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Further and singles
Further hit singles came, including " Scarborough Fair / Canticle ", based on a traditional English ballad with an arrangement by Martin Carthy, and " Homeward Bound " ( later U. S. No. 5 ), about life on the road while Simon was touring in England in 1965.
Further singles were " She's Not Just a Pretty Face " a country Top 10 hit, while the last US single, " It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing ", made the Top 20 on both Country and AC.
Further singles, including the title track, " The Boy in the Bubble " and " Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes ", were not commercial hits but became radio standards and were highly praised.
Further singles included: " La Bomba ", " Por Arriba, Por Abajo " and " Corazonado ".
Further singles " Walkabout " and " Vitamin " failed to make any chart impact however, and shortly after the album's release, the Sugarcubes disbanded.
Further UK singles were: " Everyday " ( No. 44 ) in October 1965, another Pinder-Laine song, plus their later " This is My House ( But Nobody Calls )" ( Decca F 12498, 1966 ) and " Boulevard de la Madeleine " also issued in late-1966.
Further singles from Running in the Family continued and built on the band's existing success: " To Be With You Again " ( No. 6 in the Netherlands and in Ireland ), the ballad " It's Over " ( No. 3 in Ireland and No. 7 in the Netherlands ) and Running In The Familys title track ( No. 1 in Norway and Denmark, No. 3 in the Netherlands, No. 4 in Ireland, No. 5 in Switzerland, No. 7 in Norway and No. 9 in New Zealand ).
Four singles were lifted from the album: " Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant Tasting Green and Purple Pills " ( his first Top 40 hit ), " Scratch My Back ( I Love It )" ( which failed to chart ), " Ahab the Arab " ( his major breakthrough hit and his biggest until his 1970 hit " Everything Is Beautiful "), and " Further More.
Further hit singles followed with " Big Seven " ( co-written by Rupie Edwards ) and " Big Eight " — both following the pattern of lewd versions of nursery rhymes over a reggae backing — as well as " Y Viva Suspenders " and " Up With The Cock ".
Further singles followed and a largely instrumental album, Lubricate Your Living Room ( subtitled ' Background Music for Action People!
Further singles followed with " We Are Detective " ( another Top 10 UK hit ) and " Watching ".
Further hit singles from the album followed with " Doctor!
Further singles from the following album Außen Top Hits, innen Geschmack ( a play on a popular commercial jingle for the aluminum foil Toppits: " Außen Toppits-innen Geschmack " ( Toppits on the outside-flavor within ) where the like-sounding Album title means " Top hits on the outside-flavor within ") were just as successful.
The band's next album, Miracle, released in 1987, spawned two US hit singles: " Motortown " (# 36 US / # 45 UK ) and another cover-this time of Dennis Edwards ' " Don't Look Any Further " (# 64 US / # 52 UK ).
Further singles " I Should've Never Let You Go " and " These Days " continued the group's successful assault on the Australian charts and in August, Bardot embarked on its first national tour.
Further singles " I Should've Never Let You Go " and " These Days " followed and in August, the group embarked on its first national tour.
Further singles " We Can Get Together " and " Walls " from Icehouse also hit the Top 20.
Further singles followed in the UK, before she took a gap to write and record a new album.
Further singles from the album were " Shir Nehama ," which featured Israeli traditional guitarist Yehuda Keisar ; " Ani Ma ' amin "; and " Lo Maspik.
Further singles followed, including " One Two Three ", " I Shall Not Remove ", " Look Who Is Back Again " ( a duet with Slim Smith ), and another anti-Buster song, " Prince Pharaoh ", notably the only record featuring the voice of Dodd himself.
Further singles from the album included " Is There Anybody Out There?
Further singles from the album included " Heart Turns to Stone ", which had peaked at # 7 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in an earlier non-commercial release only to rock radio but only managed # 56 on the Hot 100 several months later, and the harder " Can't Wait ", which matched the # 18 Mainstream Rock Tracks charting of " I Don't Want To Live Without You " but failed to crack the Hot 100.
Further singles included " Where in the World " and " Forever Blue ", which featured a sample from the John Barry score from the film Midnight Cowboy.
Further signs of the pressure and problems she was facing during this period was that, in July, she made herself unavailable for Slovakia in the Fed Cup, in order to concentrate on her singles career, and in November she parted company with Sears.

Further and released
Further chemicals released are benzene and 1, 3-butadiene that are also hazardous air pollutants.
Further hardware developments, including a planned Program Expander that would have added another 16K of RAM and a more intricate, fully featured Extended-BASIC to the system, were halted, and in the end less than a dozen software titles were released for the ECS.
Further evidence of pre-1970 recordings surfaced with the release of the song " I Heard You Got Religion ", supposedly recorded in 1969, and released originally as a downloadable track from Ralph America in 1999.
On 30 March 2010, the band announced on their website that their seventh studio album, titled Further, would be released on 22 June and would be " the band's first to be released with corresponding films made specifically to match each of the 8 audio tracks.
Further improvements were released, the current Beta 6. 03 version ( released on April 25, 2011 ) is an improvement of libvorbis 1. 3. 2.
Further renditions of the hardware were released in 1994 by Sanyo and Goldstar.
Further cooperation between German and Soviets took the form of an exchange of Polish POWs: following order by Lavrentiy Beria to the NKVD of October 3, 1939, Polish prisoners detained in soviet camps were traded against POWs released by the Germans.
Further research provided valuable information on the IP < sub > 3 </ sub > pathway, such as the discovery in 1986 that one of the many roles of the calcium released by IP < sub > 3 </ sub > is to work with DAG to activate protein kinase C ( PKC ).
Further experiments demonstrated attraction to a number of individual compounds released by host plants and repellance by one compound released by wheat.
) Further collections would then be released shortly after their completion in serial form.
After much haranguing with the publishers, My Further Disillusionment in Russia ( also titled by the publisher ) was released containing the omitted chapters, in 1924.
Further Superfast series were released in 2005 and 2006.
The government released a report on the Further Development of the Political Appointment System on 17 October 2007.
Further capitalizing on the fame, at year's end, Columbia Records released No More Games / The Remix Album — a compilation of the group's biggest hits remixed, the album also brought along two more released songs in " Call It What You Want " ( UK # 12 ) and " Games " ( UK # 14 ) in which videos were also released.
On 14 April, he released the album, Knockin ' " T " Around, which contains many other tracks with full vocals and also includes, the Formula-1 ' 99 theme song, Go Further.
Further to this performance, success became a habit: more than 30 000 copies of second album Kerua ( and single " Sanomi ") were sold in Belgium ; the CD was released in several European countries, and the concerts are increasing in Belgium and abroad ( Louisiana, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Spain …)
The following year, Further Seems Forever, with Carrabba, recorded and released its debut album, The Moon Is Down.
In 1995, Steve released his debut CD “ Until Further Notice …” in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Richard Evans.
Further sales of Ar gouriz koar were blocked but Auvidis kept the original records, and in 1996 Prigent released a new recording of Ar gouriz koar with Barclay.

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