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Further and current
Further, as the current monarch is a woman and both her eldest child and, in turn, his eldest child, are Anglican males, any change to the succession laws would have no immediate implications.
Further discoveries indicated that gorillas and chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than they are to orangutans, leading to their current placement in Homininae as well.
Further heterogeneity of ion channels arises when channels with different constitutive subunits give rise to a specific kind of current.
Further improvements were released, the current Beta 6. 03 version ( released on April 25, 2011 ) is an improvement of libvorbis 1. 3. 2.
Further, Ampère derived both Ampère's force law describing the force between two currents and Ampère's law which, like the Biot – Savart law, correctly described the magnetic field generated by a steady current.
Further, the current only increases significantly if the applied voltage is positive, not negative.
Further technology advances that use even thinner gate dielectrics have an additional leakage component because of current tunnelling through the extremely thin gate dielectric.
Further, there is a focus on on-line performance, which involves finding a balance between exploration ( of uncharted territory ) and exploitation ( of current knowledge ).
Further membership changes saw the league expand to its 16 current members.
Further growth of photonics is likely if current silicon photonics developments are successful.
Further, current evidence implies that humans share a common extinct ancestor with the chimpanzee line, from which we separated more recently than the gorilla line.
* Further information about the current YUKOS Oil Company claim in the European Court of Human Rights
Further changes took place for the 1983 general election when the current Somerton and Frome constituency was created.
Further progress was blocked by the Pouakai ranges, and as the sun came up Taranaki became petrified in his current location.
Further, Kevin fantasized himself as Kirk, Paul as Spock, and Winnie's current boyfriend as McCoy.
Further, he argues that the Establishment Clause ought not be considered a right that attaches to individuals pursuant to the Incorporation Doctrine, because he believes the clause only prohibits interference by the federal government in the right of individual states to establish their own official religions-notwithstanding current majority opinion on the question is against states having such a right, as a result of the Incorporation Doctrine.
Further, the Diocese of St Louis, Missouri, was established in 1826 and the cornerstone of the current Basilica laid in 1831 on the western bank of the Mississippi river.
Further development included replacing the single phase energising current with a linear induction motor which combined levitation and thrust.
Further, the official legal name of the county, in English, is spelt without a síneadh fada on the " u " in the Irish-language part of the name, " Dún Laoghaire " ( although the current style within the county council is to use the síneadh fada on the name in both Irish and English ).
Further tributes from current and former clergy at All Souls ' Church were also published.
Further upgrades to the Type 23 frigates include the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile ( air-defence missile ) ( Sea Captor ), it will replace the current Sea Wolf missile system starting in 2016.
Further developed electronic loads supply several operating modes, in most cases constant current, voltage, power and resistance.
Further plans, if completed, would extend the freeway from the current end to the north.
Further extensions, especially Pihanga Scenic Reserve in 1975, enlarged the park to its current size of 795. 98 km².

Further and practice
Further, proponents of the necessity of the personal apostolic succession of bishops within the Church point to the universal practice of the undivided early Church ( up to AD 431 ), before being divided into the Church of the East, Oriental Orthodoxy, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.
Further, some older forms of Celtic music that are rare in Scotland and Ireland today, such as practice of accompanying a fiddle with a piano, or the Gaelic spinning songs of Cape Breton remain common in the Maritimes.
Further instances include cannibalism as ritual practice, and in times of drought, famine and other destitutions, as well as those being criminal acts and war crimes throughout the 20th century.
Further, the sessions enable less advanced musicians to practice in a group.
Further, modern mythopoeia such as fantasy novels, manga, and urban legend, with many competing artificial mythoi acknowledged as fiction, supports the idea of myth as ongoing social practice.
Further evidence from observation of modern day hunting practice also indicated this likelihood ( Carrier et al.
( Further confusion was caused by the practice of redesignating a vessel simply according to the rank of the commanding officer.
Further south, in Campania, a region where inhumation was the general practice, Proto-villanovan cremation burials have been identified at Capua, at the " princely tombs " of Pontecagnano near Salerno ( finds conserved in the Museum of Agro Picentino ) and at Sala Consilina.
Further " de-affiliations ," as the practice was called, continued every year.
Further reforms to the judicial system were passed to check the practice of senatorial juries in the acquitting members of their own class of extortion.
Further, the list of simplifications was exhaustive, unlike Chinese simplification – thus analogous simplifications of not explicitly simplified characters ( extended shinjitai ) are not approved, and instead standard practice is to use the traditional forms.
Further, the individuals that inhabit these social structures are capable of consciously reflecting upon, and changing, the actions that produce them — a practice that is in part facilitated by social scientific research.
Further dress rehearsals and a total of 31 practice landings by the HH-3E in the mockup's courtyard confirmed the choice.
Further case law to demonstrate this practice is Francovich v Italy where action could be taken against the government by an individual for their failure to implement a directive and the subsequent loss of rights suffered in court.
Further evolution of this migration has had groups which actively practice BDSM in a relationship but where roles are switched or not as clear as in a traditional D / s relationship.
Further sources of inspiration are the treatises on musical ornamentation by Carl Philip Emanuel Bach, and Monteverdi, whose synthesis of renaissance polyphony with the early baroque move towards homophony and the control of harmony clearly mirrors Goehr's own commitment to a harmonically expressive serialist practice.
Further, students will generally find niches under faculty mentors at their institutions related to local programs, organizations, grants, special populations, or social issues of interest — granting students the chance to have practice doing the work of a community psychologist, under the supervision of a faculty member.
Further, as a private company, Cargill is not required to release the same amount of information as a publicly traded company and, as a business practice, keeps a relatively low profile.
Further research is mandatory in this field of research in order to provide more support in evidence-based practice.
Further down the slopes, first world war practice trenches and former chalk pits show evidence of more recent archaeological interest.
Further, it has been argued by gunners that the aiguillette originates with the practice of carrying a pick on a shoulder rope, with which a gun captain would clear the touch-hole of a fouled cannon.
Further south, in Campania, a region where inhumation was the general practice, Villanovan cremation burials have been identified at Capua, at the " princely tombs " of Pontecagnano near Salerno and at Sala Consilina.
Further, German Air Force aircraft operating as fake targets for practice depart from Kiel Airport.
Further, the associated practice of hesychasm used to achieve theosis was characterized as " magic ".

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