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Furthermore and John
Furthermore, Cardinals James Gibbons and John Ireland defended the Knights.
Furthermore, the hold of the Kuhnian analysis on social science has long been tenuous with the wide application of multi-paradigmatic approaches in order to understand complex human behaviour ( see for example John Hassard, Sociology and Organisation Theory.
Furthermore, when no candidate received an Electoral College majority in the 1824 presidential election causing the president to be decided by the House, Speaker Clay threw his support to John Quincy Adams instead of Andrew Jackson, thereby ensuring the former's victory.
Furthermore, several Speakers became leading figures in their political parties ; examples include Democrats Samuel J. Randall, John Griffin Carlisle, and Charles F. Crisp, and Republicans James G. Blaine, Thomas Brackett Reed, and Joseph Gurney Cannon.
Furthermore, a CIA agent had the body in the trunk of his car in order to try to get rid of it ( p. 105, Stockwell, John 1978 In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story.
Furthermore, Fett " is cool because he was designed to be cool ", presenting a " wicked ambiguity " akin to John Milton's portrayal of Satan in Paradise Lost and Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello.
Furthermore, while King Edward and the Prince of Wales were popular heroes due to their successes on the battlefield, John of Gaunt had not won equivalent military renown that could have bolstered his reputation.
Furthermore, Antipas may have feared that if John the Baptist were to be put to death, his followers would riot.
Furthermore, with the notable exception of John McGraw and Bobby Cox, few third basemen have gone on to have successful managing careers, with Jimmy Dykes and Negro Leaguer Dave Malarcher being perhaps the next most prominent managers who began their careers at third base.
Furthermore, he was influenced greatly by such saxophonists as John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Michael Brecker and Charlie Parker, whilst some of his favourite guitarists were Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Raney, Charlie Christian and Hank Marvin.
" Furthermore, John Calvin wrote in Institutes that millennialism is a " fiction " that is " too childish either to need or to be worth a refutation.
Furthermore, Swedes remembered claims to their throne by Polish kings Sigismund III Vasa and his sons Władysław IV Vasa and John II Casimir, who themselves belonged to the House of Vasa.
Furthermore, a sizeable icon, known as the Madonna della Clemenza and housed in Santa Maria in Trastevere, is believed to have been commissioned under the patronage of John.
Furthermore, the document accused John Cade of murdering “ a woman with child ” while he was in Sussex, which the King used to discredit Cade.
Furthermore, Captain Jankowski was assigned to command the fleet against the advice of capable officers such as Commander John Sheridan, who warned that Jankowski was unreliable and " trigger-happy " and declined to accompany him on the mission.
Furthermore, royal propaganda of the time held that John Balliol had not been a legitimate king of Scotland, making the new king's regnal number also a tricky issue.
Furthermore, clandestine aid to Frei was put forward through John F. Kennedy ` s Latin American Alliance for Progress, which promised "$ 20 billion in public and private assistance in the country for the next decade.
Furthermore, she points out, following the lead of another anthropologist, John Janzen, that religious ideas and emphasis in the same sector have changed over time.
Furthermore, four prominent remaining Blue Dogs, Dennis Cardoza of California, Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Mike Ross of Arkansas, and Heath Shuler of North Carolina have announced their retirement ; one member, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, is running for Senate ( partially due to Republican redistricting efforts ); and more members, such as North Carolina's Mike McIntyre as well as Georgia's John Barrow, have been or will be targeted by Republicans in redistricting efforts.
Furthermore, he defied the Supreme Court in enforcing the policy of ethnically cleansing Native American tribes (" Indian Removal "); he stated, " John Marshall has made his decision.
Furthermore, an assessment of the length of ' missing ' text between the recto and verso readings corresponds with that in the counterpart canonical Gospel of John ; and hence confirms that there are unlikely to have been substantial additions or deletions in this whole portion.
Furthermore, Conquest's comment about the poet John Cornford, who had been killed in the Spanish Civil War and was a hero of the British intellectual Left, that " not even high intelligence and a sensitive spirit are of any help once the facts of a situation are deduced from a political theory, rather than vice versa ," was widely quoted, and sparked its own controversy.
Furthermore, Albert succeeded in establishing his claims on Carinthia and Carniola against John of Bohemia.
Furthermore, the mayor ( voiced by John McGiver ), publicly embarrassed at the clock tower's failure, refuses to give the clockmaker access to it for repairs.

Furthermore and Murray
Furthermore, the regiment of Atholl Highlanders was mostly made up of members of Clan Murray, Clan Fergusson, and Clan Stewart of Atholl.
Furthermore, a liver tissue examination by a pathologist expert in the field showed that the injury was inflicted hours before and thus not by Murray ; and clothes worn by the toddler had no blood traces that were inevitable given the injuries -- indicating the clothes were changed after the toddler was beaten.

Furthermore and believed
Furthermore, Lyell believed that the accumulation of fine angular particles covering much of the world ( today called loess ) was a deposit settled from mountain flood water.
Furthermore it is believed that the Eritrean section of the Danakil Depression was a major player in terms of human evolution and may " document the entire evolution of Homo erectus up to the transition to anatomically modern humans.
Furthermore, there seemed to be a bizarre reverse-Cassandra effect operating in the universe: whereas the mythical Cassandra spoke the awful truth and was not believed, these days " experts " spoke awful falsehoods, and they were believed.
Furthermore, he believed that the state should then take enough to cover administrative costs, funds for the running of public services, and funds for those who were physically incapable of working.
Furthermore, appellate courts in such jurisdictions will not question the facts as found by a judge or jury in the trial court as long as there was some evidence in the record to support such findings, even if the appellate judge himself or herself would not have personally believed the underlying evidence if he or she had been present in the trial court when such evidence was entered into the record.
Furthermore, as the book of James distinguishes between a dead faith ( a faith without works ) and a living faith ( a faith accompanied by works of obedience ), it is believed that by God's gift operates through an individuals living faith resulting in that individual being saved.
Furthermore, Spencer viewed charity and altruism positively, as he believed in voluntary association and informal care as opposed to using government machinery.
Furthermore, Brown and Kulik believed that high levels of these variables would also result in frequent rehearsal, being either covert (" always on the mind ") or overt ( ex.
Furthermore, it was believed that hanging limes over sick people cured them of the illness by repelling evil spirits lurking inside the body.
Furthermore, Ricardo not only believed that the market price of labor could long exceed the subsistence or natural wage but also claimed that the natural wage was not what was needed to physically sustain the laborer but depended on " habits and customs ":
Furthermore a newborn child with already developed teeth was also believed to surely become one.
Furthermore it is believed that in the year 1711, the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah I and Sa Nay Min Gyi the ruler of Burma also exchanged missionaries, who were transported across the sea by two Mughal ships the Alhari and the Selamat.
Furthermore, he believed that the institution of serfdom made it difficult for Russia to have a merchant marine or become industrialized.
Furthermore, some states '- rights advocates thought the ERA was a federal power grab, and business interests such as the insurance industry opposed a measure they believed would cost them money.
Furthermore in 1959 US intelligence revealed that the Soviet nuclear arsenal was much smaller than the west had believed, and therefore the Soviets would not have had enough rockets to launch in three different directions.
Furthermore, Maybachs were never advertised as owner-driven vehicles, as the company believed that the luxury amenities would be sufficient to sell and they even insisted that auto journalists ( who usually test drive the vehicle ) ride in the backseat.
Furthermore, she believed that she and her sister had a destiny pertaining to this. When Levertov moved to the United States, she fell under the influence of the Black Mountain Poets, especially the mysticism of Charles Olson.
Furthermore, the high levels of sorbitol are believed to reduce the cellular uptake of another alcohol, myoinositol, decreasing the activity of the plasma membrane Na < sup >+</ sup >/ K < sup >+</ sup > ATPase pump required for nerve function, further contributing to the neuropathy.
Furthermore, Tolstoy also believed that art that appeals to the upper class will feature emotions that are peculiar to the concerns of that class.
Furthermore, Washington believed that addressing the Iraqi threat would help reassert U. S. predominance in light of growing concerns about relative decline, following the resurgence of Germany and Japan.
Furthermore, Centauri females were relegated into the roles of mothers and housewives, as the nobles believed that females needed to focus on bearing children and rebuilding the population instead of competing with males for power and social position.
Furthermore, the supply of ritual blood was believed to maintain plentiful fertile crops and aid in the continuation of the Aztec world.

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