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Generally and every
Generally, throughout the South, there is a growing impatience with the pattern of violence with which every step of desegregation is met.
Generally it is every ten years, but is not a compulsion.
Generally, a perfectly competitive market exists when every participant is a " price taker ", and no participant influences the price of the product it buys or sells.
Generally, every player's travel and expenses will be covered by the team in addition to any additional salary the team may provide.
Generally speaking, every cleared piece is worth 100 points.
Generally, mission headquarters and grand churches ( churches with 100 or more under it ) have the monthly services performed on the third Sunday of every month ; other churches perform on any other Sunday of the month.
Generally, a peglist only has to be memorized one time, and can then be used over and over every time a list of items needs to be memorized.
Generally speaking, inflection applies to all members of a part of speech ( e. g., every English verb has a past-tense form ), while derivation applies only to some members of a part of speech ( e. g., the nominalizing suffix-ity can be used with the adjectives modern and dense, but not with open or strong ).
Generally regarded as wrong in every judgement he makes over the course of the play, Polonius is described by William Hazlitt as a " sincere " father, but also " a busy-body, is accordingly officious, garrulous, and impertinent.
Generally, in touch football, nearly every play is a passing play, whereas run plays and pass plays tend to be well balanced in organized football.
Generally, the requirement was that the daimyo of every han ( province ) move periodically between Edo ( the Japanese capital ) and his han, typically spending alternate years in each place.
Generally these tours take place once every two years.
Generally, a peglist only has to be memorized one time, and can then be used over and over every time a list of items needs to be memorized.
Generally speaking, the goal of a level is to gain control over every village on the island.
Generally, there is one dive and one swim every weekday, and two dives on weekends although the program is open to custom groups.
Generally, almost every time that ( the virtually indestructible ) Megatron sustained even the slightest damage in a battle, Starscream would claim that Megatron had " fallen ", and frantically urge the Decepticons to immediately follow himself as their new leader.
Generally, it has been observed that every custom modified variant of Agobot features a selection of the above methods as well as some " homebrew " modules, which essentially are released exploits ported to its code.
Generally, every country where boxing is practiced accepts the four round must or halfway distance as the right distance for a fight to be won or lost by technical decisions.
According to her manager, " Generally the harassing phone calls start at 9: 00 pm, calling every half hour, it goes on until 2: 00 am, this went on daily.
Generally, emergency law provides the government with the authority to control every level of political activity, including that within the confines of the formally defined political arena.
Generally, propagation occurs by hardwood and softwood cuttings, root cuttings, layering, and division ; the latter, quite frequently, is the most popular method out of necessity: the plant should be divided every 3 to 5 years to reduce spread, keep the central core of the plant healthy, preclude root rot, and improve air circulation about the foliage.
Generally, the ceramics of this dynasty is divided into early, middle, and late periods, changing every two centuries, approximately ; thus 1300 to 1500 is the early period, 1500 to 1700 the middle, and 1700 to 1900 – 1910 the late period.
Generally, an event is held every week in which one or two or more representatives of each team ( comprising a group of 4-6, usually roommates ) competes.
Generally programming on CKDU is either a regular program which occurs at the same time ( s ) every week or one-off shows.

Generally and modern
Generally anti-aircraft artillery and smaller caliber ( up to 6 " or 152. 4 mm ) guns use metal cartridge cases that include the round and propellant, similar to a modern rifle cartridge.
Generally speaking, he tended to use tap and other popular dance idioms to express joy and exuberance – as in the title song from Singin ' in the Rain or " I Got Rhythm " from An American in Paris, whereas pensive or romantic feelings were more often expressed via ballet or modern dance, as in " Heather on the Hill " from Brigadoon or " Our Love Is Here to Stay " from An American in Paris.
Generally, a refresh rate of 85 Hz or above ( as found in most modern CRT monitors ) is sufficient to minimize flicker at close viewing distances, and all recent computer monitors are capable of at least that rate.
Generally the left wing is favored by the right-handed majority of writers because the feather curves away from the sight line, over the back of the hand, although because of the modern scarcity of substantial quills this is rarely a consideration as the curvature is not actually so pronounced as to cause any difficulty in the writing process.
Generally the term is only used within the context of Greek Philosophy, but has also been used by modern philosophers such as Schopenhauer and Kurt Gödel ; otherwise, the term " transmigration " is more appropriate.
Generally, modern times brought the abandonment of translation of people's names and surnames, and significant abatement in the translation of names of places, organizations, companies, projects, objects.
Generally built to replace run-down terraced housing, the new designs included not only modern improvements such as inside toilets, but also shops and other community facilities within high-rise blocks.
Generally, modern medical professionals have given up the use of " hysteria " as a diagnostic category, replacing it with more precisely defined categories such as somatization disorder.
Generally, beer in modern Chinese is referred to by the compound ( binomial character / syllable ) word (), and would be distinguished as a specific type from the main generic type of jiu.
Generally, in modern language, wands are ceremonial and / or have associations with magic but there have been other uses, all stemming from the original meaning as a synonym of rod and virge, both of which had a similar development.
Generally considered to be " the earliest of the modern Dystopian ", it chronicles the rise of an oligarchic tyranny in the United States.
Generally deeply respected for his honesty and integrity, Chehab is credited with a number of reform plans and regulations to create a modern administration and efficient public services.
Generally, modern frozen custard stands provide up to three different flavors per day: vanilla, chocolate, and a unique " flavor of the day.
Generally speaking in the modern US legal framework, commercial real property leases fall into one of just a few categories: Office, Retail, Warehouse, Ground, and a catch-all hybrid often referred to as " Mixed Use ".
Generally, the modern ocean shipping business is divided into two classes:
Generally it is speculated the four modern mysticete families have separate origins among the cetotheres.
Generally, only a select few states are able to overcome the logistical difficulties inherent in the deployment and direction of a modern, mechanized military force.
Generally beginning with late 1970s punk but referring especially to rock music since the 1980s, the phrase " modern rock " is used to differentiate the music from classic rock, which focuses on music recorded in the 1960s through the early 1980s.
Generally, the less prominent princely rulers, such as the Maharawals of Dungarpur and Banswara and the Viziers of Janjira, were initially granted mansabdars of 500 – 1500 foot and horse, roughly equivalent to a modern battalion command ( lieutenant colonel ).
Generally speaking, practitioners of modern Thai massage operate on the theory that the body is permeated with " lom ," or " air ," which is inhaled into the lungs and which subsequently travels throughout the body along 72, 000 pathways called " sen ," or " vessels.
Generally considered a racial or ethnic slur in modern usage, it was previously a neutral term for black southern African people.
Generally, hard house is part of a wider group of styles called Hard Dance and has little in common with the modern trance or house scenes going for a stronger storm sound.
" Generally, these works do not have precise meanings, but some of them suggest what Conner saw as the discarded beauty of modern America, the deforming impact of society on the individual, violence against women, and consumerism.

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