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Generally and calculation
Generally speaking the problem of economic calculation is solved in financial markets.
Generally a cutoff radius is used to speed up the calculation so that atom pairs whose distances are greater than the cutoff have a van der Waals interaction energy of zero.
Generally, only one-half of value of net additions to the class are used for the purposes of the current year's calculation for most asset classes.
Generally, this allows three important approximations ( for θ in radians ) for calculation of the ray's path:

Generally and defined
Generally, any number concept leading to multiplication cannot be defined in Presburger arithmetic, since that leads to incompleteness and undecidability.
Generally, unless both the objective function and the feasible region are convex in a minimization problem, there may be several local minima, where a local minimum x < sup >*</ sup > is defined as a point for which there exists some δ > 0 so that for all x such that
For example, organizations in the U. S. define inventory to suit their needs within US Generally Accepted Accounting Practices ( GAAP ), the rules defined by the Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) ( and others ) and enforced by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) and other federal and state agencies.
Generally, modern medical professionals have given up the use of " hysteria " as a diagnostic category, replacing it with more precisely defined categories such as somatization disorder.
Generally, the more specialized and developed the culture, the more lamer is used as it was defined originally.
Generally, a chemical species can be defined as an ensemble of chemically identical molecular entities that can explore the same set of molecular energy levels on a characteristic or delineated time scale.
Generally defined, an Educational Collaborative Partnership is ongoing involvement between schools and business / industry, unions, governments and community organizations.
Generally, temperature as it is felt is defined by the kinetic energy of atoms.
Generally fiscal domicile under such treaties is defined by reference to domicile as opposed to tax residence.
Generally, consumption is defined in part by comparison to production.
Generally speaking, self-medication is defined as " the use of drugs to treat self-diagnosed disorders or symptoms, or the intermittent or continued use of a prescribed drug for chronic or recurrent disease or symptoms "
Generally, the TMDL determines load based on a Waste Load Allocation ( WLA ), Load Allocation ( LA ), and Margin of Safety ( MOS ) Once the TMDL assessment is completed and the maximum pollutant loading capacity defined, an implementation plan is developed that outlines the measures needed to reduce pollutant loading to the non-compliant water body, and bring it into compliance.
Generally, this tax is imposed at a specific rate or range of rates on taxable income as defined within the system.
Generally, torts are not defined within specific statute or legislation and have evolved through judge-made law, or common law.
Generally materials will be defined, allowing different portions of the mesh to use different shaders when rendered.
Generally the wines are defined by the young fruit that makes them very drinkable while young.
Generally, emergency law provides the government with the authority to control every level of political activity, including that within the confines of the formally defined political arena.
Generally, theorists have moved to regarding parameters as varying feature specifications on lexical items within languages and derivations rather than parameters which are globally defined.
Generally, high-speed rail is defined as having a top speed in regular use of over.
Generally speaking, the discount rate or capitalization rate may be defined as the yield necessary to attract investors to a particular investment, given the risks associated with that investment.
Generally, in the United States it is defined as intentional taking property of others in an amount exceeding the state statutory amount.
Generally, fixed fee IT consulting is for a specific amount of work, within a defined timeframe.
Generally, the area is defined as bordering North I Street to the south-southwest and Tacoma Avenue to the north-northeast, with another portion extending from Tacoma Avenue to the south, North Borough Road to the west, North Stadium Way to the north and northeast, and North 3rd Street to the east.

Generally and above
Generally, above 15 % amaranth grain flour, there were significant differences in the evaluated sensory qualities and the high amaranth-containing product was found to be of unacceptable palatability to the population sample that evaluated the baked products.
Generally, if a star whose declination is is circumpolar for some observer ( where is either positive or negative ), then a star whose declination is − never rises above the horizon, as seen by the same observer.
Generally, handguns in the Czech Republic are available to anybody above 21 years of age ( 15, 16 or 18 years under special conditions ) with a clean criminal history who passes tests about gun law and weapon knowledge and a medical inspection ( which may optionally include psychological test ).
Generally guns in the Slovakia are available to anybody with a gun license and purchase permission above 21 with a clean criminal history.
Generally, the height of Polaris in degrees of arc above the horizon is the latitude of the observer.
Generally, a refresh rate of 85 Hz or above ( as found in most modern CRT monitors ) is sufficient to minimize flicker at close viewing distances, and all recent computer monitors are capable of at least that rate.
Generally the average fitness will have increased by this procedure for the population, since only the best organisms from the first generation are selected for breeding, along with a small proportion of less fit solutions, for reasons already mentioned above.
Generally, all worthy males at ( or above ) the age of 12 are ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood as deacons, teachers or priests, authorizing them to perform certain ordinances and sacraments, and adult males are ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood, as elders, seventies, or high priests in that priesthood, which is concerned with spiritual leadership of the church.
Generally rektor may be used for the head of any educational institution above the primary school level, where the head is commonly referred to as a ' skoleinspektør ' ( Headmaster ; Inspector of the school ).
Generally, the entire city lies no more than 150 feet above sea level.
Generally, onigiri made with pre-seasoned rice ( see above ) is not filled with ingredients.
Generally, antiferromagnetic order may exist at sufficiently low temperatures, vanishing at and above a certain temperature, the Néel temperature ( named after Louis Néel, who had first identified this type of magnetic ordering ).
Generally, kenshi with 4th dan ( yon-dan ) and above is a teacher but kenshi with 5th dan ( go-dan ) and above is officially called sensei ( 先生: teacher ).
Generally, when the air is cold, bubbles of warm air are formed by the ground heating the air above it and can rise like a hot air balloon.
Generally, the conditional expected value of one function of these data given another function of these data does depend on θ, but the very definition of sufficiency given above entails that this one does not.
Generally, a village or town can be promoted to a city when its population increases above fifty thousand, and a city can ( but need not ) be demoted to a town or village when its population decreases below fifty thousand.
Generally, only 92. 35 % of the self-employment income is taxable at the above rates.
Generally Commissioners are meant to remain above national politics and the European Parliament's development committee asked the Parliament's legal service to assess if his participation violates the treaties.
Generally, as with other semiconductor devices, temperatures above room temperature reduce the performance of photovoltaics.
Generally, passive income resembles U. S. Foreign Personal Holding Company Income discussed above.
Generally, numerical effects can be stacked and passed along, as with the above mentioned variation regarding sevens in Mau Mau, though this rule also applies to eights, with the number of turns missed by the next player increasing by one for each eight played in succession.
Generally, it has been observed that every custom modified variant of Agobot features a selection of the above methods as well as some " homebrew " modules, which essentially are released exploits ported to its code.
Generally, Relative Humidity levels in the home above 54 % will support mold growth on most cellulose containing materials ( fabrics, carpeting and carpet backing, wood, paper, boxes, dust and lint ).

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