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Good and Trouble
* Good Trouble ( 1982 )
* " Rock The Bells " – Contains samples from " Pump Me Up " by Trouble Funk, " Take Me to the Mardi Gras " by Bob James, " Flick of the Switch " by AC / DC, and " Good Times " by Chic
" Trouble " earned Pink her second Grammy Award ( for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance ) at the 2004 Grammy Awards, and " Feel Good Time " was nominated in the category of Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.
* The Trouble with Carol: The Costs of Feeling Good in Todd Haynes's Safe and the American Cultural Landscape by Julie Grossman ( academic article )
Among his other film credits are: Summertime ( 1955 ) with Katharine Hepburn ; Tension at Table Rock ( 1956 ); The Harder They Fall ( 1956 ) with Humphrey Bogart ; Tea and Sympathy ( 1956 ); Three Brave Men ( 1957 ); The Young Doctors ( 1961 ); Youngblood Hawke ( 1964 ); Good Neighbor Sam ( 1964 ); The Glass Bottom Boat ( 1966 ); " The Trouble with Girls with Elvis Presley ( 1969 )" Tora!
Initials / Painting on Television / The Ravens / Good Dog Nigel / Pete and Dud – A Spot of the Usual Trouble ( AKA Film Stars )/ Deaf Ted, Danoota and Me
Hunt also appeared in many supporting and cameo roles in several popular British films such as Good Morning Boys ( 1937 ), Trouble Brewing ( 1939 ), and The Man in Grey ( 1943 ).
He also appeared in Trouble Man, King Kong, Black Caesar, Hell Up in Harlem, Friday Foster, Shrunken Heads, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, and in guest-starring roles on Sanford and Son, Good Times, and Love Boat among others.
Some of his better known books include A Question of Class, Privatizing Malaysia, Southeast Asia ’ s Misunderstood Miracle, Tigers in Trouble, Malaysia ’ s Political Economy, Rents, Rent-Seeking and Economic Development, Malaysian Eclipse, The New Development Economics, Flat World, Big Gaps, Reforming the International Financial System for Development, Poor Poverty and Good Governance for What?
He acted as Harry's brother in The Trouble with Harry ; an episode of the series Twice in a Lifetime directed by David Winning ( 2000 ); Frank Alfonse on Good Morning, Miami ( 2002 ); Michael on Help Me Help You ( 2006 ); and Dr. Jim on Surviving Suburbia ( 2009 ).
The band played for stadium crowds as the opening act for several successful acts at their commercial peak, including Ted Nugent, Loverboy, the Scorpions, Rainbow and REO Speedwagon's tour in support of their album Good Trouble, the follow-up to their smash HI-Infidelity.
", " I Feel Good ", " Shorty George Blues " and " Trouble Everywhere I Roam ".
* Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears ( 1985-1988 )-39 half-hour episodes: A New Beginning, The Sinister Sculptor / Zummi Makes It Hot, Someday My Prints Will Come / Can I Keep Him ?, A Gummi In a Gilded Cage, The Oracle / When You Wish upon A Stone, A Gummi By Any Other Name, Loopie Go Home / A-Huntig We Will Go, The Fence Sitter / The Night Of The Gargoyle, The Secret of the Juice, Sweet and Sour Gruffi / Duel of the Wizards, What You See is Me / Toadie's Wild Ride, Bubble Trouble / A Gummi in a Strange Land, Light Makes Right, Up, Up and Away, For A Sovereigner More / Faster Than Speeding Tummi, Over The River and Through The Trolls / You Snooze you Lose, The Crimson Avenger, A Hard Dazed Knight / Do Unto Ogres, For Whom The Spell Holds, Little Bears Lost / Guess Whos Gumming To Dinner, My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean, Too Many Cooks / Just A Tad Smarter, If I Were You / The Eye of the Beholder, Presto Gummo / A Tree Grows In Dunwyn, Day of Beevilweevil, Water Way To Go / Close Encounters for a Gummi Kind, Snows Your Old Man / Boggling the Bears, The Knights of Gummadoon, Mirthy Me / Gummi Dearest, The Magnificant Seven Gummis, Music Hath Charmes / Dress For Success, A Knight To Remember / Gummis Just Want to Have Fun, Theres No Place like Home / Color me Gummi, He Who Laughs Last, Tummis Last Stand / The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again, Ogre Baby Boom / The White Knight, Good Neighbour Gummi / Girls Knight Out, Top Gum and Gummis at Sea.

Good and 1982
The first voice heard on Channel 4's opening day of Tuesday 2 November 1982 was that of continuity announcer Paul Coia, who intoned, " Good afternoon.
* A sex scene from The Swords of Lankhmar, cut by editor Don Wollheim (" Good Heaven, Fritz, we're a family publisher ...") was published in Fantasy Newsletter # 49 ( July 1982 ).
* Hillis, D. 1982 " New Computer Architectures and Their Relationship to Physics or Why CS is No Good ", Int J.
In contrast, " Better Things " ( 1981 ), " Come Dancing " ( 1982 ), " Don't Forget to Dance " ( 1983 ) and " Good Day " ( 1984 ) were sentimental songs of hope and nostalgia for the aging Air Raid Generation.
< nowiki > Hey Good Lookin '</ nowiki > opened in New York City on October 1, 1982, and was released in Los Angeles in January 1983.
* Davis, Ronald L. F. Good and Faithful Labor: from Slavery to Sharecropping in the Natchez District 1860-1890, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1982.
The band, recording for A & M Records, released albums in 1982 ( Nothing to Fear ) and 1983 ( Good for Your Soul ) that drew comparisons to Devo and later, Wall of Voodoo.
During the 1980s and 1990s, he played roles in many programmes including Goodbye, Mr Kent ( 1982 ), All in Good Faith ( 1985 ), Tales of the Unexpected ( 1988 ), Mr. Bean ( 1990 ) and Twelfth Night ( 1988 ) as Malvolio.
The rest of the album contained original songs created by him or members of his family, including " Season's Greetings ", " You're All I Want And Need For Christmas ", " It's Christmas All Over The World ", " Christmas Eve's Blues ", " Something Good This Christmas ", and " The Bethlehem Story ", a rewrite of Burke's own version of The Little Town of Bethlehem story, or The Night Before Christmas .” The final track on the album is " The Christmas Prayer ", a ' thank you ' sermon from Burke, which had been written by Burke in 1980, and released by Savoy Records in 1982 as the flip side to his cover of " Silent Night.
However, despite the fact that her 1982 recording " There's Still a Few Good Love Songs Left in Me " brought Francis her last notation on the country charts, several songs never made it beyond the status of being recorded.
His first zydeco album, Give Me a Good Time Woman was released in 1982 on the Maison de Soul label.
Beginning in the early 1980s, however, her chart success began to wane, though, she did continue to have top-20 hits during this period, including " Starting Over " and " He Was There ( When I Needed You )" ( both 1980 ), a cover of the Everly Brothers ' hit " Crying in the Rain " ( 1981 ), " Another Chance ", " You Still Get to Me in My Dreams " ( both 1982 ) and " A Good Night's Love " ( 1983 ).
* Good ( as original producer )-13 October 1982 – 30 January 1983
*" Good Night " on Ai Ga Nakucha Ne by Akiko Yano ( 1982 )
* Remington Steele ( 1982 ) Season 1, Episode 13 – " A Good Night's Steele "
* Hula ( 1981 ) and For the Good Times ( 1982 )( two dance pieces )
He became the managing director of Good Relations Ltd, a public affairs company in 1982.
* Davis, Ronald L. F. Good and Faithful Labor: From Slavery to Sharecropping in the Natchez District, 1860-1890 Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Press, 1982
The British Government sought to establish a Northern Ireland Assembly in 1973 ( under the Sunningdale Agreement ; this was brought down by Unionist action ), in 1982 ( this time boycotted by Nationalists ), and more recently under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.
In 1982, the Linfield College-Portland Campus was established when the college entered into an affiliation with Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital & Medical Center and began offering a bachelor's degree program in nursing.
The Portland Campus, home of the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing, was established in 1982 and is located in historic Northwest Portland adjacent to the Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center.
Good Wives: Image and Reality in the Lives of Women in Northern New England, 1650-1750 ( 1982 )
From 1982 to 1985, the station also employed talk-radio host Howard Stern, and WNBC heavily promoted the pair in print and television ads, which often featured the slogan " If We Weren't So Bad, We Wouldn't Be So Good.

Good and Wheels
Cougar can also use this power on himself, called " Radical Good Speed Wheels Unlimited ", encasing his legs below the knee in armor which allows him to move at supersonic speeds.
Their 1985 album Steve McQueen was released in the US with the title Two Wheels Good and peaked at number 180 in the Billboard 200.
The following album, the Thomas Dolby-produced Steve McQueen, ( released in America as Two Wheels Good after McQueen's estate expressed their displeasure with the title ) was highly praised by critics.
Eleven of his singles reached Number One: " Meet Me in Montana " ( with Marie Osmond ), " Bop " ( also a No. 42 pop hit ), " Everything That Glitters ( Is Not Gold )", " You Still Move Me ", " I Will Be There ", " Three Time Loser ", " One Friend ", " Addicted ", " Big Wheels in the Moonlight ", " Love on Arrival ", and " Good Times ".
Goldberg's first professional recording session was " Devil With The Blue Dress On " / " Good Golly Miss Molly " by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels.
* On the episode " Wheels " of the TV show Good Times, J. J. and three of his friends buy a pink 1954 DeSoto off of building superintendent Bookman for $ 200.

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