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Greenberg's and contributions
Greenberg's reputation rests in part on his contributions to synchronic linguistics and the quest to identify linguistic universals.

Greenberg's and Cleveland
Greenberg's eligibility was questioned by some voters, as he had been listed on the Cleveland Indians ' active roster for part of the 1948 season as a precautionary move against injuries to other players.

Greenberg's and farm
Olney grew up on a dairy farm in Randolph Center, Vermont, which came in handy when he served as the " Cow Insider " for Mike Greenberg's milking of a cow on " Mike and Mike in the Morning " on June 21, 2007.

Greenberg's and led
These were not abnormal major league outfield distances, but the obvious attempt to take advantage of Greenberg's bat led the media to dub the area " Greenberg Gardens ".

Greenberg's and team's
Under Greenberg's proposal, each team would continue to play a 154-game season, with 126 within that team's league, and 28 against the eight clubs in the other league.

Greenberg's and 1950s
The notion that art should examine its own nature was already a potent aspect of ( the influential art critic ) Clement Greenberg's vision of Modern art during the 1950s.

Greenberg's and Bill
After another walk and single, he came to bat in the 12th inning with the score tied 7-7, two out and pinch runner Bill Schuster on first base ; Hack doubled to left field off Tiger pitcher Dizzy Trout, with the ball taking a sharp bounce over outfielder Hank Greenberg's shoulder, giving the Cubs an 8-7 win and tying the Series.

Greenberg's and James
The game included elements of Greenberg's earlier show, The Who, What, or Where Game, seen during the early 1970s and hosted by Art James.

Greenberg's and wrote
* For Martin Greenberg's Fantastic Lives: Autobiographical Essays by Notable Science Fiction Writers ( Southern Illinois University Press, 1981 ) she wrote " The Expanding Mind ," a memoir of her youth and the impact of science fiction on the mind of a young girl.
Fromm-Reichmann wrote glowing reports focusing on Greenberg's genius and creativity, which she saw as signs of Greenberg's innate health, indicating that she had every chance of recovering from her mental illness.
JM: That essay and the one he wrote about you the next year, " Changer: Anne Truitt ," marked you as " Greenberg's Minimalist.
In the sixties, Greenberg's and Fried's modernist doctrine dominated the American discussions on art ; meanwhile, the artists Allan Kaprow, Dick Higgins, Henry Flynt, Mel Bochner, Robert Smithson and Joseph Kosuth wrote articles on art exemplifying a pluralistic anti-and post-modernist tendency which gained more influence at the end of the sixties.

Greenberg's and also
The Pirates also reduced the size of Forbes Field's cavernous left field, renaming the section " Greenberg Gardens " to accommodate Greenberg's pull-hitting style.
It was slightly broader than Greenberg's grouping but it also left out Afroasiatic.
Zuni was also included under Morris Swadesh's Penutioid proposal and Joseph Greenberg's very inclusive Penutian sub-grouping – both without convincing arguments ( Campbell 1997 ).
He also appeared in the 2003 finale of the WB's Dawson's Creek ; afterward he performed on the Los Angeles stage the role of bigoted Southerner Shane Mungitt in Richard Greenberg's play Take Me Out, about a dark baseball player who announces he is gay.
Joseph Greenberg's Language in the Americas ( 1987 ) linked Macro-Ge and Macro-Carib together, but also with Macro-Panoan rather than Tupian.

Greenberg's and be
Harold Fleming and Lionel Bender, who are sympathetic to Greenberg's classification, acknowledge that at least some of his macrofamilies ( particularly Nilo-Saharan and Khoisan ) are not fully accepted by the linguistic community and may need to be split up ( Campbell 1997 ).
At present, Songhay is normally considered to be Nilo-Saharan, following Joseph Greenberg's 1963 reclassification of African languages ; Greenberg's argument is based on about 70 claimed cognates, including pronouns.
Steven Greenberg's son, Nile, was featured on the MTV show " Made " where he wanted to be made into a rapper.

Greenberg's and him
Greenberg's antagonism to ' Postmodernist ' theories and socially engaged movements in art caused him to become a target for critics who labelled him, and the art he admired, as " old fashioned ".

Greenberg's and .
" The complete text of the poem is at the end of Greenberg's biography page at the website of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.
Sammy Sosa tied Greenberg's mark in 1998.
In Greenberg's first game back after being discharged, on July 1, he homered.
It ended with Greenberg's grand slam on the next pitch, clinching Hal Newhouser's 25th victory of the season.
Team co-owner Bing Crosby recorded a song, " Goodbye, Mr. Ball, Goodbye " with Groucho Marx and Greenberg to celebrate Greenberg's arrival.
During Veeck and Greenberg's first season, the White Sox won their first AL pennant since 1919.
*" The Original Hammering Hank: The Greatest Slugger Time Has Forgotten ," David Dalin, The Weekly Standard, Oct 23, 2010, written in honor of the 100th anniversary of Greenberg's birth.
Tendler said that Rabbi Greenberg's announcement is " the exact same as if he said, ' I'm an Orthodox Rabbi and I eat ham sandwiches on Yom Kippur.
Many scholars took up this kind of research following Greenberg's example and it remains important in synchronic linguistics.
Many who are strongly opposed to Greenberg's methods of language classification ( see below ) acknowledge the importance of his typological work.
Greenberg's classification rested in part on earlier classifications ; he made new macrogroups by joining already established families through mass comparison.
In contrast, some linguists have sought to combine Greenberg's four African families into larger units.
Greenberg's subgrouping of these languages has not been accepted by the few specialists who have worked on the classification of these languages.
According to an article by Nicholas Wade published in the New York Times, genetic evidence published in July 2012 in the journal Nature by David Reich of the Harvard Medical School " vindicates " Greenberg's hypothesis of three waves of migration into the Americas.
Not all linguists are convinced by the rejection of Greenberg's classification.
Greenberg's work on African languages, though initially greeted with scepticism, became the prevailing view among scholars.
At about this time Russian Nostraticists, notably Sergei Starostin, constructed a revised version of Nostratic which was slightly broader than Greenberg's grouping but which similarly left out Afroasiatic.
It has not been demonstrated that the Nilo-Saharan languages constitute a valid genetic grouping, and it has been seen as Greenberg's ' wastebasket ' phylum, into which he placed all the otherwise unaffiliated non-click languages of Africa.
The first inklings of a wider family came in 1912, when Diedrich Westermann included three of the ( still independent ) Central Sudanic families within Nilotic in a proposal he called Niloto-Sudanic ; this expanded Nilotic was in turn linked to Nubian, Kunama, and possibly Berta, essentially Greenberg's Macro-Sudanic ( Chari – Nile ) proposal of 1954.

contributions and Cleveland
Notably in 1980 the book ' Beyond the Hot Seat ', edited by Feder and Ronall, was published, with contributions from members of both the NY and Cleveland Institutes, as well as others.
His ardent fans have appealed for his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, due to his longevity, contributions to contemporary music, and hit songwriting for himself and dozens of other artists.
In 1986, Celebrezze brought a successful libel suit against The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, based on an article that alleged that Celebrezze's campaign had accepted contributions from groups with organized crime connections.
During the 1884 Presidential election, Warfield made significant contributions to the campaign of Grover Cleveland in Maryland.
* The Jason J. Nasssau Service Award was established by the Cleveland Astronomical Society in 2007 to recognize a person who has shown exemplary leadership and contributions in the Local, National and International Astronomy Community.
Brown had an unexpected breakout performance which took place in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Cleveland Cavaliers on May 18, 2008, when he scored 10 points and pulled down 6 rebounds, hitting all of his four shots and making key contributions in the 4th quarter.
He had a great season with New Jersey as the team's 6th man, making many contributions to the club before they lost in the Eastern Conference semis to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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