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General and Michael
* Michael Milliken Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Various Governors-General had previously served as governors of an Australian state or colony: Lord Hopetoun ( Victoria 1889 95 ); Lord Tennyson ( South Australia 1899 1902 ); Lord Gowrie ( South Australia 1928 34 ; and New South Wales 1935 36 ); Major General Michael Jeffery ( Western Australia 1993 2000 ); Quentin Bryce ( Queensland 2003 08 ).
In collaboration with AIP, Tigon produced Michael Reeves ' Witchfinder General ( aka The Conqueror Worm, 1968 ).
On 3 May 2011, Michael O ' Flaherty with the United Nations Human Rights Committee published General Comment No. 34 on the ICCPR, which among other comments expresses concern that many forms of " hate speech " do not meet the level of seriousness set out in Article 20.
In 2006, General Sir Michael Rose revived the call for the impeachment of Tony Blair, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, for leading the country into the invasion of Iraq in 2003 under allegedly false justification.
Major with Lieutenant General Michael Walker at the Ilidza Compound in Sarajevo, Bosnia, during Operation Joint Endeavor
SgtMaj Alford McMichael ( left ) salutes as General Jones ( center ) relinquishes command to General Michael Hagee ( right ).
He served as commandant until January 2003, turning over the reins to General Michael Hagee.
As of December 2006, Jones was one of five serving Marine Corps four-star general officers who outranked the current commandant of the Marine Corps ( General James T. Conway ) in terms of seniority and time in grade — the others being Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace ; former commandant Michael Hagee, commander of U. S. Strategic Command James E. Cartwright, and Assistant Commandant Robert Magnus.
* 1945 Michael Hayden, American Air Force General and CIA director
Among them were Michael Townley, a DINA U. S. expatriate who had once worked for the CIA ; General Manuel Contreras, former head of the DINA ; and Brigadier Pedro Espinoza, also formerly of DINA.
Rolling Stone caused a controversy in the White House by publishing in the July issue an article by journalist Michael Hastings, entitled, " The Runaway General ", quoting criticism of General Stanley A. McChrystal, commander of the International Security Assistance Force and U. S. Forces-Afghanistan commander, about Vice President Joe Biden and other Administration members of the White House.
In a letter sent out February 27 to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry Waxman and ranking Republican Tom Davis said Clemens ' testimony that he " never used anabolic steroids or human growth hormone warrants further investigation ".
Gretzky convinced his long-time agent Michael Barnett to join the team as its General Manager.
It was in this year that the Franciscan Minister General, Michael of Cesena, had been summoned to Avignon, to answer charges of heresy.
* August 11 Sir Michael Kerry, QC, British civil servant, former Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor ( d. 2012 )
* August 22 General Michael Collins is assassinated in West Cork.
* Michael of Cesena is deposed as General of the Franciscans.
This responded to a civil investigative demand being served on the University of Virginia by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, seeking a broad range of documents from Michael E. Mann, who was formerly an assistant professor there from 1999-2005.
One 419 scam that ended in murder occurred in February 2003, when Jiří Pasovský, a 72 year old scam victim from the Czech Republic, shot and killed 50 year old Michael Lekara Wayid, an official at the Nigerian embassy in Prague, and injured another person, after the Nigerian Consul General explained he could not return $ 600, 000 that Pasovský had lost to a Nigerian scammer.
* Lieutenant General Michael D. Barbero ( Class of 1989 )
In 1968, he and four others ( including William Sloane Coffin, Marcus Raskin, Mitchell Goodman, and Michael Ferber ) were singled out for prosecution by then Attorney General Ramsey Clark on charges of conspiracy to counsel, aid, and abet resistance to the draft.
After Lincoln installed Brigadier General George F. Sheply as Military Governor of Louisiana in May 1862, Sheply sent two anti-slavery representatives, Benjamin Flanders and Michael Hahn, elected in December 1862, to the House which capitulated and voted to seat them.

General and W
* 1953 Operation Moolah is initiated by General Mark W. Clark against Communist pilots.
Theodore went on to successfully represent presidential candidate George W. Bush in the Supreme Court case of Bush v. Gore, and subsequently served as U. S. Solicitor General in the Bush administration.
General Editor: Bromley, G. W.
The Bakelite Corporation was formed in 1922 ( after patent litigation favorable to Baekeland ) from a merger of three companies: the General Bakelite Company which Baekeland founded in 1910, the Condensite Company, founded by J. W.
* Ward, T. J .; Bielawski, J. P .; Davis, S. K .; Templeton, J. W .; and Derr, J. N. ( 1999 ) Identification of Domestic Cattle Hybrids in Wild Cattle and Bison Species: A General Approach Using mtDNA Markers and the Parametric Bootstrap, Animal Conservation
* Robert W. Cone, a major general in the United States Army, and Special Assistant to the Commanding General of TRADOC
Eisenhower sent Lt. General John W. " Iron Mike " O ' Daniel to Vietnam to study and " assess " the French forces there.
In 1955, W. Thomas Grubb, a chemist working for the General Electric Company ( GE ), further modified the original fuel cell design by using a sulphonated polystyrene ion-exchange membrane as the electrolyte.
As a result, on February 24, 1966, a small number of army officers and senior police officials, led by Colonel Emmanuel Kotoka, commander of the Second Army Brigade at Kumasi, Major Akwasi Afrifa, staff officer in charge of army training and operations, Lieutenant General ( retired ) Joseph Ankrah, and J. W. K.
Former U. S. Congressman W. Sterling Cole served as the IAEA's first Director General from 1957 to 1961.
Confederate troops under John B. Magruder defeat a much larger Union force led by General Ebenezer W. Pierce in Virginia.
By the summer of 1846, American forces under General Stephen W. Kearny had captured New Mexico.
* Her Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, David W. Ogden, led a lawsuit against the tobacco companies.
Cotten was featured in Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Ronald W. Reagan's General Electric Theater.
John David Ashcroft ( born May 9, 1942 ) is an American politician who served as the 79th U. S. Attorney General ( 2001-05 ), in the George W. Bush Administration.
Handbook of North American Indians ( W. C. Sturtevant, General Ed.
Major General A W Dennis, CB, OBE ( rtd ), British Army, previously Director of Military Assistance Overseas, made the following comments on the initial phase in Namibia at a conference in Pretoria, South Africa on 6 August 1992:
Notable graduates include former U. S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell, U. S. Senator John McCain, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Wesley Clark, former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace and Hugh Shelton, former National Security Advisor and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe James L. Jones, former U. S Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki, former U. S. Chief of Naval Operations Elmo Zumwalt, retired Air Force General Arnold W. Braswell, U. S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle, World War II submarine officer and best-selling novelist Edward L. Beach, Jr., former military aide to President John F. Kennedy Godfrey McHugh, murdered U. S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, and U. S. Air Force Chief of Staff Norton A. Schwartz.
Edward W. Zdunek, formerly regional manager for Europe of General Motors Overseas Operations Division, was named managing director.
Smith was a speaker and singer at the first protests against the Iraq War organized by Lou Posner of Voter March on September 12, 2002, as U. S. President George W. Bush spoke to the United Nations General Assembly.
On 8 April 1919, naval Admiral W. H. G. Bullard and Captain Stanford C. Hooper met with executives of the General Electric Corporation ( GE ) and asked them to discontinue selling the company's Alexanderson alternators ( used in the high-power AM radio transmitters of that era ) to the British-owned Marconi Company, and to its subsidiary, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America.
: Luyten, W. J., Proper Motion Survey with the forty-eight inch Schmidt Telescope, University of Minnesota, 1941 ( General Catalogue of the Bruce Proper-Motion Survey )
* Leon Rippy as Major General W. O.
In 1823, Musgrove Evans had located the land and persuaded General Joseph W. Brown and the others to move to the site.
* William W. Parmley-Former Editor of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and General Authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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