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George and Richard
Richard and George Herbert Mead as well, and that although Korzybski analyzes knowing, he doesn't fully analyze doing.
However, in the same poll, when respondents were asked to name the worst president since World War II, Clinton was placed number three behind Richard Nixon and George W. Bush.
Although he presided over a large majority, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was overshadowed by his ministers, most notably Herbert Henry Asquith at the Exchequer, Edward Grey at the Foreign Office, Richard Burdon Haldane at the War Office and David Lloyd George at the Board of Trade.
The thesis that the Third Reich went to war on the basis of " blitzkrieg economics " was criticized by Richard Overy in the 1980s and Historian George Raudzens highlighted the many, somewhat conflicting, senses in which historians have used the word.
Beatty's other brothers were Charles Harold Longfield ( 1870 1917 ) who served with distinction in the South Africa wars before dying from complications after losing an arm in Flanders, Richard George ( 1882 1915 ) who died on active service in India, William Vandeleur Schruder ( 1873 1935 ) who became an army Major and Newmarket horse trainer, and one sister Kathleen Roma ( 1875 –).
Writer George Bernard Shaw claimed to have read the complete 9th edition — except for the science articles — and Richard Evelyn Byrd took the Britannica as reading material for his five-month stay at the South Pole in 1934, while Philip Beaver read it during a sailing expedition.
Economists including Richard Timberlake, George Selgin, Lawrence White, and Steven Horwitz are part of this school of thought.
Classic works of this Urban Gothic include Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ( 1886 ), Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray ( 1891 ), George du Maurier's Trilby ( 1894 ), Richard Marsh's The Beetle: A Mystery ( 1897 ), Henry James ' The Turn of the Screw ( 1898 ), and the stories of Arthur Machen.
These included George Grossmith, the principal comic ; Rutland Barrington, the lyric baritone ; Richard Temple, the bass-baritone ; and Jessie Bond, the mezzo-soprano soubrette.
He had two sons with Jane: George Philip ( known as " Gip ") in 1901 ( d. 1985 ) and Frank Richard in 1903.
Notable Harvey Mudd College alumni include astronauts George " Pinky " Nelson ( 1972 ) and Stan Love ( 1987 ), and diplomat Richard H. Jones ( 1972 ).
Among his earliest influences, Simon has cited Richard Ely ’ s economics textbook, Norman Angell ’ s The Great Illusion, and Henry George ’ s Progress and Poverty.
* Wetzel, Richard D. Frontier Musicians on the Connoquenessing, Wabash, and Ohio: A History of the Music and Musicians of George Rapp's Harmony Society ( 1805 1906 ).
* Wetzel, Richard D. " The Music of George Rapp's Harmony Society: 1805 1906.
* De George, Richard T. " 14.
* Ivanhoe ( 1952 ): Directed by Richard Thorpe and starred Robert Taylor as Ivanhoe, Elizabeth Taylor as Rebecca, Joan Fontaine as Rowena, George Sanders as Bois-Guilbert, Finlay Currie as Cedric, and Sebastian Cabot as the Clerk of Copmanhurst.
During the 1972 presidential election, James Brown openly proclaimed his support of Richard Nixon for reelection of the presidency over Democrat candidate George McGovern.
The doctors Richard Warren and Sir George Baker believed Reynolds ' illness to be psychological and they bled his neck " with a view of drawing the humour from his eyes " but the effect of this in the view of his niece was that it seemed " as if the ' principle of life ' were gone " from Reynolds.
In The English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers, Charles Edward Banks suggested that John was the son of George and Jane Alden and grandson of Richard and Avys Alden of Southampton.
However, there are no further occurrences of the names George, Richard, and Avys in his family which would have been unusual in the seventeenth century.
In October 1823, Richard Rush, the American minister in London, advised that Foreign Secretary George Canning was proposing that the U. S. and Britain jointly declare their opposition to European intervention.
Frankenheimer and producer George Axelrod bought Richard Condon's 1959 novel after it had already been turned down by many Hollywood studios.
These include Richard Kirwan, John Smeaton, Henry Moyes, John Michell, Pieter Camper, R. E. Raspe, John Baskerville, Thomas Beddoes, John Wyatt, William Thomson, Cyril V. Jackson, Jean-André Deluc, John Wilkinson, John Ash, Samuel More, Robert Bage, James Brindley, Ralph Griffiths, John Roebuck, Thomas Percival, Joseph Black, James Hutton, Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Banks, William Herschel, Daniel Solander, John Warltire, George Fordyce, Alexander Blair, Samuel Parr, Louis Joseph d ' Albert d ' Ailly, the seventh Duke of Chaulnes, Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond, Grossart de Virly ,, Johann Gottling.
A delegation led by the West Cornwall Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George and representatives of the Convention ( Bert Biscoe, Richard Ford, Dick Cole, David Fieldsend and Andrew Climo ) presented the declaration to 10 Downing Street on Wednesday 12 December 2001.
Gell-Mann and Richard Feynman, working together, along with the independent duo of George Sudarshan and Robert Marshak, were the first to discover the vector and axial vector structures of the weak interaction in physics.

George and Turberville
George Richard Lee Turberville ( c. 1770 ), son of Hon.
Around this time, he started to write poetry, and found himself in an exciting creative coterie with other young writers, such as Jasper Heywood and George Turberville.
The poems of George Turberville, Thomas More, George Gascoyne and Walter Ralegh are examples of a similar style.
In addition to printing works by noted authors such as Edmund Spenser, Gabriel Harvey, George Turberville, and others, Bynneman printed the first Welsh New Testament translated directly from Greek in 1567 for publisher Humphrey Toy, along with the first Welsh edition of the Book of Common Prayer.
Several years after his death, in 1567, George Turberville published a collection of poetry entitled, Epitaphs, Epigrams, Songs and Sonnets which included An Epitaph on the Death of Master Arthur Brooke Drownde in Passing to New Haven.
The 3rd century CE Latin poet Ausonius made a four-line version, the Tudor poet Thomas Wyatt extended this to eight lines and the Elizabethan George Turberville to twelve.
George Turberville, or Turbervile ( about 1540-before 1597 ) was an English poet, second son of Henry Turberville of Winterborne Whitechurch, Dorset, and nephew of James Turberville, Bishop of Exeter.

George and Jr
George Stevens, Jr., served as director from the institute's founding until 1980.
George Herman Ruth, Jr. ( February 6, 1895 August 16, 1948 ), best known as " Babe " Ruth and nicknamed " the Bambino " and " the Sultan of Swat ", was an American baseball player who spent 22 seasons in Major League Baseball ( MLB ) playing for three teams ( 1914 1935 ).
However, in July 2006, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor George Pataki, and Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. announced the final approval for the New York City Housing Trust Fund derived from $ 130 million in Battery Park City revenues.
Oilman Clint Murchison Jr had been trying to get an NFL expansion team in Dallas ( also Lamar Hunt who ended up with an AFL franchise ), but George Preston Marshall owner of the Washington Redskins had a monopoly in the south.
* 1945 George Smith Patton Jr., American military commander ( b. 1885 )
* 1859 George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., American engineer and inventor ( d. 1896 )
George Walton Lucas, Jr. ( born May 14, 1944 ) is an American film producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur.
* George Clinton, Jr. ( 1771 1809 ), U. S. Representative from New York, nephew of Vice President George Clinton
* 1995 — George E. Brown, Jr. ( Democrat Representative )
Other notable pre-20th century examples include Giacomo Casanova's 1788 Icosaméron, a 5-volume, 1, 800-page story of a brother and sister who fall into the Earth and discover the subterranean utopia of the Mégamicres, a race of multicolored, hermaphroditic dwarfs ; Symzonia: A Voyage of Discovery by a " Captain Adam Seaborn " ( 1820 ) which reflected the ideas of John Cleves Symmes, Jr .; Edgar Allan Poe's 1838 novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket ; Jules Verne's 1864 novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth, which described a prehistoric subterranean world ; and George Sand's 1884 novel Laura, Voyage dans le Cristal where unseen and giant crystals could be found in the interior of the Earth.
* 1832 George Shiras Jr., U. S. Supreme Court justice ( d. 1924 )
Contemporaneously, conservative Republicans in office and in the media such as William F. Buckley, Jr. and George Will felt Dan Quayle should be ousted in favor of Kemp.
He collaborated with many of the leading librettists and lyricists of his era, including George Grossmith Jr., Guy Bolton, P. G. Wodehouse, Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein II, Dorothy Fields, Johnny Mercer, Ira Gershwin and E. Y. Harburg.
" On June 26, 1860, Flora gave birth to a son, Philip St. George Cooke Stuart, but his father changed the name to James Ewell Brown Stuart, Jr. (" Jimmie "), in late 1861 out of disgust with his father-in-law.
The band consists of Hart, Steve Kimock on guitar and pedal steel guitar, George Porter, Jr. on bass, Kyle Hollingsworth on keyboards, Sikiru Adepoju on talking drum, Walfredo Reyes, Jr. on drums, and Jen Durkin on vocals.
* 1862 Henry George, Jr., American politician ( d. 1916 )
His cousin, Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr., is currently a judge in the same court, appointed by George W. Bush.
Lardner was a grand uncle to 1993 Pulitzer Prize winner George Lardner, Jr., a journalist at The Washington Post since 1963.
The new weapon was the result of a 1977 development by George Chapline, Jr. of Lawrence Livermore's " O-Group ".
While George Romero denies he hired Duane Jones simply because he was black, reviewer Mark Deming notes that " the grim fate of Duane Jones, the sole heroic figure and only African-American, had added resonance with the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X fresh in the minds of most Americans ".
Harding took on a personal secretary in the Senate, George B. Christian, Jr., a former neighbor, who protected him from political patrons and intrusive inquiries, and served until the future president's death.
* George J. Graham, Jr., political theorist

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