took less than 24 hours.
From Sherima the road went westward, intersecting the Bartica-Mahdia Road at Allsopp Point from Bartica.
From Itaballi the road went westward to Peter's Mine on the Puruni River.
From there, they then went on to Accra in the Gold Coast ( modern Ghana ).
From Palestine, Gardner went on to Turkey, visiting several local museums, and to Greece, followed by Hungary and Germany.
From there, many went to European countries, such as Yugoslavia, where they found refuge.
From there, it all went downhill.
From the Penzance school Davy went in 1793 to Truro Grammar School, finishing his education there under the Rev.
From his court students went forth ; they in turn attracted many Jews to Hasidism, and many of them came to study in Mezritch ( Mezhirichi ) with Dov Ber personally.
From 1830 to 1914, almost 5 million went to the United States alone.
From there he went north to Hangzhou, which he described as one of the largest cities he had ever seen, and he noted its charm, describing that the city sat on a beautiful lake and was surrounded by gentle green hills.
From there, Clark went on to Paris, France, where in 1863, a group of racing enthusiasts had formed the French Jockey Club and had organized the Grand Prix de Paris, which at the time was the greatest race in France.
From there he went to the University of Chicago and then to Harvard University as Higgins Professor of Biochemistry in 1954, a post he held until 1982.
One story from the work entitled From My People describes a slave who went out and sought a mojo conjurer that gave him a mojo to run away from home.
A story from the book From My People described the story of Moses, and the task he went through to bring his people out of slavery.

From and from
From the man who had leaped in from the high bank outside, as the train had slowed on the grade.
Harris J. Griston, in Shaking The Dust From Shakespeare ( 216 ), writes: `` There is not a word spoken by Shylock which one would expect from a real Jew ''.
The CTCA distributed a khaki-bound songbook that provided the impetus for spirited renditions of the selections found therein, plus a number of others whose lyrics were more earthy -- from `` Johnny Get Your Gun '' to `` Keep The Home Fires Burning '' to `` Mademoiselle From Armentieres ''.
From the saddlebags, hung on a Hitchcock chair, David took out a good English razor, a present from John Hunter.
From the beginning of commercial recording, new discs purported to be indistinguishable from The Real Thing have regularly been put in circulation.
) From the technical standpoint, records differ from live music to the degree that they fail to convey the true color, texture, complexity, range, intensity, pulse, and pitch of the original.
From proud pool-owners to perpetual hosts and handymen was a short step -- no more than the change from city clothes to trunks.
From the town surveyor, Hans learned drawing and mathematics and, from a university student, some academic subjects.
From this and the force of deformation it should be possible to calculate the elastic energy of deformation which should be equal to the Af calculated from the pressure normal to the shearing face.
From the point of view of syntactic analysis the head word in the statement is the predicator has broken, and from the point of view of meaning it would seem that the trouble centers in the breaking ; ;
From six to nine million additional Germans would be evicted, though most would have fled, and Poland would receive far more from Germany than the poor territories, including the great Pripet Marshes, which she lost to Russia.
From 1896 until 1910 John H. Whipple was manager of Western Union at the Center in the drugstore he purchased from Clark Wait.
From fourteen states and three foreign countries they come to spend the months from mid-September to June.
From the luggage, they learned that the two air pirates, far from being Cubans, were native Americans, subsequently identified as Leon Bearden, 50-year-old ex-convict from Coolidge, Ariz., and his son, Cody, 16, a high-school junior.
From God's Will and Wisdom, and from virgin earth.
From Latin animātiō, " the act of bringing to life "; from animō (" to animate " or " give life to ") +-ātiō (" the act of ").
From his eastern-origin Apollo brought the art of inspection from " symbols and omina " ( σημεία και τέρατα: semeia kai terata ), and of the observation of the omens of the days.
" From sea to shining sea " is an American idiom meaning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean ( or vice versa ).
From the neolithic age Asia Minor was the route of the forward-Asiatic cultural stream which moved from the Near East to the west and spread the agriculture to the east coasts of Greece and Crete during the 5th millennium BC and then to the Balkan region and the whole of Europe.
From 1764 onwards, there was a gradual change from a slave-based society to one based on production for domestic consumption and export.
From the mid-1980s through at least 1992, the United States was the primary source of military and other support for the UNITA rebel movement, which was led from its creation through 2002 by Jonas Savimbi.
From an analysis of relationships and diversities within the Asterales and with their superorders, estimates of the age of the beginning of the Asterales have been made, which range from 116 Mya to 82Mya.
From 796 until his death he was Abbot of the great monastery of St. Martin of Tours where he founded a library by obtaining copies of books from libraries in his native England.
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