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::" and despair
::" There were paradoxical if not opposed trends towards revolutionary and reactionary positions, fear of the new and delight at the disappearance of the old, nihilism and fanatical enthusiasm, creativity and despair.
::" Perhaps driven by the exhilarating mixture of relief, freedom and despair that followed the end of World War II, artists around the world had been experimenting with newly physical, sometimes violent, cathartic ways of making paintings and sculptures.

::" and on
::" An official perfect game occurs when a pitcher ( or pitchers ) retires each batter on the opposing team during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings.
::" And Be Merry " ( Eat Drink and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die ) A lab biologist, female, takes advantage of her husband going off on an archeology trip, to use the privacy to experiment on herself for rejuvenation by a severe and dangerous method.
::" In all determinations of morality, this circumstance of public utility is ever principally in view ; and wherever disputes arise, either in philosophy or common life, concerning the bounds of duty, the question cannot, by any means, be decided with greater certainty, than by ascertaining, on any side, the true interests of mankind.
::" The principle of utility does not mean that any given pleasure, as music, for instance, or any given exemption from pain, as for example health, are to be looked upon as means to a collective something termed happiness, and to be desired on that account.
::" As the novel focuses on Han, it could have ended with the fall of Han.
::" Now to prepare them against these contingencies, and that they might, have fresh air for the benefit of the elephants, cureloms or mammoths and many other animals, that perhaps were in them, as well as the human beings they contained, the Lord told them how to construct them in order to receive air, that when they were on the top of the water, whichever side up their vessels happened to be, it mattered not ; they were so constructed that they could ride safely, though bottom upwards and they could open their air holes that happened to be uppermost " ( Orson Pratt, JoD 12: 340 ).
::" I wanted to learn about Christ – about the Old Testament, which had been his Bible, and the New Testament, which was the Bible about him ; about the history of the church, which had been founded on the faith that through him God had not only revealed his innermost nature and his purpose for the world, but had released into the world a fierce power to draw people into that nature and adapt them to that purpose …. No intellectual pursuit had ever aroused in me such intense curiosity, and much more than my intellect was involved, much more than my curiosity aroused.
::" Our house is on the eastern slope of Rupert Mountain, just off a country road, still unpaved then, and five miles from the nearest town … Even at the most unpromising times of year – in mudtime, on bleak, snowless winter days – it is in so many unexpected ways beautiful that even after all this time I have never quite gotten used to it.
::" The package deal included a 730-to 1, 200-square-foot house on a 75-by-100-foot lot, as well as state-of-the art appliances, furniture, housewares and everything else a family would need for a weekend in the sun, including toothbrushes and toilet paper.
::" president Eisenhower's Appointment Books contain no entry for a special meeting on July 16, 1954 which might have included a briefing on MJ-12.
::" The Declassification office of the National Security Council has informed us that it has no record of any declassification action having been taken on this memorandum or any other documents on this alleged project ..."
::" Delivering functional and social expectations of the public on the one hand and manage to build a unique identity on the other hand creates trust and this trust builds the informal framework of a company.
::" Basing itself on Scripture and Tradition, the Council teaches that the Church, a pilgrim now on earth, is necessary for salvation: the one Christ is the mediator and the way of salvation ; he is present to us in his body which is the Church.
::" I recall a time, which I think was probably July or August of 1901 or 1902, when this plane was started in flight on the lot between Pine and Cherry Streets.
::" On August, fourteenth, Nineteen Hundred and One I was present and assisted on the occasion when Mr. Whitehead succeeded in flying his machine, propelled by a motor, to a height of two hundred feet off the ground or sea beach at Lordship Manor, Connecticut.
::" Future planning should be based on the assumption that the Sydney mines will not operate beyond 1981.
::" You say Jonas Salk played Columbo on television, you think William Shakespeare wrote Brigadoon, and Catcher in the Rye was written by Pierre Salinger.
::" In composing his history, Berossus drew on the mythic-historiographical tradition of Mesopotamia, and specifically on such well known texts as the creation myth Enuma Elish, Atrahasis, and the king lists, which provided the point of departure and conceptual framework for a universal history.

::" and !
::" So long everybody!
::" So long, we sure had a good time!
::" Indonesia bersatu!
::" I marvel at myself, I seem an angel!
::" Rejoice, O Full of Grace, the Lord is with you!
::" But nevermore they met!
::" Oh!
::" Pastiche!
::" You know, after all of these years we're full-up!
::" It is ridiculous!
::" Tickle them!
* To: DECWRL ::" decvax! peregrine! dmi "

Gloom and despair
:: Gloom, despair and agony on me-e-e!
Those masses are carried out and are made as a tribute to the promise that Don Diego de Vargas made to La Conquistadora, and is carried through until September which includes the burning of Zozobra, also known as " Old Man Gloom ", a 50 ft / 15. 2m tall marionette that symbolizes the hardships and despair of the past year.

Gloom and on
* " From ' Doom ' to Gloom: The Story of a Video Game Flop ", NPR Morning Edition story on Romero, part of a series of other famous debacles
He has also worked on a Nana Kitade side project in April 2008: Ruby Gloom, and the first single's two tracks: " Siren " and " My Treasure ".
Graeme Garden ( incorrectly credited as Greame Garden on some episodes ) voiced the characters of Bananaman, General Blight and Maurice of The Heavy Mob, Bill Oddie voiced the characters of Crow, Chief O ' Reilly, Doctor Gloom and the Weatherman, and Tim Brooke-Taylor voiced the characters of Eric, King Zorg of the Nerks, Eddie the Gent, Auntie and Appleman, as well as narrating the episodes.
A typical June Gloom day consists of marine stratus clouds covering the coast of southern California, extending a varying distance inland depending on the strength of the June Gloom effect each day.
When the marine layer is strong and deep, clouds can fill the Los Angeles Basin and spill over into the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley, even extending into the Santa Clarita Valley on exceptionally strong June Gloom mornings.
June Gloom has been reported by some Californians to bring on symptoms consistent with seasonal affective disorder, although this is not well-supported by evidence.
The negative effects of a long June Gloom on the coastal California tourism industry is often reported in the local news media.
Initially serving as a foot soldier in the Gloom Walkers unit, he was recognized as a Force-sensitive, and taken to the Sith Academy on Korriban.
Castle Campbell was built at the head of Dollar Glen in the late 15th century ( an earlier castle on the site being called " Castle Gloom ") mainly as a very visible symbol of the Campbell domination of the area.
" 7-Rooms of Gloom " reached number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and has since been covered by a number of artists, including the band Blondie and solo singer Pat Benatar.
Castro is also known for his Gustav Gloom series of middle-school novels and has also authored a reference book on The Amazing Race.
American Death Metal band Macabre released a song titled " David Brom Took an Axe " on their 1989 album Gloom based on the David Brom murders.
* Gloom: Peach will cry, making her run faster, jump farther, and inflict damage to enemies on the ground.
The Explorers ' adventures were based heavily on classic comic adventures and pulp novels, and paid many homages to Jack Kirby: one adventure pitted the Explorers against the morose Doctor Gloom, an obvious spoof of Doctor Doom.
Ruby Gloom is an animated television show based on an apparel franchise.
Ruby Gloom began as a stationery line, featured on pencil cases and backpacks, eventually expanded to clothing, keychains, and plush toys.
Following this, a third DVD entitled Ruby Gloom: Pet Poepulation was scheduled for release on June 9, 2009, but never became available.

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