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Further and Every
Every year, Further Confusion invites significant artists, writers, or other creative workers as guests of honor.
* Further Adventures of Lad ( 1922 ); Republished as: Dog Stories Every Child Should Know ( 1941 )

Further and time
" Further, at the time Gallomania was published, Disraeli was in fact electioneering in High Wycombe in the Radical interest.
Further improvement upon the idea of instruction pipelining led to the development of a method that decreases the idle time of CPU components even further.
Further, 43 percent of respondents said they use less than half the functionality of their existing system ; 72 percent indicated they would trade functionality for ease of use ; 51 percent cited data synchronization as a major issue ; and 67 percent said that finding time to evaluate systems was a major problem.
Further it is assumed that message length ( holding times ) are exponentially distributed ( Markovian system ) although the formula turns out to apply under general holding time distributions.
Further entries of the subject will occur throughout the fugue, repeating the accompanying material at the same time.
Further inland, the societies retained their hunting-gathering lifestyles for the time being.
In the Request for Further Information procedure, use of standard pre-printed forms is not common, and any such request would almost certainly be looked upon critically by the courts, as use of standard forms rather than requests tailored specifically to the case is likely to offend against the ' Overriding Objective ' in that it is unlikely to be proportionate to the case, and instead result in the parties or their lawyers having to spend time, money and resources in answering the questions.
Further Homo erectus fossils of a similar age were found at Sangiran in the 1930 ` s by the anthropologist Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald, who in the same time period also uncovered fossils at Ngandong alongside more advanced tools, re-dated in 2011 to between 550, 000 and 143, 000 years old.
( see History of Taiwan ) Further, the Dutch East India Company trade post on Dejima ( 1641 – 1857 ), an artificial island off the coast of Nagasaki, was for a long time the only place where Europeans could trade with Japan.
Further, LCDs sometimes use a technique called dithering which is time averaging colors to get intermediate colors such as alternating between two different colors to get a color in between.
Further, a transform coding may provide a better domain for manipulating or otherwise editing the data – for example, equalization of audio is most naturally expressed in the frequency domain ( boost the bass, for instance ) rather than in the raw time domain.
Further, it describes how a time varying electric field generates a time varying magnetic field and vice versa.
Further annealing at 800 ° C and then at 1750 ° C irreversibly transforms it to a monoclinic and hexagonal phases, respectively, and the last two phases can be interconverted by adjusting the annealing time and temperature.
Further time improvements of the continuous whole game run were achieved into the 21st century.
Further developing the analogy, there is in A-Io an oppositional left-wing party which is closely linked to and supporting the rival Thu, as were Communist parties in the US and other Western countries at the time of writing.
Further resuscitation attempts failed, and Washington was pronounced dead at 1: 36 p. m. At Daley Plaza, Richard Keen, project director for the Westside Habitat for Humanity, announced Washington's official time of death to a separate gathering of Chicagoans.
Further, reliability engineering and maintainability involve processes designed to optimize availability under a set of constraints, such as time and cost-effectiveness.
Further prominent films from this early time in her career included Roman Polanski's suspense classic Repulsion ( 1965 ) and Luis Buñuel's Belle de Jour ( 1967 )— as the haut-bourgeois housewife who achieves sexual satisfaction working in a Parisian brothel.
Further, by the time New York came to a vote, ten states had already ratified the Constitution and it had thus already passed — only nine states had to ratify it for the new government to be established among them ; the ratification by Virginia, the tenth state, placed pressure on New York to ratify.
Further into the process it is common to skip periods for months at a time, and these skipped periods may be followed by a heavier period.
'" Further, the title of rabbi only had meaning during the time of the Sanhedrin, he argues.
Further changes were introduced to the passive mode at that time, updating it to extended passive mode.
Further, during the tidal locking phase the orbital radius a may have been significantly different from that observed nowadays due to subsequent tidal acceleration, and the locking time is extremely sensitive to this value.

Further and you
Further, there is no mileage charge or mileage limitations when you lease a car, and you pay only the flat monthly rate plus a nominal charge for documents and insurance since the car is registered and insured individually for your trip.
Further, the Mahabharata states, " How can you expect compassion from a meat-eater?
" Further support for Adler's idea came from American Wiccan priestess Judy Harrow, who noted that amongst her comrades, there was a feeling that " you don't become pagan, you discover that you always were.
Further note, that this implementation is a little flawed: The bitmap p only holds 32 bits and therefore limits the maximum number of heaps in the entire string to 32 ( not counting the right-most heap of size LP ), which will eventually overflow if you try to sort an array of more than LP + 1
Further evidence of John's political development is found in a letter of October 1842, to his friend John Martin, responding to Martin's sending him a copy of The Nation: " I think The Nation will do very well "; and again in October, on the arrival of 20, 000 additional troops in Ireland: " How do you think the country will take all this?
Further, she recalled a conversation with Kastner after the war, telling him, " I don't say that you could have saved my daughter Hannah, but that you didn't try-it makes it harder for me that nothing was done.
* In Season 3 Episode 3 (" Further Instructions ") of the television show Lost Charlie agrees to help guard Locke and " make sure you don't devolve into a monkey " while John has a hallucinatory experience.
Further, you can also solve quizzes, especially designed to improve your comprehension and understanding of the English language.
Further, suppose that you are asked to perform the computation ' 68 + 57 '.
Further, we believe that you have withheld and / or distorted material facts as to your own conduct in this war.
* Till Further Notice ( until further notice ), meaning, " Until a future point in time that I may or may not inform you about.
" Many times used on a sign in the phrase, " Closed Till Further Notice " saying that a business is closed until they tell you otherwise.
Further, you should not indulge in cessation in circumstances that you keep gaining manifolds.
Exceptions are the University of Warwick, the University of Cambridge where you must have Further Mathematics to at least AS level to study for a degree in mathematics ; also University College London requires an A2 in Further Maths for its maths courses and is recommended for the Statistics courses ; Imperial College also requires an A * in A2 Further Maths while other top end universities recommend it or promise lower offers in return.
Further ahead, you can also discover some of the exciting flavors Coca-Cola Coolologists have brought back from around the world.
Further inside, you can enjoy the mixed smells of frankincense, perfume oils, fresh jasmine and spices.

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