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Granatstein and Norman
St. Laurent was ranked # 4 on a survey of the first 20 prime ministers ( through Jean Chrétien ) of Canada done by Canadian historians, and used by J. L. Granatstein and Norman Hillmer in their book Prime Ministers: Ranking Canada's Leaders.
Granatstein and Norman Hillmer, Prime Ministers: Ranking Canada's Leaders ( Toronto: HarperCollinsPublisherLtd, A Phyllis Bruce Book, 1999 ), pp. 114 – 126.
Granatstein and Norman Hillmer.

Granatstein and Mackenzie
* Granatstein, J. L .. " King, ( William Lyon ) Mackenzie ( 1874 – 1950 )", Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, online ed, Jan 2011 accessed 12 Sept 2011
* Granatstein, J. L .. Mackenzie King: His Life and World, ( 1977 ).
* Granatstein, J. L. Canada's War: The politics of the Mackenzie King government, 1939 – 1945 ( 1975 )

Granatstein and was
According to Granatstein, this meant that Canada was not able to live up to its post-Cold War military commitments.
On June 6, 1994, he was part of the CBC's coverage of the 50th anniversary of D-Day, as the network's chief correspondent, Peter Mansbridge got expert help in the commentary from Granatstein.
Jack Granatstein served as the head of the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa from 1998 to 2001 and was a driving force behind the building of the museum's new home that opened in 2005.
He was succeeded by Barbara Amiel who, in turn, was succeeded by John Downing, Lorrie Goldstein, Linda Williamson and Rob Granatstein.
During the 2006 federal election, Bulte was criticized by law professor Michael Geist, historian Jack Granatstein and blogger Cory Doctorow among others.

Granatstein and #
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Granatstein and place
While high-profile “ history wars ” have taken place over public exhibits and interpretations of history in many places in recent years ( for example, Australia ’ s ongoing debate over the history of colonisation and indigenous peoples, the furor over Jack Granatstein ’ s 1998 book “ Who Killed Canadian History ?”, or the 1994 controversy over the National Museum of American History's planned exhibit on the Enola Gay bomber ), public historians tend to welcome these as opportunities to participate in vigorous public discussions over the meanings of the past, debating how people arrive at those meanings.

Granatstein and David
* Granatstein, J. L., & Stafford, David, " Spy Wars ", Key Porter Books Ltd., 1990.
* J. L. Granatstein David Stafford.

Granatstein and .
As Granatstein ( 2004 ) notes, " the scholars expressed little admiration for King the man but offered unbounded admiration for his political skills and attention to Canadian unity.
and Granatstein, J. L.
* Granatstein, J. L.
* Granatstein, J. L.
* Granatstein, J. L. Canada's War: The Politics of the McKenzie King Government, 1939-1945.
Granatstein, Mulroney " raised the military's hopes repeatedly, but failed to deliver.
Granatstein ranked Mulroney eighth among Canada's prime ministers in their 1999 book Prime Ministers: Ranking Canada's Leaders.

Norman and Hillmer
and Norman Hillmer.
Military historians Norman Hillmer and J. L.
George Norman Hillmer ( born 1942 in Niagara Falls, Ontario ) is a leading Canadian historian and teacher and is among the leading scholars on Canada-US relations.
* George Norman Hillmer

Norman and found
That made up for the `` best '' motel in Norman, Okla., where the proprietor knocked $2 off the $8.50 tab when we found ants in the pressed-paper furniture.
Mentions of banshees can also be found in Norman literature of that time.
The study found measurable hexavalent chromium in the tap water of 31 of the cities sampled, with Norman, Oklahoma, at the top of list ; 25 cities had levels that exceeded California's proposed limit.
Some authors reject both the French and Goidelic theories and instead suggest that the ultimate source both for the Norman French, Scots and Goidelic variants of this word are to be found in a common Norse root.
He wrote in his memoirs that he found this period very useful later on, when he entered politics, and that senior civil servant Norman Robertson tried unsuccessfully to persuade him to stay on.
Another significant example can be found in the Norman onomastics: the widespread surname Lecesne, with variant spellings: Le Cesne, Lesène, Lecène and Cesne.
* Revolt of Sfax against the Norman occupiers and massacre of the Christians found in the city.
By the 12th century Italian flutes came in a variety of sizes, and fragments of 12th-century Norman bone whistles have been found in Ireland, and an intact 14 cm Tusculum clay whistle from the 14th century in Scotland.
Tapestry fragments have been found in Scandinavia dating from the ninth century and it is thought that Norman and Anglo-Saxon embroidery developed from this sort of work.
The words " Norman villa " are found on the 1527 map by Visconte Maggiolo identifying the site.
Further evidence for this can be found in the Pipe Roll of Henry I, which shows that he had received a discharge from the murder fine ( a fine levied on inhabitants of a certain area based on the murder of a Norman that occurred in a generally accessible field in that same area ) levied on the community of Wiltshire in 1130, though there is no other proof for this fact.
Norman Del Mar speculates that “ there would be considerable loss if the solution were to be found, much of the work ’ s attraction lying in the impenetrability of the riddle itself ”, that interest in the work would not be as strong had the Enigma been solved during Elgar's lifetime.
At least one researcher in the 1900s ( Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing, who was a self-professed sadist ) thought that algolagnia was a psychological disorder, however this view began to change once the Kinsey Reports noted that many seemingly " normal " people often enjoy pain in a sexual context, and later Norman Breslow found that, before 1977, only four previous studies in all the scientific literature were empirical in nature.
During the construction of a new Highbury House in 1781, tiles were found that could have been Roman or Norman ; unfortunately these have been lost.
An earlier church is believed to have been built during the Norman period, as a stone was found within the grounds with markings from that time.
Norman decided " I couldn't do it when I found out what it was about.
Norman revealed that " I recorded " This Land Is Your Land " and " They Laid Jesus Christ in His Grave " with a guitar I borrowed that was Woody Guthrie's ; found broken in a field with a bird nest inside.
Norman " almost found belated American CM acceptance ", and attended the conservative Dove Awards in 1987.
The earliest known reference to fermented alcoholic drinks being made from pears is found in Pliny, but perry making seems to have become well established in what is today France following the collapse of the Roman empire ; references to perry making in its later heartland of England do not appear before the Norman Conquest.
Norman Zacour in the survey A History of the Crusades ( 1962 ) generally follows Munro's conclusions, and adds that there was a psychological instability of the age, concluding the Children's Crusade " remains one of a series of social explosions, through which medieval men and women — and children too — found release ".
It was notable in Saxon and early Norman times for the large numbers of fish and eels found there.
When Lord Lucan vanished in 1974, his car was found in Newhaven, in Norman Road, with two types of blood in it.
The parish church of St. Nicholas can be found near the centre of the village and dates back to the 11th century and is of an original Norman design though with a working 17th century bell tower.
Once more Norman found himself in the lead at Inverness until he stumbled on Sunday again.

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