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Further and east
Further east, the military history of China, specifically northern China, held a long tradition of intense military exchange between Han Chinese infantry forces of the settled dynastic empires and the mounted nomads or " barbarians " of the north.
Further north and east were Armenian Cilicia and the Byzantine Empire, with which Jerusalem had a close relationship in the twelfth century.
Further east, the Aymara people celebrate their New Year on June 21.
Further east lie The Manacles, near Porthoustock: of jagged rocks just beneath the waves.
Further east, the Greeks of Alexandria Eschate became known to the Chinese people as the Dayuan.
Further to the east, the smaller cloister contained the infirmary, novices ' lodgings and quarters for the aged monks.
Further east, the strongpoint defenses were effective.
Further east of Umbar lived another group of Men, the Haradrim, the Southrons or Men of the South.
Further east is the Calacirya, the only easy pass through the Pelóri, a huge mountain range fencing Valinor on three sides, created to keep out Morgoth.
Further east still are the Sainte-Baume, a mountain ridge rising from a forest of deciduous trees, the town of Toulon and the French Riviera.
Further east still and back across on the north side of the Uxbridge Road at the junction of Hanwell Broadway is the " Duke of York " This became an important staging point for stagecoaches on their way between Oxford and London.
Further along I-70, Russell is approximately west of Kansas City, Missouri and east of Denver, Colorado.
Further east, the route intersects County Route 549 Spur / County Route 571 ( Fischer Boulevard ).
Further, the unincorporated area within the District was organized into two counties: the County of Washington to the east of the Potomac and the County of Alexandria to the west.
Further, the areas five miles ( 8 km ) north or five miles ( 8 km ) east of Ashton receive over of precipitation while, St. Anthony, Idaho, only to the southwest receives only.
Further east lies Chisholm Creek which joins the Arkansas in the far southern part of the city.
Further to the east, CR 520 makes connections with the Garden State Parkway ( in Middletown Township ) and eventually ends at Route 36 along the Jersey Shore in Sea Bright.
Further accommodation was built on the main site to mark the 400th anniversary of the college, in 1971, and student flats have been constructed at sites in north and east Oxford.
Further to the east are the two Farø Bridges ( the 1, 726 meter long Farø High Bridge and the 1, 596 meter long Farø Low Bridge ) which opened in 1985.
Further north east in Charlestown there are plans for a ' Baildon Business Park ' and hotel on a green field site near Buck Lane, at a cost of £ 25m but there is opposition to the move.
Further east Broadgate saw improvements, with a new space at the top entrance to Broadgate Recreation Ground.
Further east the Leine river runs through the district from south to north.
Further east, the still combat-able Saxon Corps, including the Franco-Saxon division of General Dupas also moved forward, in a bid to launch a supporting attack between Aderklaa and Deutsch-Wagram.
Further east, Morand, leading the French attack, faced a similar fate, when the Austrians launched a combined infantry and cavalry attack which forced the French to draw back and reform.

Further and are
Further, the management path does not open the door to higher opportunities than are offered by the more technical path.
Further research in the meaning of crises as experienced by the consumers of traditional social casework services -- including attempts to develop a typology of family structures, crisis problems, reaction mechanisms, and differential treatment approaches -- and the establishment of new experimental programs are imperative social needs which should command the best efforts of caseworkers in collaboration with community planners.
Further improvements in earnings of the Kansas Turnpike are expected late in 1961, with the opening of a new bypass at Wichita, and still later when the turnpike gets downtown connections in both Kansas City, Kans., and Kansas City, Mo..
Further, in current aquaculture practice, products from several pounds of wild fish are used to produce one pound of a piscivorous fish like salmon.
Further archaeological objects found during the excavations are conserved at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia, as well as at the Limassol District Archaeological Museum.
Further, as the current monarch is a woman and both her eldest child and, in turn, his eldest child, are Anglican males, any change to the succession laws would have no immediate implications.
Further, it reduced the abundance of burrowing organisms — burrows and trackways are found in beds containing soft-bodied organisms, but they are rare and generally of limited vertical extent.
Further information can be gained by staining slices of brain tissue with a variety of chemicals that bring out areas where specific types of molecules are present in high concentrations.
Further themes are also present: the " sovereign freedom of Yahweh " ( God does not always do what is expected of him ); the " satirisation of foreign kings " ( who consistently underestimate Israel and Yahweh ); the concept of the " flawed agent " ( judges who are not adequate to the task before them ) and the disunity of the Israelite community ( which gathers pace as the stories succeed one another ).
Further deforestation and destruction of the biodiversity are anticipated in the wake of logging commissions, hydroelectric dams and other mining of minerals and resources.
Further, some older forms of Celtic music that are rare in Scotland and Ireland today, such as practice of accompanying a fiddle with a piano, or the Gaelic spinning songs of Cape Breton remain common in the Maritimes.
Further south, near Vukovar and near Šarengrad, there are two river islands ( Vukovarska ada and Šarengradska ada ) which have been part of SR Croatia ( during Yugoslavia ) but during the war they came under Serbian control.
Further improvements are achievable by catalytic after-burning devices ( such as catalytic converters ) or by the simple partial return of the exhaust gases into the combustion process.
Further benefits are the existing infrastructure and the geophysical and geological information about the oil field that is available from the oil exploration.
Further sectional references are the Northwest side and the Southwest side.
Further soundings made by the US Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping in 2011 are in agreement with this figure, placing the deepest part of the Challenger Deep at, with a vertical precision of approximately.
Further, as they are vector fields, all magnetic and electric field vectors add together according to vector addition.
Further evidence of endosymbiosis are the prokaryotic ribosomes found within chloroplasts and mitochondria as well as the double-membrane enclosing them.
Further it is assumed that message length ( holding times ) are exponentially distributed ( Markovian system ) although the formula turns out to apply under general holding time distributions.
Further concerns about the impact of industrial farming ( grains ) on animal welfare, human health, and the environment are also having an effect on contemporary human dietary habits.
Further gate-to-source voltage increase will attract even more electrons towards the gate which are able to create a conductive channel from source to drain ; this process is called inversion.
Further pressure was brought on the makers of the film, the Film i Väst film studio, who are partly financed by Swedish local authorities, including Åmål.

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