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Given and political
Given these connotations, dandyism can be seen as a political protestation against the rise of levelling egalitarian principles, often including nostalgic adherence to feudal or pre-industrial values, such as the ideals of " the perfect gentleman " or " the autonomous aristocrat ", though paradoxically, the dandy required an audience, as Susann Schmid observed in examining the " successfully marketed lives " of Oscar Wilde and Lord Byron, who exemplify the dandy's roles in the public sphere, both as writers and as personae providing sources of gossip and scandal.
Given the repeated failures and frustrations of workers ' revolutions and movements, Marx also sought to understand capitalism, and spent a great deal of time in the reading room of the British Museum studying and reflecting on the works of political economists and on economic data.
Given our political differences, people are sometimes surprised how close Ronnie and I have been to the Kennedy family.
Given that the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco have long been competitors in economic, cultural, and political arenas, the new venue in California became fertile ground for rivalry transplantation.
Given Pinckney's lack of political experience, he would have been expected to be open to Hamilton's influence.
Given the creation of the Moscow IFF and the political decision to organize only one " A " festival for all socialist countries, Karlovy Vary was forced to alternate with Moscow between 1959 and 1993.
Given such possibilities, we can expect TC to be used to suppress everything from pornography to writings that criticize political leaders.
Given these harsh constitutional requirements, neither the pan-greens nor pan-blues can unilaterally change Taiwan ’ s political and legal status with respect to the ROC ’ s constitution.
Song Jiaoren (; Given name at birth: Liàn 鍊 ; Courtesy name: Dùnchū 鈍初 ) ( 5 April 1882 – 22 March 1913 ) was a Chinese republican revolutionary, political leader and a founder of the Kuomintang ( KMT ).
Given its importance in national history, Mexican politicians and political parties refer frequently to the Revolution in their political rhetoric.
Given the social state that was emerging, Tocqueville believed that a " new political science " would be needed.
Given Klein's aggressive spending cuts, which shaped the political climate of Alberta for much of the 1990s, Getty's legacy with respect to public finances has been criticized.
Given the shifting political climate of Macau, some Macanese are coming to recognize and identify closer with a Chinese heritage.
Given the political intrigue present at court, Cabral may have been part of a faction that furthered his appointment.
Given the controversy over the struggle over territory, a vocal minority of Cherokee and a generation of political leaders in Washington considered Ross to be dictatorial, greedy, and an " aristocratic leader sought to defraud " the Cherokee Nation.
Given the common ideology and political positions the Yerkrapah Volunteers ’ Union sector engaged in politics was included in the RPA.
Given the tendency of political parties in India to make and break alliances frequently, the National Democratic Alliance does not have a formal governing structure in place, such as an executive board or politburo.
Given the ecological crisis is a " historic compromise " between these two political directions was necessary.
Given the goals of the first Five Year Plan, the state sought increased political control of agriculture, hoping to feed the rapidly growing urban areas and to export grain, a source of foreign currency needed to import technologies necessary for heavy industrialization.
Given that his reign lasted for, at best, only a few weeks after his acclamation and he does not seem to have secured significant military or political support Domitianus is more properly categorized as a Roman Usurper rather than an Emperor.
Given its proximity to these buildings and the fact that it has served as a home and meeting place for many notable political figures over the years, the hotel has often been referred to as " the third chamber of Parliament ".
Given the increasing role of the European Union in the political arena, the National Academies acknowledge that the scope of their advisory tasks must exceed the national borders and that it's important not to lose sight of the European level.
Given the new religious and political climate, and perhaps also to escape a serious outbreak of plague in England, Baltimore moved to Ireland.
Given the unstable political climate during these years, Bolívar and other patriot leaders, such as Santiago Mariño, Manuel Piar, José Francisco Bermúdez and Francisco de Paula Santander often had to go into exile in the Caribbean or nearby areas of Spanish America that at the moment were controlled by those favoring independence, and from there, carry on the struggle.

Given and clout
Given that New Zealand started regular public television-broadcasting for the first time in 1960, and instituted networked television in 1973 with only a single ( and State-owned ) channel available to viewers, the sole provider of television-broadcasting acquired a monopoly position of immense influence within the New Zealand mass media, and the name " Avalon " summarised and expressed that clout for many years.

Given and Williams
Given the cancellation of Shada, he was thus the final writer of the Graham Williams era on the program.
Productions since 2000 have included the UK premières of Brad Fraser ’ s Wolfboy ; Lanford Wilson ’ s Sympathetic Magic ; Tennessee Williams ’ Something Cloudy, Something Clear ; and Frank McGuinness ’ Gates of Gold with William Gaunt and the late John Bennett in his last stage role which transferred to the West End ; the London première of Sonja Linden ’ s I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady from Rwanda ; the specially commissioned adaptation of W. H.

Given and began
Given concerns about the previous programs using nuclear-tipped interceptors, in the 1980s the U. S. Army began studies about the feasibility of hit-to-kill vehicles, i. e. interceptor missiles that would destroy incoming ballistic missiles just by colliding with them head-on.
Given the reputed humorous character of Valencians, it was natural that they began to burn figurines depicting people and events of the past year.
Given the lax copyright laws of the time, stage plays based on Uncle Tom's Cabin —" Tom shows "— began to appear while the novel was still being serialized.
Given that the Liber historiae Francorum admits four years for Chlothar's reign, it remains possible that Chlothar began to exert some real authority when his mentors deemed him an adult, 669.
Given carte blanche to choose his own education, in 1758 Fox attended a fashionable Wandsworth school run by a Monsieur Pampellonne, followed by Eton College, where he began to develop his lifelong love of classical literature.
Given the opposition to the mission when it began, the primary U. S. concern was to do its limited job and avoid casualties among its forces.
Given the choice of resigning or calling new elections, Ōhira chose the latter and began campaigning for LDP candidates.
Given Reagan National Airport's proximity to the city and high-security facilities, Reagan National has extra security precautions required by the Washington Air Defense Identification Zone that were in place since the airport began operations.
Given the state of the pharmacopoeia, and patients ' demands for something to take, physicians began making " blunderbuss " concoctions of various drugs, proven and unproven.
Given concerns about the previous programs using nuclear tipped interceptors, in the 1980s the U. S. Army began studies about the feasibility of hit-to-kill vehicles, where an interceptor missile would destroy an incoming ballistic missile just by colliding with it, the so-called " Kinetic Kill Vehicles ", or KKV.
Given the influence of varying currents of electronic music ( mainly Skinny Puppy ) they began their trajectory in 1989 in a project called " Niñera Degenerada ".
Given projected growth, and the limited ability to expand Terminal 2, the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation began construction of Terminal 3 in 2004.
Together they began to create music and eventually released an independent EP titled For All That's Given, Wasted in order to establish their presence on the Toronto music scene.
Given the growing number of people working in the city, the commerce and the first industries began to appear.
Given that she had become the center of all the cooperative effort of the World Team ( as opposed to individual effort, however heroic ), even players of much greater strength began sharing their ideas with her, so that she would incorporate them into her analysis.
Given a large sum of money by the team to set up a design office in England, Barnard founded the Ferrari Guildford Technical Office and began work on returning Ferrari to regular winning.
Given these family hardships, Myers began taking odd jobs at a young age, living in Baltimore, Maryland, before moving on to New York City.
Given the apparent evolution of thought in Plato's dialogues from his early years to his middle and later years, it is often believed that the dialogues began to represent less of Socrates and more of Plato as time went on.
Given the number of players seeking asylum, the Eritrean government began requiring athletes to pay a 100, 000 nakfa surety before traveling abroad.
Given that the building of the extensive Necropolis that abuts it on the hillside above involved removing a huge amount of the original overlaying rock, it is also possible that this ' canyon ' extended even further before men began quarrying there.
Given that, it seems likely that Disraeli chose the time period in order to move a final time in the world in which he grew up and began his ascent.
Given the exposed position and the inexperience of many of the men in the Federal ranks ( many were so-called " 100-days men " who enlisted to man the fortifications around Washington and had not seen battle before ), the line quickly collapsed and Federals began streaming across the Shenandoah, jumping over the reserve line in the process.
Given a drum by an “ anonymous ” benefactor, the group began having powwows.
Given the prevalent idea that either goaltender could assume the starting job, local media began using the nickname " Conkkanen " to describe Edmonton's starting goaltender.

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