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Further and benefits
" Further, the view of oppression of women as a " transhistorical phenomenon " allowed middle-class white women to minimize the benefits of their own race and class privilege and tended to exclude women from history.
Further aviation benefits of a Wankel engine include: ( i ) rotors cannot seize, since rotor casings expand more than rotors ; ( ii ) a Wankel is not susceptible to " shock-cooling " during descent ; ( iii ) a Wankel does not require an enriched mixture for cooling at high power ; ( iv ) having no reciprocating parts, it is less vulnerable to damage during " over-revving " ( the main rev-limit being the strength of the main bearings ).
Further, since there are no economic criteria in classifying Reservation, poorer sections of reserved class often remain poor whereas the affluent section reap benefits for successive generations.
Further, by allowing the brain to freely pulsate Huges argues that a number of benefits will accrue.
Further re-location to the least industrialized nations appears possible as the benefits of out-sourcing and the lessons of flexible location apply in the future.
Further, there may exist uncertainty as to how such benefits should be measured.
Further, companies like Novell ( who traditionally sold software the old-fashioned way ) continually debate the benefits of switching to open-source availability, having already switched part of the product offering to open-source code.
Further Confusion, or Furcon, is an annual furry convention held in San Jose, California each January, celebrating the anthropomorphics genre or furry fandom, including charitable benefits, educational seminars, art shows, panels and general social activities.
Further, due to the fact that depreciation on the buildings owned by the partnership is also tax deductible, and that depreciation is allocated 99. 99 % to the investor, investors may pay still more for the total tax benefits.
Further research on the benefits of neurofeedback for ADHD is clearly warranted given this history of mixed results, especially in the more recent and better conducted studies.
Further benefits lie in the simplification of the scenario writing process and the deep understanding of the interrelations between the forecast items and social factors.
Further allegations were made, such as the possibly illegal termination of tax benefits to about 20 foreigners once the MPI for Colloids and Interfaces discovered that giving foreigners tax benefits was against Max Planck Society's regulations.
Further benefits of large area chips include:
Further benefits like a higher rear wing helped the Abt-Audi TT-R win the DTM championship in 2002 with Laurent Aïello.
Further research by Marshall Meyers, Kahn's project architect for the Kimbell museum, revealed that using a cycloid curve for the gallery vaults would reduce the ceiling height and provide other benefits as well.
Further relationship problems are found with Klas who is desperately in love with Lasse and between Göran and his selfish and immature girlfriend who wants the benefits of an open relationship but not the responsibilities.
Further studies have found that quiet rest has shown the same learning benefits as sleep.
Further, the crisis also caused more to apply for both retirement and disability benefits than expected.

Further and are
Further, the management path does not open the door to higher opportunities than are offered by the more technical path.
Further research in the meaning of crises as experienced by the consumers of traditional social casework services -- including attempts to develop a typology of family structures, crisis problems, reaction mechanisms, and differential treatment approaches -- and the establishment of new experimental programs are imperative social needs which should command the best efforts of caseworkers in collaboration with community planners.
Further improvements in earnings of the Kansas Turnpike are expected late in 1961, with the opening of a new bypass at Wichita, and still later when the turnpike gets downtown connections in both Kansas City, Kans., and Kansas City, Mo..
Further, in current aquaculture practice, products from several pounds of wild fish are used to produce one pound of a piscivorous fish like salmon.
Further archaeological objects found during the excavations are conserved at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia, as well as at the Limassol District Archaeological Museum.
Further, as the current monarch is a woman and both her eldest child and, in turn, his eldest child, are Anglican males, any change to the succession laws would have no immediate implications.
Further, it reduced the abundance of burrowing organisms — burrows and trackways are found in beds containing soft-bodied organisms, but they are rare and generally of limited vertical extent.
Further information can be gained by staining slices of brain tissue with a variety of chemicals that bring out areas where specific types of molecules are present in high concentrations.
Further themes are also present: the " sovereign freedom of Yahweh " ( God does not always do what is expected of him ); the " satirisation of foreign kings " ( who consistently underestimate Israel and Yahweh ); the concept of the " flawed agent " ( judges who are not adequate to the task before them ) and the disunity of the Israelite community ( which gathers pace as the stories succeed one another ).
Further deforestation and destruction of the biodiversity are anticipated in the wake of logging commissions, hydroelectric dams and other mining of minerals and resources.
Further, some older forms of Celtic music that are rare in Scotland and Ireland today, such as practice of accompanying a fiddle with a piano, or the Gaelic spinning songs of Cape Breton remain common in the Maritimes.
Further south, near Vukovar and near Šarengrad, there are two river islands ( Vukovarska ada and Šarengradska ada ) which have been part of SR Croatia ( during Yugoslavia ) but during the war they came under Serbian control.
Further improvements are achievable by catalytic after-burning devices ( such as catalytic converters ) or by the simple partial return of the exhaust gases into the combustion process.
Further sectional references are the Northwest side and the Southwest side.
Further soundings made by the US Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping in 2011 are in agreement with this figure, placing the deepest part of the Challenger Deep at, with a vertical precision of approximately.
Further to the east in the ambulatory are three chapels ( from south to north ):
Further, as they are vector fields, all magnetic and electric field vectors add together according to vector addition.
Further evidence of endosymbiosis are the prokaryotic ribosomes found within chloroplasts and mitochondria as well as the double-membrane enclosing them.
Further it is assumed that message length ( holding times ) are exponentially distributed ( Markovian system ) although the formula turns out to apply under general holding time distributions.
Further concerns about the impact of industrial farming ( grains ) on animal welfare, human health, and the environment are also having an effect on contemporary human dietary habits.
Further gate-to-source voltage increase will attract even more electrons towards the gate which are able to create a conductive channel from source to drain ; this process is called inversion.
Further pressure was brought on the makers of the film, the Film i Väst film studio, who are partly financed by Swedish local authorities, including Åmål.

Further and existing
Further, 43 percent of respondents said they use less than half the functionality of their existing system ; 72 percent indicated they would trade functionality for ease of use ; 51 percent cited data synchronization as a major issue ; and 67 percent said that finding time to evaluate systems was a major problem.
Further, a civil war may make it difficult to raise taxes or to collect existing taxes.
Further, he directed executive agencies to use existing legal authorities, to the extent possible, to prohibit the sale of striped bass caught in Federal waters in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.
Further, " ach member shall have a broad, royalty-free license to all intellectual property rights in the UnitedLinux Software, entitling each member to " use, copy, modify, distribute, market, advertise, sell, offer for sale, sublicense ... in any manner the Software, including the rights to make derivative works of the Software, to provide access to the Source Code and / or Object Code to any third party, to incorporate the Software into other products or bundle the Software with other products for its own business purposes and any other unlimited right of exploitation "; existing open source licenses, such as the GNU General Public License, also continued to apply.
Further singles from Running in the Family continued and built on the band's existing success: " To Be With You Again " ( No. 6 in the Netherlands and in Ireland ), the ballad " It's Over " ( No. 3 in Ireland and No. 7 in the Netherlands ) and Running In The Familys title track ( No. 1 in Norway and Denmark, No. 3 in the Netherlands, No. 4 in Ireland, No. 5 in Switzerland, No. 7 in Norway and No. 9 in New Zealand ).
Further, the system must isolate each transaction from other transactions, results must conform to existing constraints in the database, and transactions that complete successfully must get written to durable storage.
* Further upgrading of existing buildings
Further, since then, many groups have split off from existing branches.
Further alterations to the existing building were also made, adding a nursery on the third-storey and extending the dining room.
Further legislation in 1850 allowed " populous places " other than existing burghs to become police burghs.
Further expansion around the state will occur at the same time the existing analog FTA broadcasters start digital services.
Further, given the mass loss of Anglo-Saxon literature, it is possible that constraining the poem to an existing genre is artificial, for the poem may represent yet another, otherwise unattested genre, or it might well stand alone outside of generic rules.
Further, at Kōriyama Hachiman shrine in Ōkuchi, Kagoshima, the oldest existing direct reference to shōchū in Japan can be found.
Further landslides around Covas, in 1991, resulted in new laws to restrict residents in the area, which was ignored by the 20 inhabitants, who have maintained existing buildings.
Further necessitating clearances were many existing railroad tracks that were along the river ( as in the west bank of the south branch ) or tracks that ended at the river ( for example the tracks ending at Randolph Street ).
Further, most arbitrage opportunities were found to have small magnitudes, with 94 % of JPY and CHF opportunities existing at a difference of 1 basis point, which translates into a potential arbitrage profit of $ 100 USD per $ 1 million USD transacted.
The Task Force recommends: Further maximize the use of existing and potential avenues for victims ’ support and reporting.
Further caisson were added in the autumn of 1944 to re-enforce the existing structure to cope with the harbour continuing in use longer than planned.
Further hotels are also under consideration as the existing hotels, even with Hotel Bell Rock, are often fully booked.

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