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Gary and Gygax
* E. Gary Gygax
Dungeons & Dragons ( abbreviated as D & D or DnD ) is a fantasy role-playing game ( RPG ) originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. ( TSR ).
These were expanded by Gary Gygax, whose additions included a fantasy supplement, before the game was published as Chainmail.
* Gygax, Gary.
* Gygax, Gary.
* GW1, Legion of Gold by Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax, and Paul Reiche III ( ISBN 0-935696-61-X )
Ernest Gary Gygax ( ; July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008 ) was an American writer and game designer best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons ( D & D ) with Dave Arneson.
Gary Gygax was born in Chicago within a few blocks of Wrigley Field on July 27, 1938.
| NAME = Gygax, Ernest Gary
Role-playing campaign settings like Greyhawk by Gary Gygax, Dragonlance by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis and Forgotten Realms by Ed Greenwood are a common basis for many fantasy books and many other authors continue to contribute to the settings.
* 1938 – Gary Gygax, American game designer and writer, co-created Dungeons & Dragons ( d. 2008 )
* 2008 – Gary Gygax, Fantasy author and role-playing games creator.
Barker was a Professor of Urdu and South Asian Studies at the University of Minnesota during the period when David Arneson, Gary Gygax and a handful of others were developing the first role-playing games in the Twin Cities and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
* EX1 Dungeonland ( Gary Gygax, 1983 )
* EX2 Land Beyond the Magic Mirror ( Gary Gygax, 1983 )
* WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure ( Robert Kuntz & Gary Gygax, 1984 )
* WG6 Isle of the Ape ( Gary Gygax, 1985 )
* T1 – 4 The Temple of Elemental Evil ( Gary Gygax & Frank Mentzer, 1985 )
In its 1986 Summer Mail Order Hobby Shop catalog, TSR had listed a new Greyhawk adventure called WG7 Shadowlords, a high-level adventure to be written by Gary Gygax and Skip Williams.
Although TSR and WotC had each in turn owned the official rights to the World of Greyhawk since the first folio edition was published in 1980, the two people most responsible for its early development, Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz, still had most of their original notes regarding the fifty levels of dungeons under Castle Greyhawk.
* Gygax, Gary and Robert Kuntz.
* Gygax, Gary.
* Gygax, Gary.

Gary and writes
" Gary Remer writes, " Like Cicero, Erasmus concludes that truth is furthered by a more harmonious relationship between interlocutors.
Gary Kilgore North ( born February 1942 ) is an economic historian and publisher who prolifically writes on topics including economics, history, and Christian theology.
As Gary Waldman writes: " A careful reading of Newton's work indicates that the color he called indigo, we would normally call blue ; his blue is then what we would name blue-green or cyan.
" Indeed, his relationship with the hermit has been interpreted as a same-sex marriage that heterosexual society will not tolerate: " No mistake — this is a marriage, and a viable one ", writes cultural critic Gary Morris for Bright Lights Film Journal.
Huston writes that Sergeant York, which was directed by Howard Hawks, has " gone down as one of Howard's best pictures, and Gary Cooper had a triumph playing the young mountaineer.
Accordingly, Gary Stewart writes that " The central drawback of the approaches advanced by Wilson, Kelling, and Kennedy rests in their shared blindness to the potentially harmful impact of broad police discretion on minority communities.
In the Gary Blackwood book Shakespeare's Spy, the main character Widge writes the play trying to impress Shakespeare's daughter Judith.
" Gary Remer writes, " Like Cicero, Erasmus concludes that truth is furthered by a more harmonious relationship between interlocutors.
Gary Weissman writes that it has been called a novel, autobiography, autobiographical novel, non-fictional novel, semi-fictional memoir, fictional-autobiographical novel, fictionalized autobiographical memoir, and memoir-novel.
Gary James Paulsen ( born May 17, 1939 ) is an American writer who writes many young adult coming of age stories about the wilderness.
Gary Francione writes that Herrington was one of the earliest members of the modern animal rights movement to recognize the difference between campaigning for rights and welfare.
Deleon writes much of her own music and is President of her own company, DeMari Publishing and Entertainment, Inc. She also supports the Gary Sheffield Foundation, founded by her husband ; New York Mets outfielder Gary Sheffield.

Gary and earliest
George Sanders, Celeste Holm, Hugh Marlowe, Barbara Bates, Gary Merrill and Thelma Ritter also appear, and the film provided one of Marilyn Monroe's earliest important roles.
Subsequent seasons of the same project under the direction of Blanton, Gary Feinman, Steve Kowalewski, Linda Nicholas, and others extended the survey coverage to practically the entire valley, producing an invaluable amount of data on the region's changing settlement patterns from the earliest times to the arrival of the Spanish in AD 1521 ( Blanton et al.
Gary Hudson's and Bevin McKinney's initial concept was to merge a launch vehicle with a helicopter: spinning rotor blades, powered by tip jets, would lift the vehicle in the earliest stage of launch.
One of its earliest shows was Gary Shivers on Jazz, a jazz program produced by the station and syndicated regionally.
The owlbear is among the earliest monsters in Dungeons & Dragons and like the bulette and the rust monster, was inspired by a Hong Kong-made plastic toy purchased by Gary Gygax for use as miniature in a Chainmail game.
Born in Gary, Indiana, McCracken's earliest musical experiences were singing in his church choir as a child.
Amongst his earliest credits is the 1928 World War I film Lilac Time starring Colleen Moore and Gary Cooper.

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