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Governors-general and have
While the post of High commissioner for Southern Africa ( HCSA ) was held 27 January 1847-31 May 1910 by the Governors of the Cape Colony, then till 6 April 1931 by the Governors-general of South Africa, after that date filled separately till 1963, there have been resident representatives in the constituent territories:

Governors-general and .
1615 ); next a series of Viceroys ( resident in France ) 8 October 1611 – 1672, later Governors and Governors-general.
** 4 April 1957 – 29 January 1958 Paul Louis Gabriel Chauvet ( b. 1904 ), also the last of the long list of Governors-general since 28 June 1908 ( before it had five Commissioners-general since 27 April 1886 )
* in Afrique Occidentale Française ( AOF ), i. e. French West Africa, the last of a long list of Governors-general since 1895 stayed on as first of only two High Commissioners:
In 1934 – 1956 the Governors of the Western Sahara ( which from 27 November 1912 were also Governors-general of Spanish West Africa ) were subordinated to him.
Murphy was also the last of the Governors-general.

their and spouses
These plans, like Du Pont's, contained provisions for passing the vote on Du Pont's General Motors shares on to the ultimate stockholders of Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware, except that officers and directors of the three companies, their spouses, and other people living in their households, as well as other specified persons, were to be totally disenfranchised.
In Bahá ' í belief, souls in the afterlife will continue to retain their individuality and consciousness and will be able to recognize and communicate spiritually with other souls whom they have made deep profound friendships with, such as their spouses.
A footnote in the New American Bible says: “ Some scholars take the call be eunuchs for the sake of heaven to be meant for those who have been divorced by their spouses and who have refused to enter into another marriage ” ( p. 1041 ).
Although both Arnaz and Ball remarried to other spouses after their divorce in 1960, they remained friends, and grew closer in his final decade.
Paul also argues unmarried people must please God, just like married people must please their spouses.
Meanwhile, Buddy and Phyllis join their spouses and the foursome reminisces about the old days of their courtship and the theatre, their memories vividly coming to life in the apparitions of their young counterparts (" Waiting For The Girls Upstairs ").
Hobbyist genealogists typically pursue their own ancestry and that of their spouses.
SS men were carefully vetted for their racial background and were required to get racial certificates of any prospective spouses.
The monozygotic twins twins also chose spouses and best friends who were more similar to their co-twins ' friends and spouses than did dizygotic twins.
Most Americans were reluctant to discuss the intimate details of their sex lives even with their spouses and close friends.
The exhaustion of most opposition forces enabled Stroessner to crush the Paraguayan Communist Party ( Partido Communista Paraguayo-PCP ) by mercilessly persecuting its members and their spouses and to isolate the exiled Colorado epifanistas ( followers of Epifanio Méndez Fleitas ) and democráticos, who had reorganized themselves as the Popular Colorado Movement ( Movimiento Popular Colorado-Mopoco ).
In this case some of the spouses receive / give marital property from two or more simultaneous spouses, while others may only receive / give from one spouse only, depending on whether their home province allows polygamy.
* Full Mutability Doctrine-property relations between spouses are governed by their latest domicile, whether acquired before or after the marriage.

their and have
More of an agricultural nation, they have relied on their warriors only for defense and for survival in the endless wars of the plains.
Their product had been endorsed by Good Housekeeping, the A.M.A., and the Veterinary Journal, among other repositories of higher wisdom, and before much longer if you didn't have a cake of their soap in the john, even your best friends would think you didn't bathe.
Benson said, and Ramey wondered how close their thoughts might have been.
And both in their objectives of non-discrimination and of social progress they have had ranged against them the Southerners who are called Bourbons.
When I question them as to what they mean by concepts like liberty and democracy, I find that they fall into two categories: the simpler ones who have simply accepted the shibboleths of their faith without analysis ; ;
Among Bourbons the racial issue may have less to do with their remaining unreconstructed than other factors.
Or else the North really believes that all Southerners except a few quaint old characters have come around to realizing the errors of their past, and are now at heart sharers of the American Dream, like everybody else.
Regardless of rights and wrongs, a population and an area appropriate to a pre-World-War- 1 great power have been, following conquest, ruled against their will by a neighboring people, and have had imposed upon them social and economic controls they dislike.
Had the situation been reversed, had, for instance, England been the enemy in 1898 because of issues of concern chiefly to New England, there is little doubt that large numbers of Southerners would have happily put on their old Confederate uniforms to fight as allies of Britain.
and I have heard many say that they are content to earn a half or a third as much as they could up North because they so much prefer the quieter habits of their home town.
However, just as all the buildings have not fallen and flowed back to their original mud, so the values which wanted them and saw that they were built have not all disappeared.
In the meantime, while the South has been undergoing this phenomenal modernization that is so disappointing to the curious Yankee, Southern writers have certainly done little to reflect and promote their region's progress.
Most avant-garde creators, true to their interest in the self-sufficiency of pure movement, have tended to dress their dancers in simple lines and solid colors ( often black ) and to give them a bare cyclorama for a setting.
But, since they have rejected both narrative and emotional continuity, how are they to unify the impressive array of materials at their disposal??
Avant-garde choreographers, seeking new forms of continuity for their new vocabulary of movements, have turned to similar approaches.
The 140,414 Americans who gave `` the last full measure of devotion '' to prevent disunion, preserved individual freedom in the United States from the dangers of anarchy, inherent in confederations, which throughout history have proved fatal in the end to all associations composed primarily of sovereign states, and to the liberties of their people.
Its appeal from ballots to bullets at Fort Sumter ended by costing the Southerners their right to have slaves -- a right that was even less compatible with the sovereignty of man.
The lives so many of them gave, to forestall what they believed would be a fatal encroachment by the Union on the powers reserved to their states have continued ever since to safeguard all Americans against freedom's other foe.
We are forced, in our behavior towards others, to adopt empirically successful patterns in toto because we have such a minimal understanding of their essential elements.
The consciousness it mirrors may have come earlier to Europe than to America, but it is the consciousness that most `` mature '' societies arrive at when their successes in technological and economic systematization propel them into a time of examining the not-strictly-practical ends of culture.
The style of life chosen by the beat generation, the rhythm and ritual they have adopted as uniquely their own, is designed to enhance the value of the sexual experience.
I have no picture in my mind of the garden as a whole -- that I could not see -- but certain aspects of certain corners linger in the memory: wind-blown, frost-bitten, white chrysanthemums beneath a window, with their brittle brown leaves and their sharp scent of November ; ;

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