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Gregory and IX
Therefore, Pope Gregory IX requested him to give up this practice.
On 20 August 1233, Andrew had a meeting with the legate of Pope Gregory IX in the woods of Bereg, and they made an agreement which ensured the privileges of the clergy.
These preaching friars, with the authorization of Gregory IX, adopted ( with some modifications, e. g. the substitution of the " Gallican " for the " Roman " version of the Psalter ) the Breviary hitherto used exclusively by the Roman court, and with it gradually swept out of Europe all the earlier partial books ( Legendaries, Responsories ), & c., and to some extent the local Breviaries, like that of Sarum.
In this sense the word baccalarius or baccalaureus first appears at the University of Paris in the 13th century, in the system of degrees established under the auspices of Pope Gregory IX, as applied to scholars still in statu pupillari.
Pope Gregory IX is credited with promulgating the first official collection of canons called the Decretalia Gregorii Noni or Liber Extra ( 1234 ).
Bishop Christian continued his mission in Sambia ( Samland ), where from 1233 to 1239 he was held captive by pagan Prussians, and freed in trade for five other hostages who then in turn were released for a ransom of 800 Marks, granted to him by Pope Gregory IX.
The order was appointed by Pope Gregory IX the duty to carry out the Inquisition.
A depiction of Pope Gregory IX excommunicating.
On July 16, 1228, he was pronounced a saint by Pope Gregory IX.
* a gloss called ( Novella sive commentarius in decretales epistolas Gregorii IX ) on the Liber Extra ( 1234 ), compiled under the direction of Pope Gregory IX ( see Decretals )
In 1239, Pope Gregory IX excommunicated Fredrick again, and in 1245 he was condemned as a heretic by a church council.
But after continually delaying his departure for the Holy Land, including suffering an outbreak of disease in his fleet, he was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX in 1227.
Neither side could make any headway, and in 1234 Gregory IX excommunicated John and his supporters.
Plans for a new crusade to be led by Frederick came to nothing, and Frederick himself was excommunicated by Gregory IX again in 1239.
Pope Gregory IX asked the Brothers to defend Finland from the Novgorodian attacks in his letter of November 24, 1232 ;
Louis also ordered, at the urging of Pope Gregory IX, the burning in Paris in 1243 of some 12, 000 manuscript copies of the Talmud and other Jewish books.
In the 1230s, Pope Gregory IX responded to the failures of the episcopal inquisition with a series of papal bulls which became the papal inquisition.
Baldouin became the popes's delegate in Courland and bishop of Semigallia ; however, the Germans complained about him to the Roman Curia, and in 1234 Pope Gregory IX removed Baldouin as his delegate.
The Teutonic Order's attempts to conquer Orthodox Russia ( particularly the Republics of Pskov and Novgorod ), an enterprise endorsed by Pope Gregory IX, can also be considered as a part of the Northern Crusades.
Born as Rinaldo di Jenne in Jenne ( now in the Province of Rome ), he was, on his mother's side, a member of the family de ' Conti di Segni, the counts of Segni, like Pope Innocent III and Pope Gregory IX.
His uncle Gregory IX made him cardinal deacon and Protector of the Order of Franciscans in 1227, Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church from 1227 until 1231 and Bishop of Ostia in 1231 ( or 1232 ).
Cardinals Ugolino of Ostia ( afterwards Pope Gregory IX ) and Guido of Praeneste were empowered to appoint the new Pope.
It was left to his successor, Pope Gregory IX, to insist upon their accomplishment.
In May 1045, Benedict IX resigned his office to pursue marriage, selling his office to his godfather, the pious priest John Gratian, who named himself Gregory VI.

Gregory and endorsed
Traducianism was initially developed by Tertullian and arguably propagated by Augustine of Hippo, and has been endorsed by Gregory of Nyssa, Anastasius Sinaita, Hilary of Poitiers, Ambrose of Milan, many in the early Catholic Church ), various Lutheran churches, and some modern theologians such as Augustus H. Strong ( Baptist ), W. G. T. Shedd and Gordon Clark ( Presbyterian ), Lewis Sperry Chafer, Millard Erickson, Norman L. Geisler, Robert Culver, and Robert L. Reymond.
If he wished to make war, let him look to Outremer ; and to this end, Gregory endorsed the sale to Charles of the claims of Maria of Antioch on the Kingdom of Jerusalem, which had been rejected by the Haute Cour there.
In northern Europe, the Teutonic Knights, after their successes in the northern crusades, attempted to conquer also the Orthodox Russian Republics of Pskov and Novgorod, an enterprise endorsed by Pope Gregory IX.
Ferrer was also endorsed by Representatives Joseph Crowley, Gregory W. Meeks, Major Owens, José Serrano, Ed Towns and Nydia Velázquez.
Gregory Stanton, the President of the IAGS in 2007-2008 and the founder of Genocide Watch, endorsed the " repudiation by the world's leading genocide scholars of the Turkish government's ninety-year denial of the Ottoman Empire's genocides against its Christian populations, including Assyrians, Greeks, and Armenians.

Gregory and Northern
John XXIII was acknowledged as pope by France, England, Bohemia, Prussia, Portugal, parts of the Holy Roman Empire, and numerous Northern Italian city states, including Florence and Venice ; however, the Avignon Pope Benedict XIII was regarded as pope by the Kingdoms of Aragon, Castile, and Scotland and Gregory XII was still favored by Ladislaus of Naples, Carlo I Malatesta, the princes of Bavaria, Louis III, Elector Palatine, and parts of Germany and Poland.
Historians disagree on the precise way it was recovered in Northern Italy about 1070: perhaps it was waiting unneeded and unnoticed in a library until the legal studies that were undertaken on behalf of papal authority that was central to the Gregorian Reform of Pope Gregory VII led to its accidental rediscovery.
The name was chosen in honor of the wife of J. Gregory Smith, the first president of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company.
Judbarra / Gregory National Park, formerly Gregory National Park, is a national park in the Northern Territory ( Australia ), 359 km south of Darwin.
The largest protected areas are the Prince Regent Nature Reserve and the Drysdale River National Park along with Gregory National Park and Keep River National Park across in the Northern Territory which preserve similar habitats, ( and indeed Keep River's nearest town is Kununurra in the Kimberley ).
Ulster has a large body of famed alumni, including MP's Kate Hoey, Gregory Campbell, Michelle Gildernew and former deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Mark Durkan, MLA's Alban Maginness, Basil McCrea and Sean Neeson, writers and authors including Anne Devlin, Colin Duriez and Aodán Mac Póilin, poets including Gerald Dawe and Brendan Hamill, and artists including Oliver Jeffers, Victor Sloan, Andre Stitt, John Luke and John Kindness.
** Northern Territory ( The Right Revd Gregory Thompson )
* November 6 – J. Gregory Smith, president of Northern Pacific Railway 1866-1872, dies ( b. 1818 ).
In the Northern Maori by-election of 1980, however, Rata was narrowly defeated by the new Labour candidate, Bruce Gregory.

Gregory and Crusades
* 1227 – Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, is excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for his failure to participate in the Crusades.
Many Christian recording artists, songwriters, Ministers Of Music, and Christian educators have studied under his leadership, such as Geron Davis (“ Standing on Holy Ground ”); Becky Davis, Shelton and Alyson Lovern, artists with Geron Davis and Kindred Souls ; Vicki Yohe, TBN Artist and Guest Soloist with the Benny Hinn Crusades ; Becky Fender (" I Give You Jesus "); Vonnie Lopez, Artist with the Kurt Carr Singers ; Dan Dean, Minister, Songwriter and Artist with Phillips, Craig, and Dean ; Jeannie Tenney (" One Night With The King "); John Ragsdale, Artist, Songwriter, Evangelist, former member of " The Awakening " TV ministry ; Karen Harding, winner of the 2003 Exalting Him Talent Search and recording artist with Daywind Music Group ; Hector Soto, Music Pastor, Grace Church, Humble, TX and recording artist, Israel Houghton's " Alive in South Africa " project ; Melanie Jones, Artist, Israel Houghton's " Alive in South Africa " project ; Wayne Goodine, Chairman of the Music Department, International Bible College, San Antonio ; Mark Carouthers, Minister of Music, Artist, Songwriter (“ Mercy Seat ”), Steven Gregory, Pastor of Media and Arts, Venture Church, San Jose, CA ; Dedie Cooley, Music Instructor, Texas Bible College, Lufkin, TX, among others.

Gregory and attempts
The second book begins with the death of Gregory the Great in 604, and follows the further progress of Christianity in Kent and the first attempts to evangelise Northumbria.
Gregory ’ s elevation to the papal see is believed to represent a continuation of the attempts to control the local political situation in Rome which had begun during Pope Eugene II ’ s pontificate.
Gregory made unsuccessful attempts to mediate in the conflict that ensued between the brothers, sending George, the Archbishop of Ravenna as his representative.
Gregory also objected to Chilperic's attempts to teach a new doctrine of the Trinity.
Schoolteacher Rachel Drummond attempts to save the children, Jamison and Nora, from cruel treatment by Reverend Gregory Trask at his school, Worthington Hall.
Gregory the Great's attempts at conciliation near the end of his pontificate, and especially through the Lombard queen, Theodelinda, began to have some effect.
Gregory the Great's attempts at conciliation near the end of his pontificate, and especially through the Lombard queen, Theodelinda, began to have some effect.
The second book begins with the death of Gregory the Great in 604, and follows the further progress of Christianity in Kent and the first attempts to evangelize Northumbria.
* The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship This 1998 article by J. Gregory Dees, Professor of the Practice of Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, attempts to define what makes a social entrepreneur.
He also attempts to kill Gregory and his mother during the Great Fire of Gregory House ( during the series, this fire is caused by him ).

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