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General and Manager
The appointment of Gilbert B. Devey as General Manager of VecTrol Engineering, Inc., of Stamford, Connecticut, a leading manufacturer of thyratron and silicon controlled rectifier electrical controls, has been announced by David B. Peck, Vice President, Special Products.
Over the last four years the Falcons, under General Manager Thomas Dimitroff, Head Coach Mike Smith, and Quarterback Matt Ryan, have been one of the best franchises in the NFC.
As of 2011 the Atlanta Falcons Executive Committee consisted of ten people: Arthur Blank, Owner and Chairman ; Rich McKay, President & CEO ; Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager ; Kim Shreckengost, Executive Vice President / Chief of Staff for AMB Group, LLC ; Greg Beadles, Senior Vice President-Chief Financial Officer ; Jim Smith, Chief Marketing Officer ; Danny Branch, Vice President of Information Technology ; Dave Cohen, Vice President of Sales and Service ; Reggie Roberts, Vice President of Football Communications and Tim Zulawski, VP of Sponsorship Sales and Service.
After the tumultuous and disappointing 2007 season, the Falcons made a number of moves, hiring a new General Manager and head coach, drafting a new starting quarterback, and signing a starting running back.
On January 13, 2008, the Falcons named former Patriots director of college football scouting Thomas Dimitroff General Manager.
In October 2005 the Diamondbacks hired 35-year-old Josh Byrnes, assistant general manager of the Boston Red Sox, to replace the outgoing Joe Garagiola, Jr. as Diamondbacks General Manager.
Until 1928 it was directed by a General Manager, after this time instead by a Governor elected by an internal commission of managers, with a decree from the President of the Italian Republic for a term of 7 years.
His General Manager Ron Caron said he was " A great playmaker.
He was later promoted to Vice President / General Manager.
O ' Daniel had parlayed the show's popularity into growing power within Light Crust Flour's parent company, Burrus Mill and Elevator Company and wound up as General Manager, though he despised what he considered " hillbilly music.
Indians General Manager John Hart and team owner Richard Jacobs managed to turn the team's fortunes around.
On July 5, 2002 the Cubs promoted assistant general manager and player personnel director Jim Hendry to the General Manager position.
: General Manager: Dan O ' Dowd
The company partnered up with Drew because " she emulates the iconic image of CoverGirl with her fresh, natural beauty and energetic yet authentic spirit " said Esi Eggleston Bracey, Vice President and General Manager of CoverGirl Cosmetics North America.
* 1953 – Bob Gainey, Canadian ice hockey player and General Manager
Among notable recipients below flag rank are: X-1 test pilot Chuck Yeager and X-15 test pilot Robert M. White, who both received the DSM as U. S. Air Force majors ; Air Force Major Rudolf Anderson, the U-2 pilot shot down during the Cuban Missile Crisis ; director Frank Capra, decorated in 1945 as an Army colonel ; actor James Stewart, decorated in 1945 as an Army Air Forces colonel ( later Air Force Brigadier General ); Col. Wendell Fertig, who led Filipino guerrillas behind Japanese lines ; Col. ( later Major General ) John K. Singlaub, who led partisan forces in the Korean War ; and Maj. Maude C. Davison, who led the " Angels of Bataan and Corregidor " during their imprisonment by the Japanese, and Colonel William S. Taylor, Program Manager Multiple Launch Rocket System.
Before the 2002 election FC Bayern General Manager Uli Hoeneß expressed his support for Stoiber and the CSU.
With such business implications in mind, David Liddle ( General Manager, Xerox Office Systems ) and Metcalfe ( 3Com ) strongly supported a proposal of Fritz Röscheisen ( Siemens Private Networks ) for an alliance in the emerging office communication market, including Siemens ' support for the international standardization of Ethernet ( April 10, 1981 ).
The first electrically amplified guitar was designed in 1931 by George Beauchamp, General Manager at National Guitar Corporation with Paul Barth who was Vice President.
The incident immediately invited the attention of Microsoft Inc, Peru, whose General Manager wrote a letter to Dr Edgar David Villanueva.
A month prior to the regular season, the Marlins hired David Dombrowski as the third President in club history, making him both President and General Manager.
About a month later, David Dombrowski resigned as President and General Manager of the Florida Marlins and accepted the position as President of the Detroit Tigers.
David Samson became team president, Larry Beinfest became General Manager and Jeff Torborg became manager.
* Charley Casserly, General Manager of the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans

General and Robyn
The first female to hold the rank of rear admiral within the Royal Australian Navy was Rear Admiral Robyn Walker, AM, RAN as the Surgeon ‑ General for the Australian Defence Force who was appointed on 16 December 2011.
She became an entertainer at a young age, singing gospel songs with her elder sister, Robyn ( also an actress, who played " Terry Brock " on General Hospital, 1984-1990 and Angelique Bernard.

General and Anderson
Forces in the British 1st Army under Lieutenant General Kenneth Anderson came to within 40 miles of Tunis before a counterattack at Djedeida thrust them back.
* Fort Early: Named after General Jubal Anderson Early, whose Confederate troops defended the city against invasion by Union General David Hunter.
* Jubal Anderson Early, Confederate General
It was created in 1849 from portions of Anderson, Campbell, Fentress, and Morgan counties and named for General Winfield Scott.
Anderson was made an honorary Brigadier General.
* Dorian Trent Anderson, Retired West Point Graduate and Major General U. S. Army
When General Motors closed its operations in Anderson, the city was dealt a major economic blow as GM was the biggest employer in Anderson.
During the American Civil War ( 1861 – 1865 ), York became the largest Northern town to be occupied by the Confederate army when the division of Major General Jubal Anderson Early spent June 28 – 30, 1863, in and around the town while the brigade of John B. Gordon marched to the Susquehanna River at Wrightsville and back.
General Anderson and Andrew Pickens surveyed the land in the area.
The Confederate General Jubal Anderson Early, born on a farm nearby, practiced law in Rocky Mount.
* 1939: General Mills engineer Helmer Anderson creates the Anderson sealer.
* Major General John Stark, hero of Bunker Hill and Bennington, 1728 – 1822 ; by Leon W. Anderson.
In 1959, AMC hired designer Richard A. Teague who had previously worked for General Motors, Packard, and Chrysler ; after Edmund E. Anderson left the company in 1961, Teague was named principal designer and in 1964, Vice President.
Similar measures, from Frederic the Great's camp at Bunzelwitz, to Arthur Wellesley's with his defense lines at Torres Vedras, to the French lines of Weissenburg, were frequently used .< ref > George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana, The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge, D. Appleton & Company, 1859, p. 622, ( a work in the public domain ) More than 80, 000 of the best shooters received the semi-automatic RSC 1917 rifle, allowing them to rapid fire at waves of attacking soldiers.
After relocating, the team still had the same ownership in Fred Anderson and the same staff, including General Manager Dan Bass and Head Coach Kay Stephenson.
* Deputy Commanding General: Major General Rodney O. Anderson
A film adaptation was in 1959 starring Burt Lancaster as Reverend Anthony Anderson, Kirk Douglas as Dick Dudgeon and Laurence Olivier as General Burgoyne.
Lt. General Andrew Anderson, born in Elgin, also of the East India Company, died in 1824 and bequeathed £ 70, 000 to the town to found an institution for the welfare of the elderly poor and for the education of orphans.

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