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Grayson and was
The Texans made themselves a comforting break on the opening kickoff when Denver's Al Carmichael was jarred loose from the ball when Dave Grayson, the speedy halfback, hit him and Guard Al Reynolds claimed it for Dallas.
* Dick Grayson, the original Robin, was a master of Savate and other forms of martial arts.
) The second single, " Can't We Talk It Over in Bed ", did not chart, but was released in 1989 by Grayson Hugh, the song's arranger, as " Talk It Over " becoming a Top 20 Pop hit.
In Diane Duane's novel Spock's World, it was suggested that Arie ' mnu closely translates into " passion's mastery ", but that linguist Amanda Grayson, Sarek's wife and Spock's mother, in her work on the universal translator, had mistranslated the Vulcan word to mean " lack of emotions ".
Grayson County was founded in 1793 from part of Wythe County.
It was named for William Grayson, delegate to the Continental Congress from 1784 to 1787 and one of the first two U. S. Senators from Virginia.
While cooperating with both Grayson and Carroll Counties, Galax was able to chart an independent course to better respond to the needs of its citizens.
Fiddle player G. B. Grayson was born in Ashe County in 1887.
It was formed in 1838 and was named for William Grayson Carter, a state senator at the time of its creation.
It was named after Colonel William Grayson Carter, a Kentucky state Senator.
Dick Grayson is one such example, having outgrown the mantle of Robin when he was under Batman and taken up the new identity of Nightwing.
Dick Grayson was an 8-year-old acrobat, the youngest of a family act called the " Flying Graysons ".
Grayson temporarily took over as Batman ( while Wayne was traveling through time ), using the aid of Damian Wayne, making his newish appearance as " Robin ", to defeat and imprison Todd.
DC was initially hesitant to turn Grayson into Nightwing and to replace him with a new Robin.
Like Dick Grayson, Jason Todd was the son of circus acrobats murdered by a criminal ( this time the Batman adversary Killer Croc ), and then adopted by Bruce Wayne.
In this incarnation, he was red-haired and unfailingly cheerful, and wore his circus costume to fight crime until Dick Grayson presented him with a Robin suit of his own.
Some outside the comic book community mistakenly thought that DC was considering killing Dick Grayson, not realizing he had been replaced.
He ended Tim Drake's run as Robin after he severely injured him, but was later defeated by Grayson who assumed the role of Batman with his former mentor's biological son, Damian, as the new Robin.
Tim was introduced as a happy medium between the first two Robins in that, from the readers ' point of view, he is neither overly well behaved like Dick Grayson nor overly impudent like Jason Todd.
He appeared to have died during the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which the DC Multiverse was reduced to one Universe, and this version of Grayson, as well as the Earth-Two Batman, were deemed never to have existed.
Robin ( Dick Grayson ) was portrayed by Douglas Croft and Johnny Duncan, respectively, in the 1943 and 1949 fifteen chapter Batman serials.
When the Teen Titans animated season two, episode eleven, " Fractured ", introduced their version of Bat-Mite he stated that he was Robin's DNA buddy ( genetic twin ) and was given the more pronounceable nickname " Larry " by Beast Boy, after Larry had given the team his real name, Nosyarg Kcid or Dick Grayson spelled backwards.
Grayson or Graysonville was founded by a company of seven men, which included Andrew Jackson Grayson ( 1818 – 1869 ).

Grayson and one
Henry Joseph Grayson designed a machine to make diffraction gratings, succeeding with one of 120, 000 lines to the inch ( approx.
There are three elementary schools Columbia Elementary, Central Elementary, and Grayson Elementary in the parish, one Jr high, Caldwell Parish Jr High, and one high school, Caldwell Parish High School, located between Columbia and Grayson.
The old Indian settlement of that name was, however, several miles from the present site of the town, but through the influence of G. W. Grayson, the present Chief of the Creeks, his brother Samuel, George Stidham and others, the Railroad Company was induced to locate one of its stations at the present site of the town and the old Indian village was moved to the station.
At the same time, Harrington was awarded several medals, ennobled by Grayson as one of its few Steadholders, and further ennobled in the Star Kingdom as Countess Harrington.
The conspiracy hopes to discredit her by sabotaging the work performed by one of her companies while the Grayson Space Navy ( GSN ) eventually recruits her, making her the second ranking admiral in their young, rapidly expanding navy.
Gonet trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and is known for playing Beatrice Eliott, one of the two lead roles, in three series of the television drama The House Of Eliott, and Chief Executive Officer Jayne Grayson in the medical drama Holby City.
Andros battles with the other Red Rangers to save the Earth – he and Carter Grayson destroying one of the generals together.
Lenin noted that Grayson was " a very fiery socialist, but one not strong in principles and given to phrase-mongering.
Wayne came to this decision when Dick Grayson went off to college, which led him to decide that the mansion was now impractical with only one resident and one servant.
Former notable presenters on the station include Greg Scott ( most famous for his television appearances on ITV's Quizmania ), Joel Ross ( now one half of JK and Joel, who later spent three years at BBC Radio 1 ), Howard Nurse ( BBC Football Editor ), and Global Radio network presenter, Neil Grayson.
* The Wipers Times: Including for the first time in one volume a facsimile reproduction of the complete series of the famous wartime trench magazines, Eveleigh Nash and Grayson, 1930
When Andrew Jackson Grayson discussed the species, he called it the " Solitary Dove " because he never saw more than one male and one female together.
In that Convention, Grayson argued that the proposed constitution was neither fish nor fowl — neither strong enough for a national government nor decentralized enough for a federal oneand thus eventually would either degenerate into a despotism or result in the dissolution of the Union.
Batman shows no emotion or reaction to the mention of Jason since Dick Grayson was the one and only Robin in his universe.
In 2009, Network DVD released a 3 disc set Shut That Door – Larry Grayson At ITV, which features material from his ITV days, including the one existing episode of his series Shut That Door and both series of The Larry Grayson Show.

Grayson and first
The first incarnation of the character, Dick Grayson, debuted in Detective Comics # 38 ( April 1940 ).
In the final issue of Battle for the Cowl, Bruce Wayne's son, Damian Wayne becomes the new Robin after rescuing Tim from death, working first with Grayson ( who substituted as Batman ), and then his returned father.
To minimize the change, they made the new Robin, Jason Peter Todd, who first appeared in Batman # 357 ( 1983 ), similar to a young Grayson.
The Oxford English Dictionary credits William J. Grayson with having first used the phrase master race, in his poem The Hireling and the Slave ( 1855 ):
Within a year, Grayson had her first screen test.
In the first, Grayson plays the teenage daughter, Rebecca, of the eccentric Yancey family from Lynchburg, Virginia.
Grayson married twice, first to actor John Shelton ( born Edward S. Price ) and then to the actor / singer Johnnie Johnston.
The nonprofit research organization APQC, founded by Grayson, organized the first White House Conference on Productivity, spearheading the creation of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1987.
He also dabbled in fiction, writing children's stories for the magazine Youth's Companion and a nine-volume series of stories about rural living in America, the first of which was titled " Adventures in Contentment " under the pseudonym David Grayson.
Nite-Wing is shot on his first night out and Dick Grayson, as Blüdhaven's protector Nightwing, defends him from Blockbuster's gang, who think it is Nightwing who has been injured.
Ra's surprises Batman in the Batcave, seemingly to enlist Batman's aid in rescuing both Talia and Dick Grayson, the first Robin, both of whom have apparently been kidnapped.
In 1974, Mego offered the first exclusive figures for Montgomery Ward's due to a relationship founder David Abrams had with Wards, which included Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Clark Kent and Peter Parker.
After a year's convalescent leave, having lost her eye among other damages in the engagements in Yeltsin in defense of Grayson, she was given the newly commissioned state-of-the-art Battlecruiser Nike and made flag captain of a new squadron, both professional plums demonstrating the high regard she'd earned in her first navy, before again encountering Captain Pavel Young — whose career was decidedly going the other direction.
She is the only living holder of the Star of Grayson, and the first in six hundred years to receive it twice, as noted by the crossed swords beneath.
The coaching role was passed onto the former first team mates Budge Pountney and Paul Grayson to tide the team over.
It is around this time that the first Robin, Dick Grayson, becomes Batman's sidekick.
At first, this proceeds smoothly: Spock assumes the identity of Selek, and is welcomed into the home of Sarek and Amanda Grayson.
Starfire, at first, seemingly no longer remembers the Teen Titans when asked about them, however, it's later shown that she does retain her memories and recalls Dick Grayson and Roy's full name.
The title had been initially promoted as only doing stories from before Robin, but Dick Grayson, the first Robin, did appear in issue 23, though he was still a circus performer.
A retelling of the origins of the first Robin, Dick Grayson.
Haney was developing a new group of junior superheroes, which in its first informal appearance featured a team-up of Robin ( Dick Grayson ), Kid Flash ( Wally West ), and Aqualad — the sidekicks of Justice League members Batman, the Flash, and Aquaman, respectively.
Batman arrives and recognises the man as Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who Batman fired long ago and who has now been genetically manipulated to possess a powerful healing factor and shapeshifting ability, but has also been driven criminally insane.

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