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Further and increases
Further increases in the size and responsibilities of the force required even more administrators, and in 1907 and 1940, New Scotland Yard was extended further.
Further increases in flexural modulus were obtained by incorporating pre-placed glass mats into the RIM mold cavity, also known broadly as resin injection molding ( a process technology that also includes thermosetting polyester resins, epoxide resins, etc.
Further, the current only increases significantly if the applied voltage is positive, not negative.
Further, exogenous decreases in liquidity preference, perhaps due to improved transactions technologies, lead to downward shifts of the LM curve and thus increases in income and decreases in interest rates.
Further away from the Earth, solar flares can give a fatal radiation dose in minutes, and the health threat from cosmic radiation significantly increases the chances of cancer over a decade exposure or more.
Further increases in speed are obtained by a variety of techniques, including power whips ; accelerations, such as Chinese acceleration and loop acceleration ; power burners ; and orbit tricks.
Further east, rainfall becomes more plentiful and humidity increases, becoming more subtropical along the coast with summer rainfall.
Further high frequency TENS reduces excitation of central neurons that transmit nociceptive information, reduces release of excitatory neurotransmitters ( glutamate ) and increases the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters ( GABA ) in the spinal cord, and activates muscarinic receptors centrally to produce analgesia ( in effect, temporarily blocking the pain gate ).
Further speed increases are available with HSPA +, which provides speeds of up to 337 Mbit / s with Release 11 of the 3GPP standards.
He found that pressure increases luminosity, so that hydrogen, for example, the flame of which gives no light in normal circumstances, burns with a luminous flame under a pressure of ten or twenty atmospheres, and the inference he drew was that the presence of solid particles is not the only factor that determines the light-giving power of a flame, Further, he showed that the spectrum of a dense ignited gas resembles that of an incandescent liquid or solid, and he traced a gradual change in the spectrum of an incandescent gas under increasing pressure, the sharp lines observable when it is extremely attenuated broadening out to nebulous bands as the pressure rises, till they merge in the continuous spectrum as the gas approaches a density comparable with that of the liquid state.
Further large increases in population made necessary the major work of removing the North Wall and replacing it with an arcade supported by oaken pillars on stone bases.
Further increases in CO < sub > 2 </ sub > can, to a very small degree, continue to increase net photosynthetic output ( Chapin et al., 2002-Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology ).
Further thermal treatment of the polyamideimide polymer increases molecular weight and causes the amic acid groups to form imides with the evolution of water.
Further north the elevation increases with the vegetation turning from temperate to alpine to tundra.
Further improved collision safety grill increases further.
Further Acts of 21 July 1845 and 26 June 1846 authorised further increases in capital of £ 50, 000 and £ 20, 000 respectively.
Further, the validity of the data from older studies has been contested on the basis of technical limitations ; more recent studies found that long-term administration of tianeptine does not elicit any marked alterations ( neither increases nor decreases ) in extracellular levels of serotonin in rats, and tianeptine also had no effect on spontaneous firing rate of serotonergic neurons.
Further increases in the sizes of the labia ( majora and minora ) occur when the woman is sexually aroused — in preparation for coitus — wherein the labia become engorged with blood and increase the labial diameters two-to-three times.
Further increases in the number of qualifiers led to the Interzonal being staged as a single Swiss system tournament in 1990 and 1993.
Further criticism extends to the presumption that behavior increases only when it is reinforced.

Further and arise
Further difficulties arise from ambiguity regarding the term " theory ".
Further difficulties arise when countries, especially former colonies, do not have a strong national geographic naming standard.
Further sealing problems arise from the uneven thermal distribution within the housings causing distortion and loss of sealing and compression.
For example, one of the very first entries in Skeat is for the letter A, which begins: "...( 1 ) adown ; ( 2 ) afoot ; ( 3 ) along ; ( 4 ) arise ; ( 5 ) achieve ; ( 6 ) avert ; ( 7 ) amend ; ( 8 ) alas ; ( 9 ) abyss ..." Further in the entry, Skeat writes: " These prefixes are discussed at greater length under the headings Of, On, Along, Arise ... Alas, Aware, Avast ..." It seems likely that these strings of words prompted Joyce to finish the Wake with a sentence fragment that included the words: "... a way a lone a last a loved a long ..."
Further evidence that Karzai views himself fulfilling a Durrani monarch's role arise from statements furnished by close allies within his government.
Further problems continue to arise in part due to the shaping of the modern Malaysian and Indonesian nation-states on post-colonial political systems and laws on land tenure.
Further difficulties arise from the problem of fitting the pilot, engines, flight equipment and payload all within the depth of the wing section.
Further problems arise with this defense when an analogous syndrome, the " battered child syndrome " is used as a defense, as the unique susceptibility of a woman to domestic violence can seem to be undercut.
Further complications arise because the original Internet e-mail standards only support 7-bit transfer protocols.
Further difficulties may arise if the library owner removes the obsolete versions ( that were under different license ) from the public sources.
Further simple completeness conditions arise from the consideration of all non-empty finite sets.
Further misunderstandings arise because of the associative character of certain ACT-R properties, such as chunks spreading activation to each other, or chunks and productions carrying quantitative properties relevant to their selection.
Further complications arise if the investor periodically buys or sells shares, or if the company is involved in an event requiring adjustments to cost basis, such as a spin-off or merger.
Further complications arise from the fact that Lymond's brother Richard, third Baron Culter, is relentlessly trying to kill him, while Lymond tries desperately to not only save his brother from a murder plot, but also thwart an English scheme to apprehend Mary, the five-year-old Scots Queen.
Further complications arise when frequent double binds are part of an ongoing relationship to which the person or group is committed.
Further issues arise where a round-robin is used as a qualifying round within a larger tournament.
Further problems arise with family and friends consistently showing up at the wrong times.
Further suspicions arise when Marritza claims he has never been to Bajor, an obvious lie as Bashir's medical test confirms that the man has Kalla-Nohra.
Further problems arise concerning the truth value of statements about fictional worlds and characters that can be implied but are nowhere explicitly stated by the sources for our knowledge about them, such as Sherlock Holmes had only one head or Sherlock Holmes never travelled to the moon.

Further and from
Further, we must induce all industrialized nations of the Free World to work together to help lift the scourge of poverty from less fortunate.
Further, do our reforming friends really believe that the cartoonists will consent to the banishment of the tiger from their zoo??
" Further, the text of the Articles of Remonstrance says that no believer can be plucked from Christ's hand, and the matter of falling away, " loss of salvation " required further study before it could be taught with any certainty.
Further, in current aquaculture practice, products from several pounds of wild fish are used to produce one pound of a piscivorous fish like salmon.
Further they used the income from empire to fund payment for officeholding.
Further, the Mahabharata states, " How can you expect compassion from a meat-eater?
Further, the objection maintains that Red cannot be distilled from an apple because Red is an abstraction from other experiences and not an innate property an apple might contain.
Further good news for the Allies arrived from northern Italy where, on 7 September, Prince Eugene had routed a French army before the Piedmontese capital, Turin, driving the Franco-Spanish forces from northern Italy.
Further shoals ran unevenly to the south of the island and extended across the bay in a rough semicircle approximately from the shore.
Further north, Broadway follows the old Bloomingdale Road as the main spine of the Upper West Side, passing the campus of Columbia University at 116th Street in Morningside Heights, in part on the tract that housed the Bloomingdale ( Lunatic ) Asylum from 1808 until it moved to Westchester County in 1894.
Further evidence of Chinese athletes ' drug use came in 1997 when Australian authorities confiscated 13 vials of Somatropin, a human growth hormone, from the bag of Chinese swimmer Yuan Yuan upon her arrival for the 1997 World Swimming Championships.
Further north along the Continental Divide, a short portion of the combined Continental and Laurentian divides separate the Columbia watershed from the MacKenzie-Slave-Athabasca watershed, which empties into the Arctic Ocean.
Further archaeological evidence indicates that other parts of the region now called Cambodia were inhabited from around 1000-2000 BCE by a Neolithic culture.
Further benefits are the existing infrastructure and the geophysical and geological information about the oil field that is available from the oil exploration.
Further civil war erupted with Sin-shar-ishkun seizing the thrones of Assyria and Babylonia from his brother Ashur-etil-ilani.
Further, his side of the controversy tended not to enter into arguments with their opponents, which prevented the misunderstanding from being uncovered.
Further to the east in the ambulatory are three chapels ( from south to north ):
Further exploration by Henri Lambert, French Consular Agent at Aden, and Captain Fleuriot de Langle led to a treaty of friendship and assistance between France and the sultans of Raheita, Tadjoura, and Gobaad, from whom the French purchased the anchorage of Obock in 1862.
Brubeck performs " It's a Raggy Waltz " from the Time Further Out album and duets briefly with bassist Charles Mingus in " Non-Sectarian Blues ".
Further requests for assistance from the French were agreed to but only on conditions Ike knew were impossible to meet – allied participation and congressional approval.
Further evidence is the battle damage common in competing males found on the larger specimens but absent from the smaller.

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