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Goldstein's and book
However, as Goldstein's book itself has been created by the Party, it may be subject to the same historical revisionism as the Party's own propaganda, and so a highly unreliable source of information for every person living in Oceania.
Gordon Goldstein's 2008 book Lessons in Disaster: McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam was reported to be, in late September, 2009, the " must-read-book " amongst President Barack Obama's war advisers, as they contemplated the alternative courses ahead in Afghanistan.
Other works taking their title from the book include: the Futurama episode " Future Stock "; a segment on The Daily Show starring Samantha Bee ; Kevin Goldstein's recurring column on the Baseball Prospectus website ; a Magic: The Gathering pre-constructed deck ; and the National Wrestling Alliance's 1989 Starrcade event.
* The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, sometimes known as Goldstein's book, a fictional book in Nineteen Eighty-Four supposedly written by the character Emmanuel Goldstein
Race is also of no importance in selecting members ( Goldstein's book states that the likes of "... jews, negroes and pure-blooded Indians ..." are all represented in the Inner Party ).
Goldstein's book explains the rationale behind the class divisions in Oceania.
As chronicled in Brandt Goldstein's book, Storming the Court ( Scribner 2005 ), Koh and the plaintiffs prevailed in the case, Haitian Centers Council v. Sale, and the Haitians were released in the spring of 1993.
In a pamphlet named Baruch Hagever, published in 1994, and a book called Baruch Hagever: Sefer Zikaron la-Kadosh Baruch Goldstein in 1995, various rabbis praised Goldstein's action as a pre-emptive strike in response to Hamas threats of a pogrom, and wrote that it is possible to view his act as following five Halachic principles.
* Goldstein's book, from George Orwell's novel 1984
Days later, when Winston and Julia are staying in the room above Mr. Charrington's shop and have read parts of Goldstein's book, they are arrested by the Thought Police.
Reviewing Goldstein's own book, Mary McGinn called it a sloppy and irresponsible argument: " ne is amazed at the sheer looseness of thought that allows him to assert that ' at certain points in Mein Kampf where Hitler seems to be raging against Jews in general it is the individual young Ludwig Wittgenstein whom he has in mind ', and to suggest that Wittgenstein ' may have inspired … ( the ) hatred of Jews which led, ultimately, to the Holocaust '.

Goldstein's and comments
Rudden echoed Goldstein's comments in regards to poor visuals, stating it had " ugly character models and boxy traffic cars.

Goldstein's and be
Goldstein's definition can be further elaborated to describe the qualities of this definition in more detail:

Goldstein's and there
As the 1980s continued and finally fizzled out there was less and less call for " salon paintings " and Goldstein's work sold less well than some others '.

Goldstein's and is
Telescreens, in addition to being surveillance devices, are also the equivalent of televisions ( hence the name ), regularly broadcasting false news reports about Oceania's military victories, economic production figures, spirited renditions of the national anthem to heighten patriotism, and Two Minutes Hate, which is a two-minute film of Emmanuel Goldstein's wishes for freedom of speech and press, which the citizens have been trained to disagree with.
Goldstein's music is not one genre of music.
Goldstein's basic premise is that in the age of nanobiotechnology it is necessary to follow the chemistry and molecular engineering rather than watching for the emergence of some pre-conceived minimum level of ' intelligence ' such as an artificial neural network capable of adaptive phenomena.
Many of Goldstein's pieces have been featured on the PRI radio show This American Life where he is a contributing editor.

Goldstein's and considerable
Goldstein's research and theory had a considerable influence on the formation of this new psychotherapy.

Goldstein's and when
At the same time, Goldstein's actions were praised by the some extremist settlers ; Yochay Ron said that he " felt good " when he heard the news, and stated that Jews were " at war with the Arabs " and " all Arabs who live here are a danger to us ... they threaten the very existence of the Jewish community on the West Bank.
" He also called Goldstein a " real scumbag " in an appearance on Tom Green's House Tonight when referring to his criticisms of the film, and opined that Goldstein's criticism was unimaginative.
Some of Goldstein's friends claimed that Goldstein experienced an emotional crisis in the previous December, when two of his friends were ambushed by Arab attackers near Kiryat Arba.

Goldstein's and was
C. Ruggles Smith, desperate for a way to save something of Middlesex University, learned of a New York committee headed by Goldstein that was seeking a campus to establish a Jewish-sponsored secular university, and approached Goldstein with a proposal to give the Middlesex campus and charter to Goldstein's committee, in the hope that his committee might " possess the apparent ability to reestablish the School of Medicine on an approved basis.
Einstein objected to what he thought was excessively expansive promotion, and to Goldstein's sounding out Abram L. Sachar as a possible president without consulting Einstein.
Goldstein's former bodyguard / driver Seymour Magoon corroborated the story, as he testified that on the night of the murder, Goldstein told him that he along with Reles and Strauss had murdered Puggy Feinstein and that shortly after the crime was committed, Goldstein and " Duke " Maffetore burned the body.
Macha Hernandez was a Latino security chief based on Jenette Goldstein's role in Aliens, while Deanna Troi should simply appear " foreign " or more specifically of an Icelandic or Scandinavian nature.
The album was released on Goldstein's LAX label.
Gestalt therapy was based in part on Goldstein's concept called " Organismic theory ".
The cast of characters included Worker 846 Winston Seagoon ( Harry Secombe ), Miss Sfnut ( Peter Sellers ) and Worker 213 Eccles ( Milligan ); Big Brother was replaced by the Big Brother Corporation ( i. e. the BBC ) and Goldstein's revolution by Horace Minikstein's Independent Television Army.
Shortly after its creation, the PCdR's leadership was alleged by authorities to have been involved in Max Goldstein's bomb attack on the Parliament of Romania ; all major party figures, including the general secretary Gheorghe Cristescu, were prosecuted in the Dealul Spirii Trial.
The paper published another short-lived spin-off title, Kiss, a sex-oriented paper that was designed to compete with Al Goldstein's tabloid Screw.
* Yoda's ( Western Virginia, founded by Jack Young & Bill Schroeder ) Young was Leonard Goldstein's ( Lendy's ) brother-in-law.
She would remain in Yiddish theater for the rest of her life, following Goldfaden and Goldstein to Bucharest, Odessa ( where she would star at the Mariinsky Theater in 1881 ) and through Imperial Russia until Yiddish theater was banned in Russia in 1883, then playing in Galicia, in Berlin, and in other locations in Germany, and then back to Romania, where she settled for a while with a theater company in Iaşi where, after Sokher Goldstein's death ( of tuberculosis, according to Rosenfeld ) she married another actor, Max Karp ; her great fame as a prima donna was achieved as Sophia Karp.
Robert L ." Bobby " Swann was appointed comptroller after Goldstein's death by then-governor Parris N. Glendening.
His funeral was attended by a series of luminaries including U. S. Senators Paul Sarbanes and Barbara Mikulski, now House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, various county executives and other prominent public officials as well as regular citizens touched by Goldstein's life of public service.
Although he was accused by some of " selling out " to a bull market in painting, this tactic appropriated the art star mantle that Goldstein's work always had assumed.
At Goldstein's eulogy Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba stated: " Goldstein could not continue to bear all the cases he was seeing as a doctor ; he might have gone insane from all he went through.
In 2000, Goldstein's nascent career got a boost after he was selected to work on Ira Glass ' popular radio program This American Life and he relocated to Chicago to work as a producer on the show.
In 2001, Goldstein's debut novel, Lenny Bruce Is Dead, was published by Coach House Books.
For the rest of her life, Goldstein's wife said that the clothing which Sternhartz bought for her that Passover was the nicest she ever had.

Goldstein's and .
After this attack, members of the Kach Party praised Goldstein's actions, and in the ensuing political turmoil, the Knesset banned Kach in Israel.
In the days immediately following Goldstein's revelation, publications such as the libertarian magazine Reason, and then the Boston Globe, emphasized the Stasi analogy, widely highlighting Operation TIPS ' shortcomings.
Einstein took great offense at Goldstein's having invited Cardinal Francis Spellman to participate in a fundraising event.
Goldstein's attorney decided not to put up a defense.
On April 24, 1941, Strauss and Goldstein's convictions were affirmed by New York's Court of Appeals on a 4 – 3 decision.
They signed a management deal with War producer / manager Jerry Goldstein's Far Out Productions, and recorded their third album, Golden Shower of Hits, in 1983.
* Kurt Goldstein's holistic theory of the organism, based on Gestalt theory.
The protagonist, Winston Smith, secretly hates the Party and Big Brother ; in the event, he approaches O ’ Brien, a high-level member of the Inner Party, believing him part of the Brotherhood, Goldstein's conspiracy against Oceania, Big Brother, and the Party.
After the war he became the chief researcher for Jonah Goldstein's unsuccessful 1945 bid for mayor on the Republican-Liberal-Fusion ticket.

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