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George and Simon
Boudica's story is the subject of several novels, including books by Rosemary Sutcliff, Roxanne Gregory, Pauline Gedge, Manda Scott, Alan Gold, Diana L. Paxson, David Wishart, George Shipway, Simon Scarrow and J. F. Broxholme ( a pseudonym of Duncan Kyle ).
Trevor Huddleston, Sir Julian Huxley, Edward Hyams, the Bishop of Llandaff Dr Glyn Simon, Doris Lessing, Sir Compton Mackenzie, the Very Rev George McLeod, Miles Malleson, Denis Matthews, Sir Francis Meynell, Henry Moore, John Napper, Ben Nicholson, Sir Herbert Read, Flora Robson, Michael Tippett, the cartoonist ' Vicky ', Professor C. H. Waddington and Barbara Wootton.
* Dentith, Simon, George Eliot, Brighton, Harvester, 1986.
Among his earliest influences, Simon has cited Richard Ely ’ s economics textbook, Norman Angell ’ s The Great Illusion, and Henry George ’ s Progress and Poverty.
Simon emphasized the usefulness of the land tax, reflecting the early influence of Henry George on his economic thought.
Merrily We Roll Along ( 1981 ), with a book by George Furth, is one of Sondheim's more " traditional " scores and was thought to hold potential to generate some hit songs ( Frank Sinatra and Carly Simon each recorded a different song from the show ).
Some notable British talk radio presenters include Tommy Boyd, James Whale, Steve Allen, Jon Gaunt, Nick Abbot, James Stannage, George Galloway, Ian Collins, Brian Hayes, Scottie McClue, Nicky Campbell and Simon Mayo.
Eleven Nobel prizes have been awarded to Unitarians: Robert Millikan and John Bardeen ( twice ) in Physics ; Emily Green Balch, Albert Schweitzer, Linus Pauling, and Geoff Levermore for Peace ; George Wald and David H. Hubel in Medicine ; Linus Pauling in Chemistry, and Herbert A. Simon in Economics.
Fretwork has been most active in this regard, commissioning George Benjamin, Michael Nyman, Elvis Costello, Sir John Tavener, Orlando Gough, John Woolrich, Tan Dun, Alexander Goehr, Fabrice Fitch, Andrew Keeling, Thea Musgrave, Sally Beamish, Peter Sculthorpe, Gavin Bryars, Barrington Pheloung, Simon Bainbridge, Duncan Druce, Poul Ruders, Ivan Moody, and Barry Guy ; many of these compositions may be heard on their 1997 CD Sit Fast.
There is anecdotal evidence, related to biographer George Wyatt by her former lady-in-waiting Anne Gainsford, that Anne brought to Henry's attention a heretical pamphlet, perhaps Tyndale's " The Obedience of a Christian Man " or one by Simon Fish called " Supplication for Beggars ," which cried out to monarchs to rein in the evil excesses of the Catholic Church.
Many of Church's doctoral students have led distinguished careers, including C. Anthony Anderson, Peter B. Andrews, George A. Barnard, William W. Boone, Martin Davis, Alfred L. Foster, Leon Henkin, John G. Kemeny, Stephen C. Kleene, Simon B. Kochen, Maurice L ' Abbé, Isaac Malitz, Gary R. Mar, Michael O. Rabin, Nicholas Rescher, Hartley Rogers, Jr., J. Barkley Rosser, Dana Scott, Raymond Smullyan, and Alan Turing.
George A. Miller presented his " The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two " paper while Noam Chomsky and Newell & Simon presented their findings on computer science.
Simon also appeared alongside George Harrison as musical guest on the Thanksgiving Day episode of SNL ( November 20, 1976 ).
* 1960 — Robert B. Leighton, Robert Noyes, and George Simon discover solar five-minute oscillations by observing the Doppler shifts of solar dark lines
* George T. Simon, The Big Bands, The Macmillan Company, New York, 1967, Library of Congress no.
George T. Simon discovered a saxophonist named Wilbur Schwartz for Glenn Miller.
" In an interview with George T. Simon in 1948, Sinatra lamented the inferior quality of music he was recording in the late forties and in comparison with " those great Glenn Miller things " from eight years earlier.
* George T. Simon 1912 – 2001.
George Simon knew and worked with Glenn Miller from his early sideman days to the days of leading his civilian band and finally, worked with him when he was stateside with the Army Air Force band.
George Simon wrote the liner notes for eleven Miller reissues, among them: Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band, 1955, Glenn Miller On The Air, 1963, and Glenn Miller: A Legendary Performer, 1974.
Portrait of Simon George by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1535.
Another album recorded in 1974 that was rejected by Word Records was Streams of White Light Into Darkened Corners, a documentary album that took " a satirical look at the early 1970s ' religious pop music ' trend from 1970 to 1974 ", written by celebrities who had " jumped on the ` 70s spiritual bandwagon ", and featured Norman singing covers of religious songs by Norman Greenbaum, Paul Simon, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Randy Newman, Leon Russell, Jackson Browne, and the Rolling Stones, and was not released until 1977 by AB Records.
Perkins's last album, Go Cat Go !, was released during 1996, and featured new collaborations with many of the above artists, as well as George Harrison, Paul Simon, John Fogerty, Tom Petty, and Bono.
As of 2009, notable residents living in or close to Wymondham include / have included George Szirtes, poet ; Oliver Winterbottom, car designer ; Simon Beaufoy, writer of the films ' The Full Monty ' and ' Slumdog Millionaire '; Bill Bryson, humorist, author and travel writer ; Justin Hawkins, singer with The Darkness ; and the late Edwin Gooch, MP and President of the National Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers.

George and director
True anthropology began with a Government department: the Geological Survey of Canada, and George Mercer Dawson ( director in 1895 ).
George Stevens, Jr., served as director from the institute's founding until 1980.
* 1914 – George W. Davis, American art director ( d. 1984 )
Jerome Robbins was called in by director George Abbott and producer Hal Prince to give advice and make changes.
At one stage he was considered by George Lucas as a possible director for Return of the Jedi but was passed.
* 1922 – George Roy Hill, American film director ( d. 2002 )
In 1919, Hubble was offered a staff position in California by George Ellery Hale, the founder and director of the Carnegie Institution's Mount Wilson Observatory, near Pasadena, California, where he remained on the staff until his death.
Even after the director was persuaded to keep the scene intact, George C. Scott refused to do it, as he believed it would overshadow the rest of his performance.
An unfortunate episode in fanzine history occurred in 1981 when Star Wars director George Lucas threatened to sue fanzine publishers who distributed zines featuring the Star Wars characters in sexually explicit stories or art.
George Walton Lucas, Jr. ( born May 14, 1944 ) is an American film producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur.
George Dewey Cukor (; July 7, 1899 – January 24, 1983 ) was an American film director.
Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes ( 1977 ) and Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ( 1974 ) recalled the Vietnam war ; George A. Romero satirized the consumer society in his zombie sequel, Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 ); Canadian director David Cronenberg featured the " mad scientist " movie sub-genre by exploring contemporary fears about technology and society, and reinventing " body horror ", starting with Shivers ( 1975 ).
Both Paul Muni and George Raft turned down the lead role, giving Bogart the opportunity to play a character of some depth, although legendary director Walsh initially fought the casting of supporting player Bogart as a leading man, much preferring Raft for the part.
* George Randolph Hearst III, grandson of Hearst's eldest son George Randolph Hearst Sr. and publisher of the Albany Times Union and director of Hearst Corporation
Two tantalizing photos were given to Louisiana State University museum director George Lowery in 1971 by a source who wished to remain anonymous but who came forward in 2005 as outdoorsman Fielding Lewis.
* 1995 – George Abbott, American stage director and producer ( b. 1887 )
* 1916 – George C. Stoney, American director and producer ( d. 2012 )
* 1878 – George M. Cohan, American actor, director, singer, and dancer ( d. 1942 )
* 1866 – George Howells Broadhurst, English director ( d. 1952 )
* 1899 – George Cukor, American director ( d. 1983 )
The director also helmed two films for Turner Network Television in 1996 and 1997, Andersonville and George Wallace, that were highly praised.
* 1984: On your toes by Rogers and Hart, director George Abbott, US tour
* 1961 – George Clooney, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

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