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Godfrey and claimed
Although it is widely claimed that he took the title Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri (" advocate " or " defender " of the Holy Sepulchre ), this title is only used in a letter that was not written by Godfrey.
At this time, the dedication of the Scottish book, The Complaynt of Scotland, recalled Mary of Guise's descent from Godfrey de Bouillon and claimed her courage and virtue exceeded those of the ancient heroines Tomyris, Semiramis and Penthesilea.
Although it is widely claimed that he took the title Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri (" advocate " or " defender " of the Holy Sepulchre ), this title is only used in a letter which was not written by Godfrey.
Robert, along with Bohemund, Raymond, and Godfrey, occupied the citadel, but Bohemund soon claimed the city for himself.
He claimed he'd advised Godfrey, but was nonetheless barred from the show for a day in retaliation, via a notice placed on a cast bulletin board.
Godfrey Goodman, Bishop of Gloucester, later claimed Calvert had been a secret Catholic all along (" infinitely addicted to the Catholic faith "), which explained his support for lenient policies towards Catholics and for the Spanish match.
In the fall of 1953, Godfrey dismissed La Rosa on the air and later claimed the young singer " lacked humility ," doing his own popularity considerable damage.
Godfrey later claimed when he confronted Bleyer and threatened to fire him from at least one of the three shows Godfrey hosted, the conductor shrugged and told him to do what he had to do.
Later " Captain " William Bedloe, who claimed to be a " reformed " Catholic plotter, claimed that he had been taken to Somerset House on the night of 14 October to see the body of Godfrey ( although on the previous day he had claimed just the opposite ).
Bedloe claimed that Catholic plotters had killed Godfrey in order to steal his papers about the depositions ( note that the witnesses whose words had been recorded were still alive ).
L ' Estrange ( 1687 ) claimed that Godfrey had hanged himself ; his brothers would have concealed the evidence lest his estate had been forfeit.
They returned to Jerusalem on August 13, and after much celebration Godfrey and Raymond both claimed Ascalon.
Godfrey claimed he never really intended to kill Jews, but the community in Mainz and Cologne sent him a collected bribe of 500 silver marks.
A number of critics have erroneously claimed that the film is based on the 1936 film My Man Godfrey when in fact it is a reworking of the 1930 movie What A Man, based on the 1924 novel The Dark Chapter ; a Comedy of Class Distinctions by E. J. Rath and its 1926 Broadway adaptation They All Want Something by Courtenay Savage.
Godfrey claimed he would not advertise products he did not believe in, and routinely ridiculed both the sponsors ' stodgy ad copy and occasionally, the companies ' executives.
Jaffa was fortified by Godfrey of Bouillon after the First Crusade in 1100, and was unsuccessfully claimed by Daimbert of Pisa, the first Patriarch.
Following his retirement, he certainly claimed to have been undefeated, and this is also claimed by Captain Godfrey, a man who had cudgelled with James Figg and knew the fighters of the era well.

Godfrey and conditions
Tuke, together with Godfrey Higgins set about investigating the appalling conditions within the York Lunatic asylum after Hannah Mills ' death, and successfully had it deemed unfit for purpose due to the squalor the patients lived in.

Godfrey and day
The next day, the second army, led by Raymond IV of Toulouse, Godfrey of Bouillon, and Hugh of Vermandois, arrived and broke the encirclement ; the two armies joined together, with Robert and Raymond forming the centre.
Through the day small groups of reinforcements ( also from Raymond, and Hugh, as well as Godfrey ) arrived, some killed by the Turks, others fighting to reach Bohemund's camp.
He discovers from the local stable workers that Adler has a gentleman friend, the lawyer Godfrey Norton, who calls at least once a day.
The senior Godfrey was friends with the Vanderbilts, but was as likely to spend his time talking with the shoeshine man or the hotdog vendor about issues of the day.
Godfrey then signed off for the day saying, " This is the CBS Radio Network ".
As Kenyon commented, “ Next day, the 18th, James wrote to William of Orange that Godfrey ’ s death was already ‘ laid against the Catholics ’, and even he, never the most realistic of men, feared that ‘ all these things happening together will cause a great flame in the Parliament .’” The Lords asked King Charles to banish all Catholics from a radius of 20 miles around London, which Charles granted on October 30th, 1678, but it was too late because London was already in a panic.
To this day, no one is certain who killed Sir Edmund Godfrey.
That same day, Godfrey fired Bleyer, claiming he was offended when Bleyer recorded Chicago radio personality Don McNeill, host of Don McNeill's Breakfast Club.
Finding a crack in the shutters, he looked in, saw the man he had seen earlier in the day, and another figure who he was sure was Godfrey, although he could not see him clearly.
However, England made several errors: Godfrey Evans, the England wicket-keeper had a bad day and missed some stumping chances ; three catches were dropped by fielders, and England's only specialist spinner, Jim Laker, bowled poorly.
So that day and night the king lodged on the sands, and in the meantime discharged the ships of their horses and other baggages: there the king made two marshals of his host, the one the lord Godfrey of Harcourt and the other the Earl of Warwick, and the Earl of Arundel constable.
In 1985 it was reported that Godfrey had joined the new Ontario Premier Frank Miller's informal ' kitchen cabinet ', a group that got together Thursday mornings at the Sutton Place Hotel to discuss issues of the day during breakfast.
However Fazal took the wickets of Peter May, Godfrey Evans and Denis Compton before the close and the next day took the first two wickets to fall as Pakistan completed a 24-run victory.

Godfrey and required
The malt mill was not required by Spilman, and he leased it to Godfrey Box of Liège.

Godfrey and him
It is difficult to say what Thompson expected would come of their relationship, which had begun so soon after his emotions had been stirred by Maggie Brien, but when Katie wrote on April 11, 1900, to tell him that she was to be married to the Rev. Godfrey Burr, the vicar of Rushall in Staffordshire, the news evidently helped to deepen his discouragement over the failure of his hopes for a new volume of verse.
In 1215 he is recorded as abbot of Łekno Abbey near Gniezno in Greater Poland, most but not all authors identify him with Godfrey of Łękno.
The papal legate Daimbert of Pisa convinced Godfrey to hand over Jerusalem to him as Latin Patriarch, with the intention to set up a theocratic state directly under papal control.
With his wife now imprisoned, Godfrey returned to Germany to stir up rebellion and draw Henry out of Italy, but the emperor merely took Beatrice and Frederick with him.
Arthur Godfrey spoke directly to listeners individually, making him a foremost pitchman into TV era
* Godfrey Ua Raghallaigh dies ; his son Cathal succeeds him.
1936 proved to be a big year for Lombard with her casting in the screwball comedy My Man Godfrey alongside ex-husband William Powell who refused to do the film unless Lombard was cast opposite him.
Godfrey of Bouillon, the first ruler of crusader Jerusalem, was also depicted as the leader of the crusade from the beginning, and William attributed to him legendary strength and virtue.
Anne's chaplain, Godfrey Goodman, later summed up the royal relationship: " The King himself was a very chaste man, and there was little in the Queen to make him uxorious ; yet they did love as well as man and wife could do, not conversing together.
The young Prince of Wales had with him the Earl of Warwick, and Earl of Oxford, Sir Godfrey de Harcourt, the Lord Raynold Cobham, Lord Thomas Holland, Lord Stafford, Lord Mauley, the Lord Delaware, Sir John Chandos, Lord Bartholomew Burgherst, Lord Robert Neville, Lord Thomas Clifford, the Lord Bourchier, the Lord Latimer.
Godfrey explains that a broken love affair had left him considering suicide, but the optimistic, undaunted attitude of the men living at the dump rekindled his spirit.
" Later on, though, Irene tracks him down and bulldozes him into marriage, saying, " Stand still, Godfrey, it'll all be over in a minute.
She died before the house could be completed, but it is said that her ghost appeared to Sir Godfrey, telling him to complete the work.
When it became clear that the women's remains would never be found without Robinson's cooperation, a compromise of sorts was reached: In a carefully scripted plea in October, 2003, Robinson acknowledged only that Koster had enough evidence to convict him of capital murder for the deaths of Godfrey, Clampitt, Bonner, and the Faiths.
Godfrey served Henry IV loyally, supporting him even when Pope Gregory VII was battling the German king in the Investiture Controversy.
At the same time, Godfrey was struggling to maintain control over the lands that Henry IV had not taken away from him, as his uncle's widow, Matilda of Tuscany, was claiming them.
After this battle and during the trek through Asia Minor some sources suggest that Godfrey was attacked by a bear and received a serious wound which incapacitated him for a time.
After months of waiting, the common people on the crusade forced Raymond to march on to Jerusalem, and Godfrey quickly joined him.
" While he was besieging the city of Acre, Godfrey, the ruler of Jerusalem, was struck by an arrow, which killed him ", reports the Arab chronicler Ibn al-Qalanisi.
However, he was also reluctant to give up the Tower of David in Jerusalem, which he had taken after the fall of the city, and it was only with difficulty that Godfrey of Bouillon was able to take it from him.
Godfrey also blamed him for the failure of his army to capture Arsuf.
He was amongst the first members of Godfrey Kneller's London Academy of Painting, who had employed him to engrave portraits.
In the Thames Television documentary " The Thief Who Never Gave Up ", broadcast in the late 1980s, Williams credits animator Bob Godfrey with giving him his start in the business, " Bob Godfrey helped me ... I worked in the basement and would do work in kind, and he would let me use the camera ... was a barter system ".

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