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George and Howell
Although Wesley and the majority of his followers were decidedly Arminian in their theological outlook, George Whitefield, Howell Harris, and Selina Hastings, Countess of Huntingdon were notable for being Calvinistic Methodists, and the Presbyterian Church of Wales originated from the preaching of Harris and Whitfield.
Current members of the board of directors of Pfizer are: Michael S. Brown, M. Anthony Burns, Robert Burt, Don Cornwell, William H. Gray, Frances D. Fergusson, Constance Horner, William R. Howell, Stanley Ikenberry, Ian Read ( chairman ), George Lorch, John P. Mascotte, Dana Mead, Ruth J. Simmons, and William Steere.
Their elected president is George E. Howell.
* 1933: A local trade directory lists for Heathrow these: Mrs. Waddell ( Cain's Farm house ); < u > farmers or market gardeners </ u >: Harry Curtis ( Heathrow Farm ), George Dance ( a small house on Heathrow Road nearly opposite the Plough and Harrow pub ), William Howell ( Bathurst ), Frederick Philp ( Heathrow Hall ), Sidney Whittington ( Perry Oaks ), David and John Wild ( Croft House ); < u > other </ u >: Heathrow Sand & Gravel Co ( Colnbrook ) Ltd., Edgar Charles Basham ( The gazette misprinted his surname as Sasham ) ( publican at the Plough and Harrow pub ), Fairey Aviation.
Most of the British members of the committee were drawn from the Universal League for the Material Elevation of the Industrious Classes and were noted trade-union leaders like Odger, George Howell ( former secretary of the London Trades Council ( LTC ) which itself declined affiliation to the IWA ( although remaining close to it )), Osborne, and Lucraft and included Owenites and Chartists.
* George Howell ( entrepreneur )# Starbucks buyout
An Evangelical revival was seen in the Church of England with men such as George Whitefield, John Wesley ( later to found the Methodists ), Charles Wesley, Griffith Jones, Howell Harris, Daniel Rowland, William Cowper, John Newton, Thomas Scott, and Charles Simeon.
Outstanding batsman such as Joe Darling, Clem Hill, Reggie Duff, Syd Gregory, Warren Bardsley and Victor Trumper, brilliant all-rounders including Monty Noble, George Giffen, Harry Trott and Warwick Armstrong and excellent bowlers including Ernie Jones, Hugh Trumble, Tibby Cotter, Bill Howell, Jack Saunders and Bill Whitty, all helped Australia to become the dominant cricketing nation for most of this period.
* George Howell ( 1873 – 1876 )
Upon Vroman ’ s death in 1916, the store became a corporation, holding its first annual meeting on January 9, 1917 with George Howell as president elect, Allan David Sheldon as Vice President, and Alice Dilworth as Secretary-Treasurer.
) Due to philosophic differences with members of the board, George Howell resigned as president in 1920 and was succeeded by A. D. Sheldon.
* Force C ( seaborne ): remaining combat elements, division support troops and attached units including tanks, landing at Utah Beach, commanded by Assistant Division Commander Brig Gen. George P. Howell.
In 1984 a meeting led to a division of the group with Howell leading one faction, calling themselves the Davidian Branch Davidians, with George Roden leading the competing faction.
After this split, George Roden ran Howell and his followers off Mt.
George Roden had dug up the casket of one Anna Hughes from the Davidian cemetery and had challenged Howell to a resurrection contest to prove who was the rightful heir to the leadership.
While waiting for the trial, George Roden was put in jail under contempt of court charges on March 21, 1988 because of his use of foul language in some court pleadings threatening the Texas court with AIDS and herpes if the court ruled in favor of Howell.
Other friends were Ben Jonson, George Sandys, Sir Henry Blount, and James Howell.
On 5 December 1919, Captain Cedric E. Howell and Lieutenant George Henry Fraser left London in a Martinsyde Type A Mk. I ( G-EAMR ) aircraft.
Frances Victoria Howell ( b. 18 February 1969 ), a writer, wife of George Gideon Oliver Osborne, MP
According to an interview given by Hershey to James W. Howell in 1995, George Walker had been hired as the public face of Ford design.
Some of the more prominent English nonjurors included Charles Leslie, George Hickes, Henry Dodwell, Francis Cherry, Robert Nelson, Nathaniel Spinckes, Jeremy Collier, Thomas Brett, Thomas Deacon, Roger Laurence, Archibald Campbell, Richard Rawlinson, Thomas Carte, Hilkiah Bedford, John Blackburne, Thomas Bowdler, Laurence Howell, William Law and Richard Russell.
| | George E. Howell ( R )
Joined by Chief Justice Melville Fuller and Associate Justices Steophen Johnson Field, John Marshall Harlan, Horace Gray, Henry Billings Brown, George Shiras, Jr., Howell Edmunds Jackson, and Edward Douglass White, the court ruled that the government had a right to regulate interstate commerce and ensure the operations of the Postal Service, along with a responsibility to " ensure the general welfare of the public.
At around this time he joined the Working Men's Committee for Promoting the Separation of Church and State along with Potter and George Howell.

George and wrote
Only George Santayana seemed to understand and appreciate the film when he wrote: `` Miss Poitrine has perpetrated the most eloquent argument for the Protestant faith yet unleashed by Hollywood ''.
Private George Gray Hunter of Pennsylvania wrote: `` I am well convinced in my own mind that had it not been for officers this war would have ended long ago ''.
Sir Stafford Cripps, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Irving and other stage grandees, Lord Lytton and other eminent people of the era also wrote positive appreciations of his work after taking lessons with Alexander.
Lennon's first wife Cynthia Powell lightened her hair color to more closely resemble Bardot, while George Harrison made comparisons between Bardot and his first wife Pattie Boyd, as Cynthia wrote later in A Twist of Lennon.
In Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book, he wrote that his influences included Charles Schulz for Peanuts ; Walt Kelly for Pogo and George Herriman for Krazy Kat.
Lloyd George and the Conservative leader Andrew Bonar Law wrote a joint letter of support to candidates to indicate they were considered the official Coalition candidates – this " coupon " as it became known was issued against many sitting Liberal MPs, often to devastating effect, though not against Asquith himself.
General George C. Marshall, in a memorandum to President Franklin D. Roosevelt dated 3 February 1944, wrote
In a review of the book, Time Magazine wrote, " General Jackson's opinions need surprise no one who has observed George Washington and Abraham Lincoln zealously following the Communist Party Line in recent years.
Allen wrote another pamphlet in response, entitled An Address to the Inhabitants of the State of Vermont ; with Remarks on a Proclamation under the Hand of his Excellency George Clinton, Esq ; Governor of the State of New York.
A notorious instance from the Britannica's early years is the rejection of Newtonian gravity by George Gleig, the chief editor of the 3rd edition ( 1788 – 1797 ), who wrote that gravity was caused by the classical element of fire.
Speaking of the 3rd edition ( 1788 – 1797 ), Britannica's chief editor George Gleig wrote that " perfection seems to be incompatible with the nature of works constructed on such a plan, and embracing such a variety of subjects.
In March 1981, Dan Okrent wrote an essay about the Rotisserie League for Inside Sports called " The Year George Foster Wasn't Worth $ 36.
He wrote to George Pólya requesting a research fellowship in the United States, but these efforts came to nothing .< ref name =" rss ">
George Orwell wrote in 1944 that " the word ' Fascism ' is almost entirely meaningless ... almost any English person would accept ' bully ' as a synonym for ' Fascist '".
Four days later, he wrote to Moore, suggesting the pseudonyms P. S. Burton ( a name he used when tramping ), Kenneth Miles, George Orwell, and H. Lewis Allways.
The ambiguity in his belief in religion mirrored the dichotomies between his public and private lives: Stephen Ingle wrote that it was as if the writer George Orwell " vaunted " his atheism while Eric Blair the individual retained " a deeply ingrained religiosity ".
Isidro Sepúlveda, William Jackson and George Hills explicitly refute it ( Sepúlveda points out that if such a fact had actually happened, it would have caused a big crisis in the Alliance supporting the Archduke Charles ; George Hills explains that the story was first accounted by the Marquis of San Felipe, who wrote his book " Comentarios de la guerra de España e historia de su rey Phelipe V el animoso " in 1725, more than twenty years after the fact ; the marquis was not an eye-witness and cannot be considered as a reliable source for the facts that took place in Gibraltar in 1704.
The project was founded by George Woltman, who also wrote the software Prime95 and MPrime for the project.
Walt Whitman, who was raised by parents inspired by Quaker thought, later wrote: " George Fox stands for something too — a thought — the thought that wakes in silent hours — perhaps the deepest, most eternal thought latent in the human soul.
George Mackay Brown from Orkney, and Iain Crichton Smith from Lewis, wrote both poetry and prose fiction shaped by their distinctive island backgrounds.
The novelist Compton Mackenzie lived on Barra and George Orwell wrote 1984 whilst living on Jura.
With George he wrote more than a dozen Broadway shows, featuring songs such as " I Got Rhythm ", " Embraceable You ", " The Man I Love " and " Someone to Watch Over Me ".
" In 1947, he took eleven songs George had written but never used, provided them with new lyrics, and incorporated them into the Betty Grable film The Shocking Miss Pilgrim and he later wrote comic lyrics for Billy Wilder's movie Kiss Me, Stupid -- although most critics believe his final major work was for the 1954 Judy Garland film, A Star Is Born ).
Kosiński wrote his novel Pin Ball ( 1982 ) for his friend George Harrison, having conceived of the idea for the book at least ten years before writing it.

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