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Furthermore and general
Furthermore, the symmetry of the breasts, and the general symmetry of the human body, influence what men and women consider physical attractiveness in a mate with whom to reproduce.
Furthermore, Mill referred to network industries, such as electricity and water supply, roads, rail and canals, as " practical monopolies ", where " it is the part of the government, either to subject the business to reasonable conditions for the general advantage, or to retain such power over it, that the profits of the monopoly may at least be obtained for the public.
Furthermore, it often happens that taxes or excises initially levied to fund some specific government programs are then later diverted to the government general fund.
Furthermore, it was risky for an emperor to delegate power in his absence to a subordinate general, who might win a victory and then be proclaimed as a rival emperor himself by his troops ( which often happened ).
Furthermore, after the treason and disgrace of the Spartan general Pausanias, the Spartans tried to implicate Themistocles in the plot ; he was, however, acquitted of these charges.
Furthermore, he dismissed the proposition that an IQ score measures the general intelligence ( g factor ) of a person, because cognitive ability tests ( IQ tests ) present different types of questions, and the responses tend to form clusters of intellectual acumen.
Furthermore, the Universal House of Justice is instructed by Bahá ' u ' lláh to exert a positive influence on the general welfare of humankind, to promote a permanent peace among the nations of the world, ensure the " training of peoples, the up building of nations, the protection of man and the safeguarding of his honour ".
Furthermore, the Secretary has several statutory responsibilities under the Uniform Code of Military Justice ( UCMJ ) with respect to the administration of the military justice system for the Navy & the Marine Corps, including the authority to convene general courts-martial and to commute sentences.
Furthermore, the reduction is considered to be beneficial because Newtonian mechanics is a more general theory — that is, it explains more events than Galileo's or Kepler's.
Furthermore, the reduction is considered to be beneficial because Newtonian mechanics is a more general theory — that is, it explains more events than Galileo's or Kepler's.
Furthermore, social scientists in general criticize the movement of this theory into other fields such as political science.
Furthermore the general principles of approaching abdominal pain in women ( in so much that it is different from the approach in men ) should be appreciated.
Furthermore, as Emperor, Majorian could have led the army by himself, thus freeing him from the dangerous bond with a powerful general, as Valentinian had been obliged to contract with Aetius.
" Furthermore, from a communication to President Robert P. Hooper of the American Automobile Association, the article quoted Clark's opinion that, " I believe the time has come for the general Government to actively and powerfully co-operate with the States in building a great system of public highways ... that would bring its benefits to every citizen in the country.
Furthermore, due to its history with the PLA and paramilitary organisation, the PAP has a similar rank structure to the PLA and also obeys its general regulations.
Furthermore, Adolf promised assistance against specifically listed opponents, but also the general promise that he would not admit any enemy of Siegfried II into his council.
Furthermore, some empirical confirmation was found only some time after the general acceptance of the theory.
Furthermore, under the legal system of the People's Republic of China, courts do not have the general power of judicial review and cannot invalidate a statute on the grounds that it violates the constitution.
Furthermore, the general pattern is for committees to have a Chair and a Deputy Chair, one from each party.
Furthermore, obeying the commands of a general who did not legally possess imperium was also a capital offence.
Furthermore, unlike most of her contemporary artists who held private concerts, Umm Kulthum's performances were open to the general public, which contributed to the transition from classical, and often elitist, to popular Arabic music.
Furthermore, in general, the force will be proportional to the square of the magnitude of the current and inversely proportional to the distance between the conductors.
Furthermore, replacing the unit circle by the unit square, the error term for the general problem can be as large as a linear function of r. Therefore getting an error bound of the form
Furthermore, qualitative data can be used to strengthen quantitative research designs in general and intervention research designs ( i. e., experimental, quasi-experimental ) in particular.

Furthermore and with
Furthermore, Roger Garrison argues that a false boom caused by artificially low interest rates would cause a boom in consumption goods as well as investment goods ( with a decrease in " middle goods "), thus explaining the jump in unemployment at the end of a boom.
Furthermore, Barrett College provides a more rigorous curriculum with smaller classes and increased faculty interaction.
Furthermore, he was depicted upon the Italian 10, 000 Lire ( no longer in circulation ) along with a sketch of his famous Voltaic Pile.
Furthermore, Spencer argued that individuals with superior resources who deliberately used investment schemes to put competitor out of business were committing acts of “ commercial murder ”.
Furthermore, Carnegie ’ s success was due to his convenient relationship with the railroad industries, which not only relied on steel for track, but were also making money from steel transport.
Furthermore, this was the period when Aalto was most prolific in his writings, with articles for professional journals and newspapers.
Many who side with this view disagree that Luke portrays Christianity or the Roman Empire as harmless and thus reject the apologetic view because “ Acts does not present Christians as politically harmless or law abiding for there are a large number of public controversies concerning Christianity, particularly featuring Paul .” For example, to support this view Cassidy references how Paul is accused of going against the Emperor because he is “ saying that there is another king named Jesus .” ( Acts 17: 7 ) Furthermore, there are multiple examples of Paul ’ s preaching causing uprisings in various cities ( Acts 14: 2 ; 14: 19 ; 16: 19-23 ; 17: 5 ; 17: 13-14 ; 19: 28-40 ; 21: 27 ).
Furthermore, sandwiches de miga are another type of bread products ; they are made only with thin layers of white bread ( generally referred to as crustless bread ) and stuffed with food items ranging from ham and cheese to other more sophisticated combinations such as raw ham, tomatoes, olives, hard boiled eggs, tuna, lettuce, red pepper, and the like.
Furthermore, his evolving technique and collaborations with his father add to the puzzle over which works should be attributed to Cuyp.
Furthermore, he is so narcissistic that it would be impossible for him to bear to understand how he appears to her, as selfish, hypocritical and more concerned with public reputation than with actual morality.
Furthermore Adam of Bremen himself compared the Sea with a belt stating that the Sea is named so because it stretches through the land as a belt ( Balticus, eo quod in modum baltei longo tractu per Scithicas regiones tendatur usque in Greciam ).
Furthermore, John Murray believed that Disraeli had caricatured him and abused his confidence – an accusation denied at the time, and by the official biography, although subsequent biographers ( notably Blake ) have sided with Murray.
Furthermore, in the case of the obese woman, a breast lift ( mastopexy ) procedure, with or without a breast volume reduction, can be part of an upper-body lift and contouring for the woman who has undergone massive body weight loss.
Furthermore, he was threatened at the very least with formal exile to the West.
Furthermore, Cyprus was dealt a severe blow by the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion in July 2011, with the cost to the economy estimated at € 1 – 3 billion, or up to 17 % of GDP.
Furthermore, masters who chose to kill slaves rather than take the risk were liable to be charged with murder.
Furthermore, the locations of the Orange League Gyms align with the positions of the main stars in the Crux constellation.
Furthermore, even if one chooses to accept God as the First Cause, there is an argument that God's continued interaction with the Universe is not required.
Furthermore, if b < sub > 1 </ sub > and b < sub > 2 </ sub > are both coprime with a, then so is their product b < sub > 1 </ sub > b < sub > 2 </ sub > ( modulo a it is a product of invertible elements, and therefore invertible ); this also follows from the first point by Euclid's lemma, which states that if a prime number p divides a product bc, then p divides at least one of the factors b, c.
Furthermore, if the same device with no explicit performance specs beyond the Compact Disc logo initially handles nonstandard discs reliably, there is no assurance that it will not later stop doing so, and in that case, there is no assurance that it can be made to do so again by service or adjustment.
Furthermore, there is evidence that the Kuiper belt has an ' edge ', in that an apparent lack of low-inclination objects beyond 47-49 AU was suspected as early as 1998 and shown with more data in 2001.

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