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Further and ran
Further standing timbers were placed at the northeast entrance, and a parallel alignment of posts ran inwards from the southern entrance.
Further, Starko suggests that the wave of aspirin poisonings was due to a " perfect storm " of events: Bayer's patent on aspirin ran out, so that many companies rushed in to make a profit and greatly increased the supply ; this coincided with the flu pandemic ; and the symptoms of aspirin poisoning ( such as Reye's syndrome ) were not known at the time.
Further, GlaxoSmithKline ran advertisements that, while not promoting off-license use of their drug ( ropinirole ) for treatment of RLS, did link to the Ekbom Support Group website.
Further on in the documentary, referring to the Afghan Arabs Bearden said: " The only times that I ran into any real trouble in Afghanistan was when I ran into ' these guys ' - You know there'd be kind of a ' moment ' or two that would look a little bit like the bar scene in Star Wars, ya know.
He was educated at Stonefield Secondary Modern School ( which became Hall Green School, subsequently Bilston High School, and now South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy ) on Prosser Street in Bilston and Bilston College of Further Education ( now part of City of Wolverhampton College ), worked as a market trader and steelworker, and later ran a social club.
Further complicating the matter was the imprecise location of the line established with the Treaty of Greenville, which separated Native American lands from lands open to white settlers and which ran through the northern portion of the District.
Further records are scarce, due to the great fire of September 26, 1879 ; when these duties became separate positions from the mayoralty, Farnum ran for Justice of the Peace but lost.
Further study reveals that most of them died when life support ran out, but some of them were killed by particle weapons.
Further, Roosevelt used the estate as a retreat for himself and his political associates on the eves of all elections in which he ran for president.
Further problems were encountered when the people building the railway ran out of money, and so the proposed Duddon Viaduct, from Askam to Millom, was abandoned.

Further and unevenly
Further back, Alonso was squeezed into turn one by Ralf Schumacher, the German's right-rear wheel making contact with Alonso's front wing and causing it to hang unevenly.

Further and south
Further south still is the Southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current Front ( SACCF ), which is determined as the southernmost extent of Circumpolar Deep Water ( temperature of about 2 ° C at 400m ).
Further to the south, the Sudan-Guinea zone receives more than 900 millimeters ( 35. 4 in ) of rain each year and has cooler average temperatures.
Further, members of Kolingba's Yakoma tribe in the south posed a potential threat to Bozizé's government because of their widespread boycott of the second round of the legislative elections.
Further south, near Vukovar and near Šarengrad, there are two river islands ( Vukovarska ada and Šarengradska ada ) which have been part of SR Croatia ( during Yugoslavia ) but during the war they came under Serbian control.
Further to the east in the ambulatory are three chapels ( from south to north ):
Further to the west, Daedalus arrived safely in Sicily, in the care of King Cocalus of Kamikos on the island's south coast ; there he built a temple to Apollo, and hung up his wings, an offering to the god.
Further south it is known as the Hula Valley separating the Galilee mountains and the Golan Heights.
Further variations in size have been observed across regions and habitats, with size tending to increase from the north to south.
Further south is the region of Kambochoria.
Further south, Lesser Poland includes Frampol, and Biłgoraj, which lies in the southeastern corner on Lesser Poland's historical Lublin Voivodeship, close to the border with Red Ruthenia.
Further south in Macedonia, near the town of Zletovo, the monastery of Lesnovo ( Lesnovo Manastir ), originally built in the 11th century, was renovated in the middle of the 14th century and a series of murals were painted.
Further south the Kraburi River forms the southern border between Thailand and Burma.
Further tensions between the north and south began in 2010 when a South Korean navy ship was sunk, later reports revealed a torpedo from North Korea was the cause.
Further, Eleanor championed the match, as Navarre bordered on Aquitaine, thereby securing her ancestral lands ' borders to the south.
Further south, at a point where Thorvald would like to establish a settlement, the Greenlanders encounter some of the local inhabitants ( Skrælings ) and kill them, following which they are attacked by a large force in hide boats, and Thorvald dies from an arrow-wound.
Further, the small village Saussivue ( above sea level ) to the south and the holiday settlement Moléson-Village ( above sea level ) in the valley of the Albeuve in the foothills of mount Moléson as well as several isolated farms.
Further south, in the region of Beaujolais, Chardonnay has started to replace Aligote as the main white wine grape and is even replacing Gamay in some areas around Saint-Véran.
Further south the interior was dominated by Catawba, Creek, Choctaw, and Cherokee tribes.
Further south the young warlord Sun Ce, taking over after the untimely death of Sun Jian, was establishing his rule in the lower Yangtze, albeit as a subordinate of Yuan Shu.
Further south lies the Sahara desert ; here Tunisia touches the north-eastern edge of vast sand dunes comprising the Grand Erg Oriental.
Further south, the SPD also enjoys solid support in northern Hesse ( Hans Eichel was mayor of Kassel, then Hesse's minister president, then finance minister in the Schröder administration, while Brigitte Zypries served as Justice Minister ), parts of Palatinate ( Kurt Beck was party leader until 7 September 2008 ), the Saarland ( political home of one-time candidate for federal chancellor Oskar Lafontaine, defected from the SPD in 1999 ), and southwestern Baden ( Marion Caspers-Merk, Gernot Erler ).
Further south, in Campania, a region where inhumation was the general practice, Proto-villanovan cremation burials have been identified at Capua, at the " princely tombs " of Pontecagnano near Salerno ( finds conserved in the Museum of Agro Picentino ) and at Sala Consilina.
Further south, at Whithorn, a Christian inscription is known from the second half of the 5th century, perhaps commemorating a new church.
The most prominent of them are Further south are Nikolayevskaya Sopka ( notable for its ski jumping tracks ), Karaulnaya Gora and Chornaya Sopka, the latter being an extinct volcano.

Further and island
( see History of Taiwan ) Further, the Dutch East India Company trade post on Dejima ( 1641 – 1857 ), an artificial island off the coast of Nagasaki, was for a long time the only place where Europeans could trade with Japan.
* Zinnie Harris's play Further Than the Furthest Thing ( 2000 ) is inspired by events on the island, notably the 1961 volcanic eruption and evacuation of the islanders.
Further anomalous elements in this series have been predicted by Glenn T. Seaborg, and are categorised as theisland of stability .”
Further to the north is the bulk of the main island.
Further damage to the economy ( estimated at US $ 30 million ) was wrought by a cyclone that hit the northern island of Vanua Levu in January 2003.
Further Reading, Lakeview Michigan is also the remnant of log transport via Tamarack lake and a small industry in pickles, as well as notable oddities such as the dance hall and hotel once located on the island centered in Lakeviews own Tamarack Lake.
Further to the northeast, separated from Stralsund and Nordvorpommern by the Strelasund, lies the island of Rügen, administratively part of the eponymous district.
Further, he reformed Syracuse in a democratic direction and demolished the stronghold of the island that had been so useful to tyrants in the past.
Further investigation leads to Sir August who is now trying to blackmail the world's leaders with his control of the weather, but Steed and Mrs. Peel defeat him on his secret island.
Further east is the small bay known as Mandraki, the secondary harbour of the island.
Further, why was the island then renamed after Kojirō, and not Musashi?
Further, as intermarriage and migration joined the people of Martha's Vineyard to the mainland, the island community more and more resembled the wider community there.
Further evidence in support of this claim is the similarity of place names in the Zenos ' " Islanda " to modern day Shetland, for instance the island of Bressay for " Bres " and Danaberg sound near Lerwick for " Damberc ".
Further improvements made to the town are still in process under the HDB and the Town Councils established in the various housing estates on the island.
Further expeditions were organised in the search for the island, but from the 19th century onwards, reported sightings of San Borondon became less frequent.
Further confusing the issue, Columbus then says that he believes Cabo Hermoso is on a separate island from Samoete.
Further along the Adriatic are the untouched forests of Mljet island.
Further on along the path, about an hours walk from the main village, is a cove Pernastica which is considered one of the nicest coves on the island.
Further south, there are more residences and rental properties spread out along the roads to the narrow part of the island near White Sound.
Further, the embankment supporting the down ( westbound ) platform and buildings was subsiding, so work has been carried out to relocate the down platform as an island north of the down road, in the gap left by the removal of the original through roads, and to provide a footbridge and lifts, similar to Gerrards Cross, for disabled access.
Further plans were advanced by Bord Failte, including conversion of much of the island as a theme park.
Further northwest on the island is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.
Further along the northern coast, low concrete stumps protrude from the undergrowth, all that remain of the barracks that housed the garrison on the island.
Further off the island, larger species including dolphin and hawksbill turtle can be encountered.

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