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Further and they
Further into the interior, however, one would often find colonists consuming whiskey, as they did not have similar access to sugar cane.
Further, it reduced the abundance of burrowing organisms — burrows and trackways are found in beds containing soft-bodied organisms, but they are rare and generally of limited vertical extent.
Further success with Manchester United came at last when they beat Leicester City 3 – 1 in the FA Cup final of 1963, with Charlton finally earning a winners ' medal in his third final.
Further, they opposed the creation of an electoral college to elect the leader of the Party, who had previously been elected by members of the Parliamentary Labour Party – in particular, the arrangement of block voting by constituency parties and trade unions, with the total votes of a constituency party or trade union being given to a candidate based on a first-past-the-post within that CLP or union, or changed at the discretion of delegates ( similar to primary elections in the United States ).
" Further, many had not survived their punishment, Wylde writing how the neighborhood of Adwa " was full of their freshly dead bodies ; they had generally crawled to the banks of the streams to quench their thirst, where many of them lingered unattended and exposed to the elements until death put an end to their sufferings.
Further south, near Vukovar and near Šarengrad, there are two river islands ( Vukovarska ada and Šarengradska ada ) which have been part of SR Croatia ( during Yugoslavia ) but during the war they came under Serbian control.
Further, 43 percent of respondents said they use less than half the functionality of their existing system ; 72 percent indicated they would trade functionality for ease of use ; 51 percent cited data synchronization as a major issue ; and 67 percent said that finding time to evaluate systems was a major problem.
Further, as they are vector fields, all magnetic and electric field vectors add together according to vector addition.
Further excavation of the Troy site by others indicated that the level he named the Troy of the Iliad was not that, although they retain the names given by Schliemann.
Further, archaeological evidence suggests that the early settlers of Jamestown ( men largely from the West Midlands ) built swine pens for the pigs they brought with them and, once established, also carried on an ancient British tradition of slaughtering their pigs and producing their pork in mid-November.
Further discoveries indicated that gorillas and chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than they are to orangutans, leading to their current placement in Homininae as well.
" Further he writes, " they who had the power to create one man and one woman only, were able to create many men and women at once ...." His view contrasts with the Christian belief that humanity is derived from the one pair, Adam and Eve.
Further, there is no reason to be surprised when discussions such as those about the " death of God " – a concept drawn from Nietzsche – stir popular excitement as they did in the recent past, and could do so again today.
Quote: " Further, in their secret meetings they said that the Christ who was born in the earthly and visible Bethlehem and crucified at Jerusalem was ' evil ', and that Mary Magdalene was his concubine – and that she was the woman taken in adultery who is referred to in the Scriptures ; the ' good ' Christ, they said, neither ate nor drank nor assumed the true flesh and was never in this world, except spiritually in the body of Paul.
Further into chapter 4, Odin appoints Njörðr and Freyr as priests of sacrificial offerings, and they became gods among the Æsir.
Further, courts must follow their own proclamations of law made earlier on other cases, and honor rulings made by other courts in disputes among the parties before them pertaining to the same pattern of facts or events, unless they have a strong reason to change these rulings ( see Law of the case re: a court's previous holding being binding precedent for that court ).
Further, statements that are facts cannot be considered perjury, even if they might arguably constitute an omission, and it is not perjury to lie about matters immaterial to the legal proceeding.
Further refinement can be brought by weighting changes in one direction higher than changes in another ; for instance, the presence of thoracic wings almost guarantees placement among the pterygote insects, although because wings are often lost secondarily, there is no evidence that they have been gained more than once.
Further anthropological research by Joël Blondiaux shows they were from Low Saxony.
Further, they note that the existence of intelligent life on Earth is a plausible reason to expect it elsewhere, and that individual SETI projects have clearly defined " stop " conditions.
Further south, at a point where Thorvald would like to establish a settlement, the Greenlanders encounter some of the local inhabitants ( Skrælings ) and kill them, following which they are attacked by a large force in hide boats, and Thorvald dies from an arrow-wound.
Further sessions followed in March, during which they recorded their debut single, the double A-side " So Young "/" Tell Me ".

Further and used
Further, in current aquaculture practice, products from several pounds of wild fish are used to produce one pound of a piscivorous fish like salmon.
A contemporary reference for formal Canadian spelling is the spelling used for Hansard transcripts of the Parliament of Canada ( see The Canadian Style in Further reading below ).
Further, the language used by test users in many circumstances proves to be quite general and lacking the specific nature needed by developers to enact real change.
Further, techniques such as check codes may be used to detect errors and guarantee error-free communications through redundancy or retransmission.
Further information on clandestine HUMINT ( human intelligence ) information collection techniques is available, including discussions of operational techniques, asset recruiting and the tradecraft used to collect this information.
James Thurber used the ancient fable style in his books Fables for Our Time ( 1940 ) and Further Fables for Our Time ( 1956 ), and in his stories " The Princess and the Tin Box " in The Beast in Me and Other Animals ( 1948 ) and " The Last Clock: A Fable for the Time, Such As It Is, of Man " in Lanterns and Lances ( 1961 ).
Further FeO and Cr < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 3 </ sub > additions may be used for the production of green bottles.
Further diacritics are used to indicate variations in the pronunciation of the consonants ( e. g. bet / vet, shin / sin ); and, in some contexts, to indicate the punctuation, accentuation, and musical rendition of Biblical texts ( see Cantillation ).
Further fixatives are often used for electron microscopy such as osmium tetroxide or uranyl acetate
Further, on some typewriters, particularly older ones, the unshifted L key had to be used to type the numeral 1.
Further sources are the ' Phags-pa script based on the Tibetan alphabet, which was used to write several of the languages of the Mongol empire, including Chinese, and the Menggu Ziyun, a rhyme dictionary based on ' Phags-pa.
Further, the M16 never entirely replaced the M14 in all roles, which continues to be used in a number of niche applications throughout the Armed Forces, especially with the U. S. Navy.
Further use of napalm by American forces occurred in the Pacific Theater of Operations, where in 1944 and 1945, napalm was used as a tactical weapon against Japanese bunkers, pillboxes, tunnels, and other fortifications, especially on Saipan, Iwo Jima, the Philippines, and Okinawa, where deeply dug-in Japanese troops refused to surrender.
Further command letters ( C, S, Q, T and A ) precede data that is used to draw various Bézier and elliptical curves.
Further, Prime Minister Éamon de Valera used the departure of the Monarch as an opportunity to remove all monarchical language from the Constitution of the Irish Free State.
Further often used herbs in Thai cuisine include phak chi, ( cilantro or coriander ), rak phak chi ( cilantro / coriander roots ), culantro ( phak chi farang ), spearmint ( saranae ), and pandanus leaves ( bai toei ).
Further stock footage was taken from news events ( fires and explosions ) and the 1979 theatrical film Meteor ( such as a bridge collapsing and the destruction of a tall office building originally used to depict the destruction of the World Trade Center in that film ).
Further, Cassiodorus used the term " Goths " to refer only to the Ostrogoths, whom he served, and reserved the geographical term " Visigoths " for the Gallo-Spanish Goths.
Further, when both Berengar and his critics used the secular disciplines of logic and grammar to express a matter of Christian doctrine, the way was open to the scholasticism of the twelfth century.
Further design modifications were made by Kreisel over the next ten years, and in the 1970s and 1980s by engineer John P. D ' Arcy ; record producer Daniel Levitin served as a consultant and " golden ears " for the design of the crossover network ( used to partition the frequency spectrum so that the subwoofer would not attempt to reproduce frequencies too high for its effective range, and so that the main speakers would not need to handle frequencies too low for their effective range ).
Further allegations that Elizabeth used racist slurs to refer to black people were strongly denied by Major Colin Burgess.
Further finds have been dated from the early Middle Ages, where layers of quilted fabric were used in the construction of armour — this kept the soldiers warm and protected.
Further, though neither was ever used for their intended purpose, Hatley Castle in British Columbia was purchased in 1940 by King George VI in Right of Canada to use as his home during the course of World War II, and the Emergency Government Headquarters, built in 1959 at CFS Carp and decommissioned in 1994, included a residential apartment for the sovereign or governor general in the case of a nuclear attack on Ottawa.
Further development of ALGOL led to ALGOL 60 ; in its report ( 1963 ), Peter Naur named Backus's notation Backus Normal Form, and simplified it to minimize the character set used.

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