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Fuller and who
Songs from China and Japan were reserved exclusively for Miss Mao, who is a native of China, and those of the British Isles were sung by Mr. Fuller, who is English by birth.
To prove his design, and to awe non-believers, Fuller suspended from the structure's framework several students who had helped him build it.
Fuller lectured at NC State University in Raleigh in 1949, where he met James Fitzgibbon, who would become a close friend and colleague.
Buckminsterfullerene ( C < sub > 60 </ sub >) was named after Richard Buckminster Fuller, a noted architectural modeler who popularized the geodesic dome.
The term synergy was refined by R. Buckminster Fuller, who analyzed some of its implications more fully and coined the term Synergetics.
Emerson took a paternal and at times patronizing interest in Thoreau, advising the young man and introducing him to a circle of local writers and thinkers, including Ellery Channing, Margaret Fuller, Bronson Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne and his son Julian Hawthorne, who was a boy at the time.
William Fuller who held office as Monmouth's constable for over twenty years in the early to mid 19th century, also served as Inspector of Nuisances, Chief of the Fire Brigade, Inspector of Weights and Measures, Clerk of the Market, and Conservator of the Wye.
In his first synod, Felix excommunicated Peter the Fuller, who had assumed the See of Antioch against papal wishes.
J. Barmby, Hormisdas made several demands: ( 1 ) The emperor should publicly announce his acceptance of the council of Chalcedon and the letters of Pope Leo ; ( 2 ) the Eastern bishops should make a similar public declaration, and in addition anathematize Nestorius, Eutyches, Dioscorus, Aelurus, Peter Mongus, Peter the Fuller, and Acacius, with all their followers ; ( 3 ) everyone exiled in this dispute should be recalled and their cases reserved for the judgment of the Apostolic See ; ( 4 ) those exiles who had been in communion with Rome and professed Catholicism should first be recalled ; and ( 5 ) bishops accused of having persecuted the orthodox should be sent to Rome to be judged.
Wesley Fuller, a Cowboy who had been at the rear of the alley, left as soon as the firing began.
Cowboy Wesley Fuller, who had initially been at the back of the empty lot near the rear of Fly's studio, corroborated Ike's version of events.
Twardzik drafted several flops, such as Todd Fuller ( while Kobe Bryant was still available ) and Steve Logan ( who never played an NBA game ).
French essayist Montaigne, who gave a spirited defense of Seneca and Plutarch in his Essays, was himself considered by Pasquier a " French Seneca "; similarly, Thomas Fuller praised Joseph Hall as " our English Seneca ".
In first-wave feminist discourse, either Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Margaret Fuller ( it is unclear who was first ) introduced the concept of matriarchy and the discourse was joined in by Matilda Joslyn Gage.
Some years later, the term “ tensegrity ” was coined by Fuller, who is best known for his geodesic domes.
* Sarah Fuller, author and educator who taught Helen Keller
John Crook, John Clapper, Henry Coons, John Warner, Major Thomas Frothingham, who was an officer in the Continental army during the War of the Revolution ; N. Smith, Reuben Underwood, David Arnold, and families bearing the names of Fethers, Ford, Davis, Cook, Emmons, Culver, Farrell, Pratt, Lewis, Wells, Huntley, Wickham, Fuller, Strope, Hegeman, Sheppard, Higgenbottom, De Freest, Rykert, Woodworth, Hayes, Townsend, Richmond, Cornwell, Carmichael, Stone, Russell, Frear ( probably Frere ), Guyot, Kelly, Kerner, Jacobs, Simmons, Comb, Calkins, Kilmer and others.
There are also portraits of Joshua Marshman, Hannah Marshman, William Carey, and Willam Ward who were all missionaries to India and Andrew Fuller who was a missionary and first secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society.
Fuller created a salt well and salt production works on his farm in the early 1830s, but then sold the concern in 1833 to a partnership who then reconveyed the expanded business in 1837-38 to another partnership, Ewing and Vinton.
In 1895, the town was renamed " Fullerton " in honor of local businessman James W. Fuller Jr., who had purchased the railroad car wheel factory of Frederick & Company in 1865 and operated it as McKee, Fuller & Co. and later the Lehigh Car, Wheel & Axle Works.
The game's music was composed by Brad Fuller and Hal Canon who spent a few months becoming familiar with the capabilities of the sound chip.
Various other members ( now including a second guitarist in addition to Fuller ) played in the band at this time ; however, the most significant were Jim Reese ( formerly of the Embers ) on guitar, and Dalton Powell ( who had previously played piano for the Embers ) on drums, while Bobby Fuller and Randy Fuller stayed constant on guitar and bass, respectively.

Fuller and lived
* Fuller Potter ( 1910 – 1990 ), abstract expressionist artist, lived most of his life in town.
* Thomas Fuller and the English dramatist Richard Brome argue that the model for the song was the 16th century cleric and vicar of Bray, Berkshire, Simon Aleyn ( 1540 – 1588 ), who lived in the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth.
After their marriage, Dullea, Fuller and her children lived in London for several years.
Poets, Alfred Austin ( Poet Laureate in 1896 ), John Fuller lived in the town.
The opening scene in the Geena Davis movie Angie was also shot in Windsor Terrace, on Fuller Place ( one street up from Howard Place where Helen Hunt's character lived in As Good as It Gets ).

Fuller and France
Her warm reception in Paris during a European tour persuaded Fuller to remain in France and continue her work.
After his controversial film White Dog was shelved by Paramount Pictures, Fuller moved to France and never directed another American film.
The designation " Puritan " is often incorrectly used, notably based on the assumption that hedonism and puritanism are antonyms: historically, the word was used to characterize the Protestant group as extremists similar to the Cathari of France, and according to Thomas Fuller in his Church History dated back to 1564.
On 14 September 1914 near Chivy-sur-Aisne, France, Lance-Corporal Fuller advanced under very heavy enemy rifle and machine-gun fire to extract an officer who was mortally wounded, and carried him back to cover.
Captain Fuller was killed in action in the Battle of Belleau Wood in France June 12, 1918 during World War I.

Fuller and with
Buckminster Fuller discovered this effect with a simple house design adapted from a grain silo, and adapted his Dymaxion house and geodesic domes to use it.
Fuller attended Milton Academy in Massachusetts, and after that began studying at Harvard University, where he was affiliated with Adams House.
In 1927 Fuller resolved to think independently which included a commitment to " the search for the principles governing the universe and help advance the evolution of humanity in accordance with them ... finding ways of doing more with less to the end that all people everywhere can have more and more.
" By 1928, Fuller was living in Greenwich Village and spending much of his time at the popular café Romany Marie's, where he had spent an evening in conversation with Marie and Eugene O ' Neill several years earlier.
Fuller financed some of his experiments with inherited funds, sometimes augmented by funds invested by his collaborators, one example being the Dymaxion car project.
Fuller and Captain B. H. Liddell Hart have often been associated with the development of blitzkrieg, though this is a matter of controversy.
According to Fuller, as quoted in Wood biography Nightmare of Ecstasy ( 1992 ), she first met Ed Wood when she attended a casting call with a friend for a movie he was supposed to direct called Behind Locked Doors: it has also been stated that they met in a restaurant.
Fuller's ability as a songwriter manifested itself through the intervention of her friend, producer Hal Wallis ; Fuller had wanted to get an acting role in the Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawaii, which Wallis was producing, but instead he put her in touch with Hill & Range, the publisher that provided Presley with songs.
Fuller went into a collaborative partnership with composer Ben Weisman and co-wrote one song, " Rock-A-Hula Baby ", for the film.
Buckminster Fuller is generally credited with making the idea respectable in Western scientific circles in the 20th century.
Buckminster Fuller has been credited as the first to incorporate scientific ideas into a Gaia theory, which he did with his Dymaxion map of the Earth.
The Fuller Farm Oil company was selling shares with a prospectus featuring the well-known actor's celebrity status as " Mr. J. Wilkes Booth, a successful and intelligent operator in oil lands ", it said.
A 2000 survey by Dan Fuller and Doris Geide-Stevenson reports that of a sample of 308 economists surveyed by the American Economic Association, 45. 6 % fully agreed with the statement, " a minimum wage increases unemployment among young and unskilled workers ", 27. 9 % agreed with provisos, and 26. 5 % disagreed.
Armed and Fabulous follows Gracie on a mission to rescue kidnapped Cheryl ( Burns ) and Stan ( Shatner ), with the help of her bodyguard and FBI Agent Sam Fuller ( King ).
A widely related story, attributed to Richard ( Prophet ) Jennings was that Davis, while in Detroit playing at the Blue Bird club as a guest soloist in Billy Mitchell's house band along with Tommy Flanagan, Elvin Jones, Betty Carter, Yusef Lateef, Barry Harris, Thad Jones, Curtis Fuller and Donald Byrd stumbled into Baker's Keyboard Lounge out of the rain, soaking wet and carrying his trumpet in a paper bag under his coat, walked to the bandstand and interrupted Max Roach and Clifford Brown in the midst of performing Sweet Georgia Brown by beginning to play My Funny Valentine, and then, after finishing the song, stumbled back into the rainy night.
A long period of collaboration with American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller began in 1968 and continued until Fuller's death in 1983.
This technique was designed to capture the effect of the live performances of Loie Fuller, beginning in 1891, in which stage lights with colored gels turned her white flowing dresses and sleeves into artistic movement.
In terms of the two strands of social epistemology, Fuller is more sensitive and receptive to this historical trajectory ( if not always in agreement ) than Goldman, whose self-styled ' veritistic ' social epistemology can be reasonably read as a systematic rejection of the more extreme claims associated with Kuhn and Foucault.
And women's freestyle was now a full fledged sport with pioneers like Suzie Chaffee, Genia Fuller, Karen Huntoon, Marion and Ellen Post and Penelope Street redefining the sport for women.
The types of crime that Fuller and subsequent police officers had to deal with in and around Monmouth as the century progressed were recorded in detail in the local newspapers, the Merlin and the Monmouthshire Beacon.
* In 2007, Alexandra Fuller reported on the rising crime rate, influx of roughnecks and methamphetamine, the decline in ranching, and environmental damage associated with recent oil boom.
He worked on famous projects like the Century 21 Exposition, 1964 New York World's Fair and Expo 67, with such notables as Walt Disney, Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, Mies van der Rohe, Louis I. Kahn, Paul Rudolph, Marcel Breur, José Luis Sert, Edward Durell Stone, Minoru Yamasaki, Harry Weese, Moshe Safdie, Jacques Yves Cousteau, Alexander Calder, and Edward Larrabee Barnes.

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