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Geographically and north
Geographically the Tuoba Xianbei ruled Inner Mongolia and northern China, the Nirun ( Yujiulu Shelun was the first to use the title Khagan in 402 ) ruled Outer Mongolia, the Khitan were concentrated in Southern Manchuria north of Korea and the Shiwei were located to the north of the Khitan.
Geographically they are located east of Sulawesi ( Celebes ), west of New Guinea, and north and east of Timor.
Geographically, the ancient Ghana Empire was approximately 500 miles ( 800 km ) north and west of the modern state of Ghana, and controlled territories in the area of the Sénégal river and east towards the Niger rivers, in modern Senegal, Mauritania and Mali.
Geographically, much of the growth was to neighborhoods to the north.
Geographically it borders to Gothenburg Municipality ( south ), Ale Municipality ( east ), Lilla Edet Municipality ( north-east ) and Stenungsund Municipality ( north ).
Geographically the municipality is situated north of the mouth of the river Dalälven and is the southernmost municipality of the historical land of Norrland.
Geographically it covers the northern part of the Sauerland hills and the lower land north of it, the ' Hellweg '.
Geographically it is located in the south of Sweden, bounded to the north by Svealand, with the deep woods of Tiveden, Tylöskog and Kolmården marking the border.
Geographically it is somewhat separate from the rest of Finchley, with North Finchley and West Finchley to the north, and Finchley Central to the west.
Geographically the yard area is bordered to the west by Massachusetts Avenue and Peabody Street, the north by Cambridge Street, the northeast by Broadway, the east by Quincy Street, and the south by Harvard Street and Massachusetts Avenue.
Geographically, Mount Greylock is part of a by island-like range that runs north-south between the Hoosac Range to the east, the Green Mountains to the north, the Berkshires to both the south and east, and the Taconic Mountains to the west with which it is geologically associated ; all ranges are associated with the Appalachian mountain chain.
Geographically, the Ukrainian SSR was situated in Eastern Europe to the north of the Black Sea, bordered by the Soviet republics of Moldova, Belarus, and Russia.
Geographically, the city is surrounded by rolling hills to the southeast and the Sulu Sea to the north.
Geographically, the term encompasses about 217 miles of the New Jersey coastal area from Sandy Hook in the north to Cape May in the south.
Geographically, most of the Midlands is a region of relatively low plains drained mostly by tributaries of the Tamar River in the north and Jordan River in the south.
Geographically and politically, in early Islamic times the Diyar Bakr was usually part of the Jazira, but it was sometimes joined to the Armenian province to the north.
Geographically, the significance of the district is due to its boundaries that border Mardan District, centre of the ancient Gandhara civilization in the north west, Abbottabad District in the north east, Mansehra District in the north, the Margallah hills of Islamabad in the south east, the Swat valley in the north-west as well as the Buner and Swabi districts in the west.
Geographically, the city is included in a region called the Heartlands of the Realms, even though it lies 150 miles north of the western Heartland town of Daggerford, along the Sword Coast.
Geographically, it lies between Taymyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky District to its north, and Turukhansky District to its south.
Geographically, the Scouts were located, from north to south, as follows:
Geographically and culturally, Greater Iran is generally acknowledged to include the entire Iranian plateau and its bordering plain s, extending from Mesopotamia and the Caucasus in the west, to the Indus River in the east, and from the Amu Darya | Oxus River in the north to the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman | Sea of Oman in the south.

Geographically and central
Geographically, Motala is situated where Lake Vättern drains into the river system of Motala ström, which was of central importance to the massive industralization of Sweden in the 19th century.
Geographically speaking, the southern area of the territory is part of the Ponce-Patillas alluvial plain subsector and the southern coastal plain, which were created by the consolidation of the valleys of the southern side of the central mountain range and the Cayey mountain range.
Geographically, Travancore was divided into three climatically distinct regions: the eastern highlands ( rugged and cool mountainous terrain ), the central midlands ( rolling hills ), and the western lowlands ( coastal plains ).
Geographically, Watertown is located in the central part of Jefferson County.
Geographically, it comprises the central part of the northern section of Toronto.
Geographically, in terms of biodiversity and pressure of human activities, the lake is broadly divided into northern, central and southern zones as elaborated below.
Geographically, Stockholm Municipality comprises the central part of the capital ( Innerstaden or Stockholm City Centre ) as well as the southern and western suburban parts ( Söderort or South Stockholm and Västerort or West Stockholm respectively ).
Geographically situated in the central region of the Korean peninsula, CNU enjoys the best possible environment for excellence in research and education thanks to the presence of high caliber organizations such as the Daedeok R & D Special District, the Multifunctional Administrative City, the Daejeon Government Complex, and the Headquarters of the Korean Army, Air Force, and Navy.
Geographically, the Adamawa languages lie near the location of the postulated Niger – Congo – Central Sudanic contact that may have given rise to the Atlantic – Congo family, and so may represent the central radiation of that family.
Geographically Ü-Tsang covered the central and western portions of the Tibetan cultural area, including the Tsang-po ( Gtsang-po ) watershed, the western districts surrounding and extending past Mount Kailash, and much of the vast Chang Tang ( Byang-thang ) plateau to the north.
Geographically, Madalag is situated at the central part of the province, bounded on the east by Balete, on the west by Antique, on the north by Malinao and Banga, and on the south by Libacao.

Geographically and more
Geographically, OPIC services are available for new and expanding U. S. business enterprises in more than 150 emerging countries worldwide.
Geographically the province is approximately, making it ( comparatively ) more than twice the size of Maryland, or half the size of South Korea.
Geographically, the ' Asir region is situated on a high plateau that receives more rainfall than the rest of the country and contains the country's highest peaks, which rise to almost 3, 000 metres at Jebel Sawdah near Abha.
Geographically, the Empire of Trebizond never consisted of much more than the southern coast of the Black Sea.
Geographically, Toga is very mountainous with more than 96 % of its area being forest cover.

Geographically and closely
Geographically and historically, the process of proletarianization is closely associated to urbanization because it has often involved the migration of people from rural areas where they engaged in subsistence farming, family farming and share-cropping to the cities and towns, in search of waged work and income in an office or factory ( see rural flight ).

Geographically and resembles
Geographically, modern Xanth resembles real-life peninsulas.

Geographically and which
Geographically, the Serbian Orthodox Church represents the westernmost bastion of Orthodox Christianity in Europe, which shaped its historical fate through contacts with Catholicism and Islam.
Geographically speaking, it defines the term " Taiwan " to include, as the context may require, the islands of Taiwan ( the main Island ) and Penghu, which form the Taiwan Province and Taipei and Kaohsiung cities.
Geographically it covers the majority of the island of Taiwan as well as almost all of its surrounding islands, the largest of which are the Penghu archipelago, Green Island and Orchid Island.
Geographically, Narbonne was therefore located at a very important crossroads because it was situated where the Via Domitia connected to the Via Aquitania, which led toward the Atlantic through Toulouse and Bordeaux.
Geographically, Weehawken has distinct neighborhoods: Downtown ( or The Shades ), The Heights, Uptown ( which includes Kingswood Bluff ), and The Waterfront, which since 1990s has been developed for transportation, commercial, recreational and residential uses.
Geographically the town is located on the shores of the river Ljusnan, along the shores of which Sweden's northern main line railway ( Norra Stambanan ) stretches.
Geographically, the landscape is dominated by woods, and by the Ångerman River and its tributaries Faxälven and Fjällsjöälven, which cross through the municipality.
Geographically the town is situated by the small rivulet Norbergsån, around which its oldest part, including the 14th century Norberg Church and the Mill, are situated.
Geographically it covers the south-western part of the Sauerland mountains, which make the district rich in forests.
Geographically, the Vosges Mountains are located wholly in France far above the Col de Saverne separating them from the Palatinate Forest in Germany, which logically continues the same Vosges geologic structure but traditionally receives this different name for historical and political reasons.
Geographically, Kirkkonummi has two famous peninsulas, namely Porkkala and Upinniemi, the latter one of which houses a major Finnish naval base.
Geographically, the traditional distribution of the djembe is associated with the Mali Empire, which dates back to 1230 AD and included parts of the modern-day countries of Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d ' Ivoire, Gambia, and Senegal.
Geographically the Kornati islands can be divided into two main groups-the Gornji Kornati or Upper Kornati, closer to the mainland, and the Donji Kornati or Lower Kornati, which are mostly facing the open sea in the southwest.
Geographically, Buckfastleigh straddles the confluence of two small streams from Dartmoor which feed into the River Dart just to the east of the town.
Geographically, they are not traditionally considered part of the Bonin Islands, which are the Mukojima, Chichijima, and Hahajima island clusters.
Geographically, the upper Hypanis merges with the Narew river, which is called Naura in Baltic Lithuanian.
Geographically, the Lincolnshire Wolds are a continuation of the Yorkshire Wolds, which run up through the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Geographically, Bến Tre is wedged between the two main branches of the Tiền Giang River, which is itself one of the two main branches of the Mekong.
Geographically the province was ideally suited to guerrilla warfare, consisting of flat, open farmland and rice fields with numerous villages and small settlements, a long and mostly uninhabited coastline aside from the port of Vung Tau and the fishing villages of Lang Phuoc Hai and Xa Long Hai, and a region of dense mangrove swamp and waterways in the south-west known as the Rung Sat, both of which were suitable for infiltration.

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