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Graduates and who
Graduates of osteopathic medical schools in the United States should not be confused with osteopaths, who are found in the European and Commonwealth nations.
Graduates were usually graded as Flight Officers ( Warrant Officers ); cadets who graduated at the top of their class were graded as Second Lieutenants.
( Graduates of Hooper School who went on to what was then called " secondary " education attended Union-Endicott High School until the opening of Maine-Endwell Central High School in 1961 ).
Graduates of the university's colonial predecessor, King's College, included such notable early American judicial figures as John Jay, who would later become the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court.
Graduates who have entered other branches of the service have had more direct roles in Iraq.
Graduates and students fought in the Revolutionary War, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War, and plaques and statues in the school building honor those who died.
The first national chairman was the last head of Conservative Graduates, Donal Blaney, followed by Gavin Megaw, who had been the chairman of Conservative Students in its last year of existence.
Clive Labovitch and Michael Heseltine – later a minister under Margaret Thatcher and Deputy Prime Minister under John Major – who had met at university started out with the 1957 Directory of Opportunities for Graduates and in 1959 relaunched Man About Town, which was to become an influential ( if unprofitable ) men's consumer magazine.
Graduates of the club's junior section include several county players, and Frankie Neale who plays for the first team as well as England academy.
Graduates who hold this title are licensed and may now practice medicine.
Graduates of UABMT who were not assigned to flying duties were not awarded ABM wings.
UWI Graduates who are, or have been, Heads of Government or in the Government:
Graduates who go on to PhD study may therefore earn both a MPhil and a PhD.
Graduates who have applied for dental license registration in the United Kingdom now have to sit the Overseas Registration Exam ( ORE ), a three-part examination.
Graduates who are commissioned serve in the Reserve Components ( Army Reserve or Army National Guard ) while completing their bachelor ’ s degrees.
The Queen's Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates is a 12 month program that is targeted towards those who have already obtained an undergraduate degree in business, so rather than relearning concepts students can obtain an MBA in a minimal amount of time while continuing to work.
The medal was endowed by McGill Graduates Society ( founded by Sir William in 1857 ), the Henry Birks Foundation and RSC, with contributions from Fellows, and staff and friends from McGill University, to commemorate Dawson's term as Principal and to honour “ the man who built McGill ”.
Graduates who are interested in continuing their education overseas typically can obtain up to 1. 0-1. 5 years exemptions from a degree programme.
Graduates were usually graded as Flight Officers ( Warrant Officers ); cadets who graduated at the top of their class were graded as Second Lieutenants.
Graduates are also designated as " green " side corpsmen as opposed to " blue " side corpsmen who maintain their scope of practice in hospitals and clinics not in the field.
:* Graduates of the Air Force Academy or West Point who cross commissioned to the Navy or Marine Corps and completed 20 years of commissioned service with the rank of Rear Admiral or Brigadier General, or senior thereto.
Children who grew up listening to Raffi's songs are referred to as " Beluga Graduates ", or " Beluga Grads ", after the title song.
Graduates of Sera Jey College who are known in the west include:
Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates ( 高等学校卒業程度認定試験 Kōtōgakkō Sotsugyōteidoninteishiken ) is an examination, taken by individuals who did not graduate upper secondary school ( High school ).

Graduates and have
Graduates have found success in many fields, serving as the heads of diverse institutions in both public and private sectors.
Graduates from UCF have also started many successful businesses, including Fidelity Security Agency, UBreakIFix and Grub Taxi.
Graduates with an hbo bachelor's may have to complete additional requirements for admission to a wo master's programme.
Graduates of such schools can sit for the bar exam in California, and once they have passed that exam, a large number of states allow those students to sit for their bars ( after practicing for a certain number of years in California ).
Graduates of the School of Social Work have become policymakers at all levels of government, from the U. S. Senate to the state and federal courts, to the State Department and departments of social services.
Graduates also work as educators and researchers at universities across the country and have become therapists, community organizers, and managers.
Graduates have gone to excel at top graduate schools in the United States, including Yale, Princeton, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago and many others.
Graduates of UT Southwestern have amongst the lowest amounts of student loan debt at the time of matriculation ( average debt of grads from Southwestern is $ 75, 400 according to the 2008 U. S. News and World Report ).
UC's Graduates of the School of Architecture ( one of the most prominent in Latin America ) have also made important contributions to the country with such work as the Central Building (" Casa Central ") of UC, and the National Library.
Graduates of this Honors Program have been accepted into highly ranked schools including Cornell and UNC Chapel Hill.
Graduates of İstanbul technical university have received many TUBITAK science and TUBA awards.
Without the help of The Association of Arab-American University Graduates ( AAUG ), and its donation of the first months rent, the opening of ACCESS on Vernor Highway would not have been possible.
Graduates of this school during the last 80 years have included two Prime Ministers, eight Foreign Affairs Ministers and scores of cabinet Ministers and Undersecretaries.
Graduates of DBU have gone on to play baseball in the major leagues.
Graduates of KBEM's broadcast instructional program have gone on to work at WCCO, KQRS-FM, KFAI, Minnesota Public Radio, KPCC in Los Angeles, KQED in San Francisco, Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio, WHYI in Miami, WWZZ in Washington, D. C., KDWB, KTCZ, KHMX in Houston and other media such as the Star Tribune.
High School Senior Year Graduates receive half a page to customize, with their own personal quote, portrait, description, and collage, and students get anywhere from 2 – 6 pages to have signed by friends, or customize however they like.
Graduates from this program have an average annual starting salary of more than $ 60, 000.
Graduates of the Aviation Management Program have landed careers in: Airline Management, Airport Management, Airport Planning, and Flight Dispatch.
Graduates from the institution's three-year tertiary education program have gone on to national and international success.
Graduates of the school have also achieved employment in musical theatre, contemporary and jazz dance, television and film.
Graduates of this kind of school also have the opportunity to cross over into certain branches of the AHS track at the age of fourteen or to attend a series of different “ higher vocational-technical schools ” ( Berufsbildende Höhere Schulen and Höhere Technische Lehranstalten ), which have five-year programs of specialization in various branches of technology ( HTL

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