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Gladstone and is
Disraeli wrote a personal letter to Gladstone, asking him to place the good of the party above personal animosity: " Every man performs his office, and there is a Power, greater than ourselves, that disposes of all this ..." In responding to Disraeli Gladstone denied that personal feelings played any role in his decision then and previously to accept office, while acknowledging that there were differences between him and Derby " broader than you may have supposed.
( Disraeli is in the lead looking back over his shoulder at Gladstone.
( Gladstone is seated in the centre ; Rosebery, a future Prime Minister, is sitting on the carpet in front.
The Matilda McDuck character was dropped in Barks ' 1991 Duck Family Tree sketch ( where Gladstone Gander is the biological grandson of Grandma Duck and not related to Scrooge ), but Don Rosa picked up the name, and used Matilda McDuck as a prominent character in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.
UCSF is also affiliated with the San Francisco VA Hospital and the J. David Gladstone Institutes, a private biomedical research entity that has recently moved to a new building adjacent to UCSF's Mission Bay campus.
It has raised Gladstone to a great political elevation, and, what is of far greater consequence than the measure itself, has given the country assurance of a man equal to great political necessities, and fit to lead parties and direct governments.
Possibly related to this hobby is the fact that Gladstone was a lifelong bibliophile to the extent that it has been suggested that in his lifetime, he read around 20, 000 books, and eventually came to own a Library of over 32, 000.
Gladstone wrote in 1859 to his brother who was a member of the Financial Reform Association at Liverpool: " Economy is the first and great article ( economy such as I understand it ) in my financial creed.
A victorious Gladstone told his new constituency, " At last, my friends, I am come among you ; and I am come — to use an expression which has become very famous and is not likely to be forgotten — I am come ' unmuzzled '.
After a few minutes the blows ceased and Mr. Gladstone, resting on the handle of his axe, looked up, and with deep earnestness in his voice, and great intensity in his face, exclaimed: ‘ My mission is to pacify Ireland .’ He then resumed his task, and never said another word till the tree was down.
George Howell wrote to Gladstone on 12 February: " There is one lesson to be learned from this Election, that is Organization ... We have lost not by a change of sentiment so much as by want of organised power ".
In a speech to the Hawarden Amateur Horticultural Society on 17 August 1876, Gladstone said that " I am delighted to see how many young boys and girls have come forward to obtain honourable marks of recognition on this occasion ,— if any effectual good is to be done to them, it must be done by teaching and encouraging them and helping them to help themselves.
It is quite true, as has been often said, that “ we are all socialists up to a certain point ”; but Mr. Gladstone fixed that point lower, and was more vehement against those who went above it, than any other politician or official of my acquaintance.
Gladstone claimed that this Liberalism's " pet idea is what they call construction, — that is to say, taking into the hands of the state the business of the individual man ".
On 11 December 1891 Gladstone said that: " It is a lamentable fact if, in the midst of our civilisation, and at the close of the nineteenth century, the workhouse is all that can be offered to the industrious labourer at the end of a long and honourable life.
Gladstone is both the oldest ever person to form a government – aged 82 at his appointment – and the oldest person ever to occupy the Premiership – being aged 84 at his resignation.
On 13 January Gladstone claimed he had strong Conservative instincts and that " In all matters of custom and tradition, even the Tories look upon me as the chief Conservative that is ".
On 2 January 1897 Gladstone wrote to Francis Hirst on being unable to write a preface to a book on liberalism: " I venture on assuring you that I regard the design formed by you and your friends with sincere interest, and in particular wish well to all the efforts you may make on behalf of individual freedom and independence as opposed to what is termed Collectivism ".
If so, all I can say is, it is a new Liberalism, and not the one that I have known and practised under more illustrious auspices than these, under one who was not merely the greatest Liberal but the greatest financier that this country has ever known — I mean Mr. Gladstone ... Gladstone ranks as the great financial authority of our country ... Mr. Gladstone would be 100 in December if he were alive, but, centenarian as he would be, I am inclined to think that he would make very short work of the deputation of the Cabinet that waited on him with this measure, and that they would soon find themselves on the stairs, if not in the street.

Gladstone and famous
He published a biography of Joseph Chamberlain, which treated the split with William Gladstone over Irish Home Rule in 1886 as the pivotal point of his career, rather than the adoption of tariff reform, and contained the famous line: " All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs ".
* William Ewart Gladstone ( 1809 – 1898 ), MP for Midlothian 1880-1895 and conducted his famous Midlothian campaign across the UK in 1880
The letter includes the famous statement " Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere ," as well as the words attributed to William Ewart Gladstone quoted by King: " ustice too long delayed is justice denied.
Many famous people have lived or practised in Harley Street, including the Victorian prime minister William Ewart Gladstone, the artist J. M. W. Turner, and Lionel Logue, who successfully treated King George VI for his pronounced stuttering.
During the election campaign of 1880 ( the " Midlothian campaign ") that resulted in the defeat of Disraeli's government, William Ewart Gladstone delivered a famous speech in Dalkeith.
Crispi was internationally famous and often mentioned along with world statesmen such as Bismarck, Gladstone and Salisbury.
As prime minister in the 1880s and 1890s, Crispi was internationally famous and often mentioned along with world statesmen such as Bismarck, Gladstone and Salisbury.
In his famous Irish Home Rule speech, Gladstone beseeched Parliament to pass it and grant Home Rule to Ireland in honour rather than being compelled to one day in humiliation.
The residents have included such famous names as the poet Lord Byron and the future Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone, and numerous members of the aristocracy.
In the 1880s O ' Connell's widow subdivided and sold off most of the original grant, and a pattern of intersecting streets was laid out, mostly named after famous streets in London ( e. g. Piccadilly Street, Gladstone Parade etc .).
In 1870 he fought in vain for the principle of allround denominationalism in the national education system, and in the same year addressed a famous letter to Mr. Gladstone on The Church of the Cymry, pointing out that the success of Nonconformity in Wales was largely due to the withering effect of an alien episcopate.

Gladstone and for
Gladstone, however, saw the issue in moral terms, for Bulgarian Christians had been massacred by the Turks and Gladstone therefore believed it was immoral to support the Ottoman Empire.
However, the government resisted calls for the nationalisation of the network ( first proposed by William Ewart Gladstone as early as the 1830s ).
As prime minister 1868 to 1874 he headed a Liberal Party that was a coalition of Peelites like himself, Whigs and radicals ; Gladstone was now a spokesman for " peace, economy and reform.
In the 1885 general election this party won the balance of power in the House of Commons, and demanded Irish Home Rule as the price of support for a continued Gladstone ministry.
Rosa did a few more comics for Gladstone till 1989.
Two years later, at Don's suggestion, Byron Erickson, the former editor at Gladstone also went to work for Egmont and has been working there as an editor and later as a freelancer.
" However, Whiggery as a political doctrine had little affinity for classical political economy, the tabernacle of the Manchester School and William Gladstone.
In 1862 he became Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, and in 1868, after losing his seat at Merthyr Tydfil, but being re-elected for Renfrewshire, he was made Home Secretary by William Ewart Gladstone.
Perhaps the most dedicated patron of Severn's work in the 1830s was William Gladstone, who was drawn to Severn more for his reputation as a painter than as Keats's friend.
Severn also painted such works as Cordelia Watching by the Bed of Lear, Shepherds in the Campagna, Shelley Composing Prometheus Unbound, Isabella and the Pot of Basil, Portia with the Casket, Ariel, Rienzi, The Infant of the Apocalypse Saved from the Dragon, a large altarpiece for the church of San Paolo fuori le Mura at Rome, and many portraits of statesman and aristocrats, including Baron Bunsen and William Gladstone.
One of the reasons that the Liberal government under Gladstone wanted to abolish the judicial aspect of the House of Lords was that it was concerned for the poor quality of judges at this court.
Gladstone During the Midlothian Campaign 1879 Speaking directly to the people for the first time, Gladstone's Midlothian campaign symbolises a major change in the role of the Prime Minister.
In his Midlothian Campaign – so called because he stood as a candidate for that county – Gladstone spoke in fields, halls and railway stations to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of students, farmers, labourers and middle class workers.
Jenkins wrote 19 books, including a biography of Gladstone ( 1995 ), which won the 1995 Whitbread Award for Biography, and a much-acclaimed biography of Winston Churchill ( 2001 ).
She was first mentioned in Carl Barks ' 1950s sketch for a Duck Family Tree, where she was shown to have adopted Gladstone Gander.
Gladstone was also Britain's oldest Prime Minister, 84 years old when he resigned for the last time.
At university Gladstone was a Tory and denounced Whig proposals for parliamentary reform.
Gladstone passed the Coal Vendors Act 1843 to set up a central office for employment.
Gladstone, who previously argued in a book that a Protestant country should not pay money to other churches, supported the increase in the Maynooth grant and voted for it in Commons, but resigned rather than face charges that he had compromised his principles to remain in office.
In 1850 / 51 Gladstone visited Naples for the benefit of his daughter Mary's eyesight.
The income tax had legally expired but Gladstone proposed to extend it for seven years to fund tariff reductions:

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