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Grant's and response
Grant's response to the Panic of 1873 and the severe depression that followed was ineffective.
Also, Grant's order to release gold in response to gold's rising price was itself a manipulation of the market.
On September 3, 1861, Confederate General Leonidas Polk extended his defensive line north from Tennessee when Gideon Pillow occupied Columbus, Kentucky ( in response to Ulysses S. Grant's occupation of Belmont, Missouri, directly across the Mississippi River ).
Grant's response was remarkable in that it let the defeated Lee choose the place of his surrender.
Grant's response was:

Grant's and Johnson
Over Grant's objection, Johnson removed generals Sheridan and Sickles for failing to follow his earlier orders to circumvent the Reconstruction acts.
Johnson notified Congress of War Secretary Stanton's suspension and Grant's interim appointment.
In his first and last speech in the Senate, Johnson spoke eloquently in opposition to Grant's military intervention between rival governments in Louisiana, when the gubernatorial election was disputed and Democratic supporters ousted the winning Republican side with armed force in New Orleans.
Grant was the most popular man in the country ; when President Johnson was at loggerheads with the Congress over Reconstruction, he decided to take his case to the people with his infamous " swing around the circle " throughout the country and he sought to capitalize on Grant's popularity by having Grant travel with him.
First, Grant's relationship with his predecessor Johnson had deteriorated badly, culminating with Johnson's appointment of Grant antagonist William Rosecrans as minister to Mexico.
Breaking a long held tradition, President Johnson declined to ride with Grant's carriage or attend Grant's Inauguration at the Capitol, having chosen to remain at the White House signing last minute bills into law.
Afterwards Croghan wrote Johnson that he feared a similar " thrashing " for Gen. John Forbes advance forces nearing Fort Duquesne, unaware of Major James Grant's bloody defeat five days earlier.

Grant's and Stanton
The Georgetown graveyard overlooks Rock Creek, and is shared with: Chief Justice Edward Douglass White ; and " almost-Justice " Edwin M. Stanton ( President Ulysses S. Grant's nomination of him was confirmed by the Senate, but Stanton died before he could be sworn in ).
Grant's contract was made out to " Robert Stanton ," and Grant used the pseudonym in his earliest films before adopting his first and middle names professionally.

Grant's and increased
Grant's initial 15, 000 troop strength was increased by 10, 000 reinforcements.
Grant's fame increased throughout the country, and he was promoted to Lieutenant General, a position that had previously been given to George Washington and given to Winfield Scott as a brevet promotion.
Coming out of Grant's concerns with the changing " stock " of American immigration of the early 20th century ( characterized by increased numbers of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe, as opposed to Western and Northern Europe ), Passing of the Great Race was a " racial " interpretation of contemporary anthropology and history, stating race as the basic motor of civilization.
Grant's Republican Party increased its majority greatly at the expense of the opposition Democratic Party.

Grant's and popularity
Following the 9 / 11 attacks, Grant's " I Will Remember You " saw a resurgence in popularity as many radio DJs mixed a special tribute version of the song.
Its biggest hit, " The Coloring Song ," reached the top position on three Christian radio charts simultaneously, and at its peak, the band's tours rivaled Amy Grant's in popularity among Christian audiences.

Grant's and with
Despite disagreeing with many of Grant's policies, Rod supports him.
Grant's foreign policy, led by Secretary of State Hamilton Fish, implemented International Arbitration, settled the Alabama Claims with Britain and avoided war with Spain over the Virginius Affair.
Historians until recently have given Grant's presidency the worst rankings ; however, his reputation has significantly improved because of greater appreciation for his foreign policy and civil rights achievements, particularly: avoiding war with Britain and Spain, the Fifteenth Amendment, persecution of the Ku Klux Klan, enforcement of voting rights, and his Indian Peace Policy.
alt = Grant's portrait is in the middle of a picture surrounded by his chronological military history starting with graduating from West Point, next the Mexican-American War, and finally Civil War events and battle scenes.
" Grant's own demeanor had changed immediately at the outset of the war ; having renewed energies, he began to walk with a confident step.
Grant's troops, in close collaboration with the Union Navy under Foote, successfully captured Fort Henry on the Tennessee River on February 6, 1862 and nearby Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River on February 16.
This order expelled Jews, as a class, from Grant's military district, in reaction to illicit activities of overly aggressive cotton traders in the Union camps, which Grant believed was interfering with military operations.
Grant's diplomacy failed him, however, when he jokingly suggested to his wife that, perhaps if she met with Mrs. Louise ( James ) Longstreet, they could restore peace.
In this respect, Grant's initial Reconstruction policy aligned with Johnson's policy of pardoning established southern leaders and restoring them to their positions of power.
Johnson's true frustration was with Grant's decidedly " going over " to the Radical's side.
Forney forged ahead with an editorial reviewing Grant's record with the recommendation for his nomination ; he made a point of getting Grant's personal review before publication.

Grant's and Radical
A Radical, he used the vast patronage of the post office to support Grant's coalition.

Grant's and Republicans
When Grant's spring campaigns turned into bloody stalemates and Union casualties mounted, the lack of military success wore heavily on the President's re-election prospects, and many Republicans across the country feared that Lincoln would be defeated.
The President thought his action could drive a wedge between Grant and the Republicans, and dampen Grant's presidential aspirations.
The Republicans split in 1872 over Grant's reelection, with the Liberal Republicans, including Sumner, opposing Grant with a new third party.
Reform Republicans accomplished the nomination and then election of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876, who brought Reconstruction to an end and removed some of the more offensive of Grant's appointments.

Grant's and ;
In the spring of 1863, Lincoln was optimistic about upcoming campaigns to the point of thinking the end of the war could be near if a string of victories could be put together ; these plans included Hooker's attack on Lee north of Richmond, Rosecrans ' on Chattanooga, Grant's on Vicksburg, and a naval assault on Charleston.
The high casualty figures of the Union alarmed the North ; Grant had lost a third of his army, and Lincoln asked what Grant's plans were, to which the general replied, " I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.
Lincoln was also alarmed at the level of casualties, and queried Halleck as to Grant's potential responsibility for them ; Grant was criticized for his decision to keep the Union Army bivouacked rather than entrenched.
Sherman's experiences in the military had been very similar to Grant's ; he had studied at West Point, served in the Mexican War, and later had resigned from the Army only to fail in his civilian career.
President Lincoln again sent Charles Dana to keep a watchful eye on Grant's alleged intemperance ; Dana eventually became Grant's devoted ally, and made light of the drinking.
Grant is thought by many to have been a target in the Lincoln assassination plot ; an unknown assailant allegedly failed in an attempt to break into Grant's railroad car.
The Crédit Mobilier scandal was exposed during the Grant Administration in 1872 ; the involvement of Vice-President Schuyler Colfax was an embarrassment to the Administration, but the wrongdoing in that instance is not generally imputed to Grant's Presidency.
At the outset, Garfield's relationship with the newly inaugurated President was cool on both sides ; Grant refused a requested post office appointment which Garfield recommended ; Garfield, out of loyalty to his army commander, still harbored some resentment for Grant's dismissal of Rosecrans.
When General Grant's forces broke through Richmond's defenses, Jefferson Davis ordered the destruction of Richmond's militarily significant supplies ; the resulting conflagration destroyed many – mainly commercial – buildings and some Southern warships docked on the James River.
In the 1960s he starred in such films as The Children's Hour with Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine, The Thrill of It All and Move Over, Darling ( a remake of My Favorite Wife in which Garner played Cary Grant's role ), both with Doris Day, Boys ' Night Out with Kim Novak and Tony Randall ; The Great Escape with Steve McQueen, The Americanization of Emily with Julie Andrews, Duel at Diablo with Sidney Poitier, and The Art of Love with Dick Van Dyke.
Notable monuments and statues in the park include the Eleanor Roosevelt Monument at 72nd Street ( Penelope Jencks, sculptor ), the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at 89th Street, the Joan of Arc statue at 93rd Street ( Anna Hyatt Huntington, sculptor ; John V. Van Pelt, architect ), and Grant's Tomb, New York's version of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.
At a special conference 93 % of delegates voted for the ' Open Turn ', although a minority around Ted Grant broke away to form Socialist Appeal and remain in the Labour Party ; Ted Grant's supporters internationally formed the International Marxist Tendency.
John Wagner decided to rectify this in the solo Death story My Name Is Death, and while later strip The Wilderness Days added humour to Death's tale, he was still a menacing and unstoppable killer ; Alan Grant's Half Life, released at the same time, also treated Death as pure, unstoppable evil.
The biggest factor in the defeat of Fort Henry was not the naval artillery or Grant's infantry ; it was the rising flood waters of the Tennessee, which flooded the powder magazines and forced a number of the guns out of action.
Kirriemuir claims the narrowest public footpath in Western Europe ; Cat's Close, situated between Grant's Pend and Kirkwynd, is a mere 40 centimetres ( 15. 75 inches ) wide.

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