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Greenberg and was
In doing so, Greenberg sought to emphasize the fact that Afroasiatic was the only language family that was represented transcontinentally, in both Africa and Asia.
His classification was the standard one for many years ( Greenberg 1955: 3 ).
It was superseded by those of Joseph Greenberg in 1955 and especially in 1963.
Among the investors was Bob Hope, who had grown up in Cleveland, and former Tigers slugger, Hank Greenberg.
Indians executive Hank Greenberg was not happy about the trade and neither was Maris, who said that he could not stand Lane.
Henry Benjamin " Hank " Greenberg ( January 1, 1911 – September 4, 1986 ), nicknamed " Hammerin ' Hank " or " The Hebrew Hammer ," was an American professional baseball player in the 1930s and 1940s.
A first baseman primarily for the Detroit Tigers, Greenberg was one of the premier power hitters of his generation.
Greenberg was a five-time All-Star, was twice named the American League's Most Valuable Player, and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1956.
Greenberg was the first Jewish superstar in American professional sports.
Hank Greenberg was born Hyman Greenberg on January 1, 1911, in Greenwich Village, New York City to Romanian-born Jewish immigrant parents David and Sarah Greenberg, who owned a successful cloth-shrinking plant in New York.
In seven of the nine years in which he was active, Greenberg was one of the dominant players in the game.
The Detroit press was not so kind regarding the Yom Kippur decision, nor were many fans, but Greenberg in his autobiography recalled that he received a standing ovation from congregants at the Shaarey Zedek synagogue when he arrived.
In 1935 Greenberg led the league in RBIs ( 170 ), total bases ( 389 ), and extra base hits ( 98 ), tied Foxx for the AL title in home runs ( 36 ), was 2nd in the league in doubles ( 46 ), slugging percentage (. 628 ), was 3rd in the league in triples ( 16 ), and in runs scored ( 121 ), 6th in on base percentage (. 411 ) and walks ( 87 ), and was 7th in batting average (. 328 ).
In 1937 Greenberg was voted to the All-Star Team.

Greenberg and sold
When Greenberg decided to retire rather than play for less, Detroit sold his contract to the Pittsburgh Pirates.
" When Veeck sold his interest, Greenberg remained as general manager and part-owner until 1957.
Greenberg was furious and sold his share soon afterwards.
Tiara Records, along with The Shirelles ' contract, was sold to Decca Records in 1959 for $ 4000 ; Greenberg stayed as the manager, securing performances for the group, including one at the Howard Theatre in Washington D. C. After two singles did poorly, including their first release — with Coley as lead vocalist — of " Dedicated to the One I Love ", a cover of The " 5 " Royales song of the same name, Decca returned them to Greenberg and gave up on them, considering them a one-hit act ; On Greenberg's new label, Scepter Records, they re-released " Dedicated to the One I Love " as a single, which peaked at # 89 ; Wayne Wadhams, David Nathan, and Susan Lindsay in Inside the Hits attribute the low rating to poor distribution.
On April 2, 2002, Lozinak and DeWeese sold the franchise to a collective headed by Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg.
On December 2, 2008, Chuck Greenberg sold the Altoona Curve back to original owner and Altoona native Bob Lozinak.
In 1976 Florence Greenberg decided to retire from the business and sold her record labels to Springboard International.
" In 1976 Florence Greenberg decided to retire from the business and sold her record labels to Springboard International.
A third animation studio that was also acquired due to the IDT purchase, Film Roman, was sold in October 2010 to a production company owned by a group of investors led by former Film Roman studio president Scott Greenberg called Bento Box Entertainment.

Greenberg and Pittsburgh
To persuade him not to retire, Pittsburgh made Greenberg the first baseball player to earn over $ 80, 000 ($ today ) in a season as pure salary ( though the exact amount is a matter of some dispute ).
* " Calling Pittsburgh " in Lord of the Fantastic: Stories in Honor of Roger Zelazny ( 1998, edited by Martin H. Greenberg )
( According to Baseball Almanac, Hank Greenberg was the first with Pittsburgh in 1947.
One of his first moves was dramatic – selling aging superstar Hank Greenberg to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Greenberg and Pirates
The Pirates also reduced the size of Forbes Field's cavernous left field, renaming the section " Greenberg Gardens " to accommodate Greenberg's pull-hitting style.
Greenberg played first base for the Pirates in 1947 and was one of the few opposing players to publicly welcome Jackie Robinson to the majors.
Greenberg with the Pirates in 1947.
Starring as a first baseman and outfielder with the Tigers ( 1930, 1933 – 46 ) and doing duty only briefly with the Pirates ( 1947 ), Greenberg played only nine full seasons.
After the season, the Pirates convinced future Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg not to retire.
Greenberg retired after the season, but by then Ralph Kiner was an established slugger with the Pirates, and the bullpen was redubbed " Kiner's Korner ".
On April 2, 2006, their fourth anniversary as owners, Greenberg and his group announced an additional four-year extension on the development agreement with the Pirates, keeping the Curve's affiliation intact through at least the 2010 season.
Pirates ' vice-president Steve Greenberg said, " We said when construction began that we would build the best ballpark in baseball, and we believe we've done that.

Greenberg and 1947
In 1947, Greenberg and the Tigers had a lengthy salary dispute.
In his final season of 1947, Greenberg tied for the league lead in walks with 104, with a. 408 on-base percentage and finished eighth in the league in home runs and tenth in slugging percentage.
After the 1947 season, Greenberg retired from the field to become the Cleveland Indians ' farm system director and two years later, their general manager and part-owner along with Bill Veeck.
Greenberg was traded to the National League in 1947, which was Jackie Robinson's rookie year.
In 1947, with the participation of Rabbi Simon Greenberg his efforts toward that end culminated in the establishment of the American Jewish University, then known as the University of Judaism.
In his first bout, at the 1947 Golden Gloves, he suffered a broken nose and lost by technical knockout in two rounds to Myron Greenberg.
In 1947, well after Dreyfuss ' death, and upon the arrival of veteran slugger Hank Greenberg, the bullpens were moved from foul territory to the base of the scoreboard in left field and were fenced in, cutting from the left field area, from to down the line and to in left-center field.
As had been true the previous year, a large number of players received votes, though few players were named who had not appeared in the 1948 vote apart from the newly eligible 1947 retirees ( prominently, Mel Ott and Hank Greenberg ); every still-eligible player who received more than 2 votes in 1948 was again named.
Clement Greenberg wrote in 1947 that Böcklin's work " is one of the most consummate expressions of all that was now disliked about the latter half of the nineteenth century.
By the time his second book appeared, The Fall of Magicians ( New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1947 ), Kees had already been painting for more than a year and had befriended a number of Abstract Expressionism artists, including Willem De Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Hans Hofmann, as well as the critic Clement Greenberg — whose column Kees took over at The Nation from 1948 to 1950.
Dr. Wexler was preceded in the presidency by Dr. Simon Greenberg ( 1947 – 1963 ) and Dr. David Lieber ( 1963 – 1992 ).

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