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Further and research
Further research, we believe, will develop important commercial applications.
Further research is required to understand the reasons.
Further research such as by Bloch on spin waves and Néel on antiferromagnetism led to the development of new magnetic materials with applications to magnetic storage devices.
Further research into francium's structure was carried out by, among others, Sylvain Lieberman and his team at CERN in the 1970s and 1980s.
Further research was necessary to conclude that it was solely bacteriophages ' DNA that entered the cell and not a combination of protein and DNA where the protein did not contain any sulfur.
Further research showed that within these regions there were often numerous imprinted genes.
Further, an expanding area of research in job performance determinants includes emotional intelligence.
Further research to consider additional tooltips will require time-consuming computational chemistry and difficult laboratory work.
Further research by the same group also noted the capacity of the calmodulin kinase II ( CaMKII ) inhibitor, KN-93, to abolish modafinil's enhancement of electrotonic coupling.
Further research by this group indicates the drug appears to be a κ < sub > 2b </ sub >- opioid agonist.
Further anthropological research by Joël Blondiaux shows they were from Low Saxony.
Further research is needed to test the model's statistical and clinical validity.
Further research has called this conclusion into question.
Further research cleared up the remaining mystery.
Further research is needed to understand the role this early civilization played in the ancient and medieval history of West Africa.
Further research shows its relevance for democracy or AIDS.
Further, some research indicates that horses are more stressed by the short format than by the careful warm-up inherent in the classic format.
Further research provided valuable information on the IP < sub > 3 </ sub > pathway, such as the discovery in 1986 that one of the many roles of the calcium released by IP < sub > 3 </ sub > is to work with DAG to activate protein kinase C ( PKC ).
Further research is ongoing.
Further research by Peter Dodson, including a 1990 cladistic analysis and a 1993 study using RFTRA ( resistant-fit theta-rho analysis ), a morphometric technique which systematically measures similarities in skull shape, reinforces Triceratops placement in the ceratopsine subfamily.
Further research was carried out by Albert Bernhard Frank, who introduced the term mycorrhiza 1885.
Further research is required to positively assign this activity.
Further research by British scholars also seems to indicate that this is the most likely probability, making Miller's death a " friendly fire " incident.
* Further research on sea urchins

Further and meaning
Further, as executive power is constitutionally vested in the monarch, meaning the Royal Prerogative belongs to the Crown and not to any of its ministers, the sovereign's supremacy over the prime minister in the constitutional order is thus seen as a " rebuff to the pretensions of the elected: As it has been said, when the Prime Minister bows before the Queen, he bows before us Canadian people.
Further, some clades of brown bear, as assessed by their mtDNA, are more closely related to polar bears than to other brown bears, meaning that the polar bear would not be a true species according to some species concepts.
Further, poorly designed systems often leave everything below about 120 Hz ( or even higher ) to the subwoofer, meaning that the subwoofer handles frequencies which the ear can use for sound source localization, thus introducing an undesirable subwoofer " localization effect ".
'" Further, the title of rabbi only had meaning during the time of the Sanhedrin, he argues.
Further, the term equality which is often bound up with the meaning of " rights " often depends on one's political orientation.
Further, the ability to modify sign meaning through phonological changes to signs is gaining attention.
Further to this notion, the belief is that the energy is " intelligent ", meaning that the Reiki knows where to heal, even if a practitioner's hands are not present in the specific area.
The motto of the city is " Plus Oultre " ( meaning " Further " in Old French ), which was the motto of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who in 1545 gave the medieval castle of Binche to his sister, Queen Mary of Hungary, Governess of the Netherlands.
Further statements may be necessary to resolve which particular meaning was intended.
Further, the word was probably chosen as it begins with a letter following that sequence starting with ( meaning Antaeus ) and ( meaning Blizzard ); Г ( G ) is the fourth letter of the Russian alphabet.
Further, pleonasm can serve as a redundancy check: If a word is unknown, misunderstood, or misheard, or the medium of communication is poor — a wireless telephone connection or sloppy handwriting — pleonastic phrases can help ensure that the entire meaning gets across even if some of the words get lost.
Further north along the ridge is Cadair Bronwen, whilst to south the ridge continues to Moel Sych ( Welsh pronunciation: ˈsɨːx, meaning ' dry hill ').
Further, Bentley's counsel argued that even if he had said the words, it could not be proven that Bentley had intended the words to mean the informal meaning of " shoot him, Chris " instead of the literal meaning of " give him the gun, Chris ".
Further, if we add the qualification "— not necessarily in that order " to the original sentence, then the implicature is cancelled even though the meaning of the original sentence is not altered.
Further, even if this issue were discussed, it would be difficult to communicate meaning of these inter-subject variances to consumers and / or their physicians.
* Till Further Notice ( until further notice ), meaning, " Until a future point in time that I may or may not inform you about.
Further, Symmes sold much land that he did not own, some as far north as Dayton, meaning some early settlers found themselves squatters on the public domain.
Further, in the context of the philosophy of language, the principle of compositionality does not explain all of meaning.
Further, in order to maintain the metre, sahasranamas use the artifice of adding words like tu, api, ca, and hi, which are only conjunctions that do not necessarily add to the meaning of the name except in rare cases of interpretation.
Further, as per Champions League regulation 17. 18, one player per club who would normally be cup-tied can be registered and eligible to play, so long as his previous club did not field him in the same competition, meaning that this player can represent two different clubs in the Europa League and Champions League.
Further, depository banks used CDOs as a form of securitization, meaning that the bank did not have to hold the loans it originated on its books and could transfer them ( along with related risk ) to investors.
Further north along the ridge is Cadair Bronwen, whilst to south the ridge continues to Moel Sych (, meaning ' dry hill ').

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