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Further and pressure
Further, constriction of the efferent arterioles of the kidney leads to increased perfusion pressure in the glomeruli.
Further pressure in the early 1850s from Britain for removing their forces prompted pleas for them to remain as the Militia were deemed insufficient for the purpose.
Further development in physical chemistry may be attributed to discoveries in nuclear chemistry, especially in isotope separation ( before and during World War II ), more recent discoveries in astrochemistry, as well as the development of calculation algorithms in field of " additive physicochemical properties " ( practically all of physicochemical properties, as: boiling point, critical point, surface tension, vapor pressure etc.
Further expansion of the gases occurs in the propelling nozzle, where the gases exhaust to atmospheric pressure.
Further damage can result as the gases cool and pressure drops sharply, leading to a partial vacuum, powerful enough to cause physical damage to people and structures.
Further, many of the flanges in each standard are divided into " pressure classes ", allowing flanges to be capable of taking different pressure ratings.
Further, by the time New York came to a vote, ten states had already ratified the Constitution and it had thus already passed — only nine states had to ratify it for the new government to be established among them ; the ratification by Virginia, the tenth state, placed pressure on New York to ratify.
Further water loss causes plasmolysis: pressure decreases to the point where the protoplasm of the cell peels away from the cell wall, leaving gaps between the cell wall and the membrane.
Further, although the base pressure drops, the recirculation zone keeps the pressure on the base up to a fraction of 1 bar, a pressure that is not balanced by the near vacuum on top of the engine ; this difference in pressure gives extra thrust at altitude, contributing to the altitude compensating effect.
Further, the larger cooled area can reduce performance below theoretical levels by reducing the pressure against the nozzle.
Further pressure from the international community forced General Zia to hold elections, for a unicameral legislature on a non-party basis.
Further, the oxygen concentration ( partial pressure ) in the pulmonary artery is taken to be representative of capillary blood.
Further refinements also include adjustable water pressure, temperature compensation, and directional spray control.
Further media speculation from The Guardian suggested that the group had little option, due to shareholder pressure, to sell its radio arm, including LBC, raising up to £ 200, 000, 000 for new acquisitions, while The Daily Telegraph suggested that it could be the subject of a ' management ' buyout.
Further, the pressure against the face of each baffle is higher than the pressure on its reverse side, making each baffle a miniature " pneumatic ram " which pulls the suppressor forward on the weapon, contributing a counter recoil force.
Further arrangements like a Tar-21 production facility in Georgia was dropped from Israeli side due to pressure from Russia.
Further pressure on the alliance came in later years as the colonists were insistent upon the acquisition of new lands to support their growing colony.
Further media speculation from The Guardian suggested that the group had little option, due to shareholder pressure, to sell its radio arm, including LBC, raising up to £ 200, 000, 000 for new acquisitions, while The Daily Telegraph suggested that it could be the subject of a ' management ' buyout.
He found that pressure increases luminosity, so that hydrogen, for example, the flame of which gives no light in normal circumstances, burns with a luminous flame under a pressure of ten or twenty atmospheres, and the inference he drew was that the presence of solid particles is not the only factor that determines the light-giving power of a flame, Further, he showed that the spectrum of a dense ignited gas resembles that of an incandescent liquid or solid, and he traced a gradual change in the spectrum of an incandescent gas under increasing pressure, the sharp lines observable when it is extremely attenuated broadening out to nebulous bands as the pressure rises, till they merge in the continuous spectrum as the gas approaches a density comparable with that of the liquid state.

Further and was
Further separation was carried out by ion exchange, yielding a certain isotope of curium.
Further investigation and theoretical work showed that the effect was a radiationless effect more than an internal conversion effect by use of elementary quantum mechanics and transition rate and transition probability calculations.
Further separation was carried out in the presence of a citric acid / ammonium buffer solution in a weakly acidic medium ( pH ≈ 3. 5 ), using ion exchange at elevated temperature.
" Further, at the time Gallomania was published, Disraeli was in fact electioneering in High Wycombe in the Radical interest.
Further ravage was brought by the same Vandals in 409, the Visigoths in 414 and the Franks in 498, beginning a period of obscurity for the city.
Further editing was apparently done even after that-the silver quarter-shekel which Saul's servant offers to Samuel in 1 Samuel 9 almost certainly fixes the date of this story in the Persian or Hellenistic periods.
Further developed, and fully translated into English, this Communion service was included, one year later, in 1549, in a full prayer book, set out with daily offices, readings for Sundays and Holy Days, the Communion Service, Public Baptism, of Confirmation, of Matrimony, The Visitation of the Sick, At a Burial and the Ordinal ( added in 1550 ).
" Further, many had not survived their punishment, Wylde writing how the neighborhood of Adwa " was full of their freshly dead bodies ; they had generally crawled to the banks of the streams to quench their thirst, where many of them lingered unattended and exposed to the elements until death put an end to their sufferings.
Further field labor was required.
Further optimization of sulfuric acid technology resulted in the contact process in 1880s, and the Haber process was developed in 1909 – 1910 for ammonia synthesis.
Further, 43 percent of respondents said they use less than half the functionality of their existing system ; 72 percent indicated they would trade functionality for ease of use ; 51 percent cited data synchronization as a major issue ; and 67 percent said that finding time to evaluate systems was a major problem.
Further problems were caused by a notorious hooligan element among the support, which was to plague the club throughout the decade.
Time Out was followed by several albums with a similar approach, including Time Further Out: Miro Reflections ( 1961 ), using more 5 / 4, 6 / 4, and 9 / 8, plus the first attempt at 7 / 4 ; Countdown: Time in Outer Space ( dedicated to John Glenn ) ( 1962 ), featuring 11 / 4 and more 7 / 4 ; Time Changes ( 1963 ), with much 3 / 4, 10 / 4 ( which was really 5 + 5 ), and 13 / 4 ; and Time In ( 1966 ).
Further, there is no reason that relational normalization concepts cannot be applied to CODASYL databases however, in the final tally, CODASYL was very complex and required significant training and effort to produce useful applications.
: A 10-part audio adaptation of The Further Adventures of Doctor Syn ( combining and abridging The Further Adventures of Doctor Syn and The Shadow of Doctor Syn ) read by Rufus Sewell was performed on BBC Radio 7 in December 2007.
Further work was conducted by Otto von Guericke, Robert Boyle, Stephen Gray and C. F. du Fay.
This was subsequently translated into English by John Essex and published in England as For the Further Improvement of Dancing.
Further research into francium's structure was carried out by, among others, Sylvain Lieberman and his team at CERN in the 1970s and 1980s.
Further contributing to their growing separation, Garrison was worried that the North Star competed with his own National Anti-Slavery Standard and Marius Robinson's Anti-Slavery Bugle.
Further, the earliest use of feuum ( as a replacement for beneficium ) can be dated to 899, the same year a Muslim base at Fraxinetum ( La Garde-Freinet ) in Provence was established.
Further, Perutz explained that the report was to a Medical Research Council ( MRC ) committee that had been created in order to " establish contact between the different groups of people working for the Council ".

Further and brought
Further domestic policies that he brought about included the establishment of the National Health Service and post-war Welfare State, which became key to the reconstruction of post-war Britain.
Further, archaeological evidence suggests that the early settlers of Jamestown ( men largely from the West Midlands ) built swine pens for the pigs they brought with them and, once established, also carried on an ancient British tradition of slaughtering their pigs and producing their pork in mid-November.
Further heads, no longer available, were once held by the Knights Templar at Amiens Cathedral in France ( brought home by Wallon de Sarton from the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople ), at Antioch in Turkey ( fate uncertain ), and the parish church at Tenterden in Kent, where it was preserved up until the Reformation.
Further refinement can be brought by weighting changes in one direction higher than changes in another ; for instance, the presence of thoracic wings almost guarantees placement among the pterygote insects, although because wings are often lost secondarily, there is no evidence that they have been gained more than once.
Further, that Stephen had fled to Desiderius for protection, and that eventually Christophorus and Sergius were brought out against their will.
Further wrangles effectively brought work on the north side of Leipziger Platz to a complete stop for several years ; even now there are some " fake facades " where completed new buildings should be, while a long-running dispute over who owned the Wertheim department store site ( or had claims to the revenue from its sale by the government ), has to this day left another large gap in the central Berlin cityscape that is only now finally being redeveloped.
Further, charges can also be brought against individuals or corporations who have sued or filed criminal charges against a defendant.
Further complications such as Proterozoic continent-continent collisional orogens, explicitly the Musgrave Block in Australia, previously inexplicable ( see Dennis, 1982 ) are being brought to light with the advent of seismic imaging techniques which can resolve the deep crust structure of orogenic belts.
Further in the 1980s according to Jan L. Harrington ( 2000 ) " the development of the object-oriented paradigm brought about a fundamental change in the way we look at data and the procedures that operate on data.
Further additions have brought the present total to more than 160 km², the most recent being the Warren Bonython Link in 1998 which joined the eastern and western sections of the park.
Further European immigration also brought with them various styles and traditions in cooking heavily influencing the cuisine of Chile such as the Italians and Germans.
Further discussion brought the negotiations to an end on May 26, 1972, in Moscow when Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev signed both the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the Interim Agreement Between The United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Certain Measures With Respect to the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms.
Further capitalizing on the fame, at year's end, Columbia Records released No More Games / The Remix Album — a compilation of the group's biggest hits remixed, the album also brought along two more released songs in " Call It What You Want " ( UK # 12 ) and " Games " ( UK # 14 ) in which videos were also released.
Further patents were granted for the synthesis of methylene blue and eosin, and in 1880 research began to try to find a synthetic process for indigo dye, though this was not successfully brought to the market until 1897.
Further expansion in 1964 brought many changes to the airport including an air traffic control tower and a new operations building.
Further troop movements including the arrival of U. S. 45th Infantry Division and U. S. 1st Armored Division, brought Allied forces total on the beachhead to 69, 000 men, 508 guns and 208 tanks by January 29, whilst the total defending Germans had risen to 71, 500.
Further recalls by Fuso truck & bus brought the total number of vehicles requiring repair to almost one million.
Further unsuccessful suggestions for union were brought about throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries.
Further, in teamwork with Principal Sowby, whom he had helped select, Massey had further influence on the college, bringing about somewhat of a renaissance for the school: A number of distinguished visitors were brought in and leading minds were hired as masters.
Further, they connect musical instruments in the Old Testament with " many forms and customs, many types and shadows, many priests with priestly robes, many sacrifices, festivals, tithings " which they see as having been abolished ; " had they been needed in the church Christ would have brought them over.
Further, the Helikon Library at the Palace contains many works that were brought to Keszthely by the Lady Mary from her father and brother's collections at Hamilton Palace.
Further bandwidth upgrades have brought student bandwidth to 250 Mbit / s for the 2012-13 academic year.
Further travel with her husband, who became Secretary of War in 1904, brought a widened interest in world politics and a cosmopolitan circle of friends.

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