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Given and subsequent
Given the limited amount of good quality agricultural land to begin with, that policy has resulted in continual deforestation and subsequent erosion.
Given the state at some initial time ( t = 0 ), we can solve it to obtain the state at any subsequent time.
" Given the chance to relive his life by switching bodies with " a talentless 20 year-old wannabe rock star with all the looks and charm Rocky used to have ," the series deals with the subsequent soul-searching and reflection over such a decision.
Given a Vulcan's life expectancy of approximately 250 years, it is possible that she is still alive at the time of Star Trek: The Original Series and subsequent movies.
Given a counterfactual conditional, e. g., ' If there had been a circle on the blackboard then there would have been a triangle ', and the subsequent information ' in fact there was no triangle ', participants make the modus tollens inference ' there was no circle ' more often than they do from an indicative conditional ( Byrne and Tasso, 1999 ).
Given the counterfactual conditional and the subsequent information ' in fact there was a circle ', participants make the modus ponens inference as often as they do from an indicative conditional.
Given budgetary constraints permitted the hiring of another writer, Sena, along with his two producers, would then spend another year writing ten subsequent drafts of the script.
Given this and the subsequent emphasis on building strength at the Gazala position for an attack ( which had been forestalled by the Axis offensive ) it is likely that the defences at Tobruk had not been maintained in first rate condition.
Given the present monophyly of the Nearctic species, it is likely that a single migration and subsequent expansion of the population was the foundation of the Nearctic butterflies.
Given the closeness of Diego Rivera to the people involved, and the fact that the painting is said to slightly predate the murder, some consider it to be evidence of Vidali's and Rivera's involvement in Mella's assassination, also related to Rivera's subsequent expulsion from the Mexican Communist Party.
Given Williamson's testimony that Rowe had still been at the bail hostel at this time, this placed Rowe away from the scene and therefore the subsequent crime spree.
Given the avalanche of canon material which has come since the mid-1980s-the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise, several subsequent theatrical films and a library of novelisations-FASA's interpretation of Star Trek has largely been forgotten except by a handful of die-hard fans.

Given and emergence
Given the very rapid technological changes underway in propulsion ( from coal to oil, from boilers to turbines ), ordnance ( with better fire directors, and new high explosives ) and armor and emergence of new craft such as destroyers and submarines, Mahan's emphasis on the capital ship and the command of the sea came at an opportune moment.

Given and organized
Given that no majority supported either a leader or a split, a registration campaign, enabling membership for only 20 euros, and a closed primary was organized, which Ségolène Royal won.
Given the unequal distribution of talent, energy, and luck, Classical legal thought posited that a self-executing, decentralized, competitive market economy would inevitably result in organized inequality.
Given that each Province has different legislation under which co-operative housing communities are incorporated and organized, descriptions of the different ownership housing co-op forms pertain often only to the Province in which they exist.
Given Profaci's lack of experience in organized crime, it is unclear why the New York gangs gave him power in Brooklyn.
Given the positive advancement of coffee growing in Colombia, an important group of coffee growers, dedicated to the export of the beans, organized an association to regulate the market.
Given that authors of documents try to formulate sentences which contain a single idea, or cluster of related ideas within neighboring sentences or organized into paragraphs, there is an inherent, relatively high, probability within the document structure that words used together are related.

Given and for
Given a small ball or marbles, he would invent games and play by himself for hours.
Given the similarities in the two characters ' names, professions, written works and generally dark subject matter, it is likely that Lovecraft's Alhazred provided the main inspiration for al-Hazir.
Given the absolute magnitude, for objects within our galaxy you can also calculate the apparent magnitude from any distance ( in parsecs ):
Given this, the bidding is said to start at the one-level when contracting for a total of seven tricks, at the two-level for eight tricks and so on to the seven-level to contract to take all thirteen tricks.
Given x ∈ A, the holomorphic functional calculus allows to define ƒ ( x ) ∈ A for any function ƒ holomorphic in a neighborhood of Furthermore, the spectral mapping theorem holds:
Love and Erlandson continued to pursue with the band, and released the single " Be A Man "— an outtake from the Celebrity Skin sessions — for the soundtrack of the Oliver Stone film Any Given Sunday ( 1999 ).
Given that many journeys are for relatively short distances, there is considerable scope to replace car use with walking or cycling, though in many settings this may require some infrastructure modification, particularly to attract the less experienced and confident.
Given more time to prepare for trial, Kidd likely would have been able to find the deposition Palmer gave when he was captured in Rhode Island two years earlier.
Given their speed and maneuverability, clippers frequently mounted cannon or carronades and were used for piracy, privateering, smuggling, or interdiction service.
Given Chrétien's known tendency to create new stories and characters, being the first to mention the hero Lancelot and his love affair with Queen Guinevere for example, the name might also be entirely invented.
Given that the dispute with Pizarro over Cuzco had kept intensifying, Almagro spent a great deal of time and money equipping a company of 500 men for a new exploration south of Peru.
Given a particular query, the DBMS ' query optimizer is responsible for devising the most efficient strategy for finding matching data.
Given the limited success of the Charity School, however, Wheelock intended his new College as one primarily for whites.
Given a particular query, the DBMS ' query optimizer is responsible for devising the most efficient strategy for finding matching data.
Given a subset X of a manifold M and a subset Y of a manifold N, a function f: X → Y is said to be smooth if for all p in X there is a neighborhood of p and a smooth function g: U → N such that the restrictions agree ( note that g is an extension of f ).
Given the magnitude of the disaster, reconstruction and economic recovery will remain the primary focus of the Salvadoran Government for some time to come.
Given a left neutral element and for any given then A4 ’ says there exists an such that.
Given the limited budget for schools, it is claimed that a voucher system would weaken public schools while at the same time not necessarily providing enough money for people to attend private schools.
Given also a measure on set, then, sometimes also denoted or, has as its vectors equivalence classes of measurable functions whose absolute value's-th power has finite integral, that is, functions for which one has
Given the wide disparity of concepts and methods across domains, 4GL limitations lead to recognition of the need for the 5GL.
Given these origins, there have been various suggestions over the years to rename the town ( for example, to " Invernevis ").

Given and comic
Given away at theatrical showings was a comic herald that told a simplified version of the film.
Given a larger canvas, director Forsyth has in no way attempted to overreach himself or the material, keeping things modest and intimate throughout, but displaying a very acute sense of comic insight.
Given the fact that they are the least violent non-parody finishing moves in Mortal Kombat history, Heroic Brutalities were not well received among either the MK series ' fans or the comic book fan community, as even the DC comics themselves are often far more brutal.

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