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Gregory and Stanton
Gregory H. Stanton, formerly of the US State Department and the founder of Genocide Watch, lists denial as the final stage of genocide development:
The film features Gregory Peck, Woody Strode, and actors who became movie stars in the 1960s and the 1970s ; e. g., George Peppard, Harry Guardino, Rip Torn, Robert Blake, Norman Fell, Martin Landau, and Gavin MacLeod, with Harry Dean Stanton in an uncredited minor role.
Other speakers included: California Assemblymen Willie Brown, William Stanton and John Burton ; Dave Dellinger ( political activist ); James Aronson ( National Guardian magazine ); philosopher Alan Watts ; comedian Dick Gregory ; Paul Krassner ( editor, The Realist ); M. S.
* Gregory Stanton
" The situation reminds me of Rwanda in 1993, when all the early warning signs were evident but no one paid attention ," Dr. Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, said.

Gregory and President
* N. Gregory Mankiw ( born 1958 ), Harvard professor who chaired the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush.
Members of the Englishtown Borough Council ( with committee chairmanships listed in parentheses ) are Council President Lori Cooke ( Code Enforcement and Public Health, Welfare & Public Events ), Maryanne Krawiec ( Public Utilities ), Cindy Robilotti ( Public Safety Committee & Police Commission ), Rudy Rucker ( Public Buildings & Grounds ) and Gregory Wojyn ( Administration, Finance & Personnel ), Lou Sarti ( Legislative, Insurance and Licenses ).
Members of the Beachwood Borough Council are Council President Beverly Clayton ( R, 2012 ), Gregory Feeney ( R, 2014 ), Steven Komsa ( R, 2014 ), Gerald W. LaCrosse ( R, 2013 ), Thomas Miserendino ( R, 2012 ) and Edward Zakar ( R, 2013 )
Members of the Raritan Borough Council are Council President Stefanie Gara ( 2012 ), Denise Carra ( 2014 ), Paul Giraldi ( 2013 ), Gregory Lobell ( 2012 ), Anthony Soriano, Jr. ( 2013 ) and Donald Tozzi ( 2014 ).
Members of the Harrington Park Borough Council are Council President John Dunlea ( I, 2013 ), Joon Chung ( I, 2014 ), Gregory Evanella ( R, 2013 ), Allan Napolitano ( I, 2014 ), Glenn Quantmeyer ( R, 2012 ) and Jonathan Roth ( R, 2012 ).
Gregory unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States in 1968 as a write-in candidate of the Freedom and Peace Party, which had broken off from the Peace and Freedom Party.
Shortly after this time Gregory became an outspoken critic of the Warren Commission findings that President JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.
Gregory gave a speech before Marley's performance, blaming President Carter, and showing his support for the international Anti-Apartheid movements.
In 1998 Gregory spoke at the celebration of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with President Bill Clinton in attendance.
Not long after, the President told Gregory ’ s long-time friend and P. R.
Consultant, Steve Jaffe, “ I love Dick Gregory ; he is one of the funniest people on the planet .” They spoke of how Gregory had made a comment on Dr. King ’ s birthday that broke everyone into laughter, when he noted that the President made Speaker Newt Gingrich ride “ in the back of the plane ,” on an Air Force One trip overseas.
* Dick Gregory Running for President ( 1964 )
In March 1919 President Wilson, at the suggestion of Attorney General Thomas Watt Gregory pardoned or commuted the sentences of some 200 prisoners convicted under the Espionage Act or the Sedition Act.
Eldridge Cleaver was nominated for President over Richard C. " Dick " Gregory by a margin of 161. 5 to 54.
* Gregory Kealey Vice President of Research & Provost University of New Brunswick
In April 2012 the student center was formally dedicated and named the Campbell Student Union in honor of President F. Gregory Campbell and his wife, Barbara, for their 25 years of service to Carthage.
He was renominated by President George W. Bush on May 9, 2001, and on July 20, 2001, the Senate confirmed Judge Gregory.
His work on civil rights and the antiwar movement has been cited as an inspiration by public figures including U. S. Congress members John Kerry, Donald W. Riegle, Jr. and Barney Frank, California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides, columnist William F. Buckley, Jr., actor Warren Beatty, White House Counsel under President Obama Gregory Craig, former New York City Public Advocate Mark Green and musician-songwriters Peter Yarrow and Harry Chapin.
* Gregory Leiter, Chief Accounting Officer, Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller, and Assistant Secretary
Their leader, Gregory Zatkovich, then signed the " Philadelphia Agreement " with Czech President Tomáš Masaryk, guaranteeing Rusyn autonomy upon unification with Czechoslovakia.
At the time, the President was in the middle of a cabinet meeting, but Tumulty interrupted and, as a result, the Secretary of State ( William Jennings Bryan ) and Attorney General Gregory were also able to hear of Hubbard ’ s situation and need.
Headquarters and shops were established in Brainerd, Minnesota, a town named for the President John Gregory Smith's wife Anna Elizabeth Brainerd.
* Gregory Hall Named for twenty-year, SUNY Fredonia President Dr. Leslie R. Gregory, Gregory Hall is the oldest residence hall on campus, opened in 1950.

Gregory and founder
The founder, having heard that it was probable that Pope Gregory X, then holding a council at Lyon, would suppress all such new orders as had been founded since the Lateran Council, having commanded that such institutions should not be further multiplied, went to Lyon.
* Gregory the Illuminator, founder and patron saint of the Armenian Church ( approximate date )
* Gregory the Illuminator, founder and patron saint of the Armenian Church ( approximate date )
In media, alumni include David Faber ( CNBC ), anchor at CNBC ; Meredith Vieira, journalist and TV personality ; Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., The New York Times publisher ; Lew Rockwell, founder of Ludwig von Mises Institute ; and Gregory Maguire, novelist.
Past Organ Scholars include Dudley Moore, and past Academical Clerks include John Mark Ainsley, Harry Christophers ( founder and director of The Sixteen ), Robin Blaze and conductor / composer Gregory Rose.
Gregory Gerrer, OSB, monk, artist, founder of Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art
Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware were the founder members of pioneering British electro-pop group The Human League ; Glenn Gregory had been their original choice when seeking a vocalist for the band but he was unavailable at the time, so they chose Philip Oakey instead.
He became the founder of the celebrated academy at St Hyacinthe, and received a letter from Gregory XVI eulogizing his work there, and calling him Apostolus juventutis.
* Jean Grégoire de La Trinité, alias Jean-Gaston Tremblay, from Canada also proclaimed himself Pope Gregory XVII back in 1968 ; however, Tremblay usually styles himself Pope John-Gregory XVII and further, that he is the self styled successor of an ultra-modernist French antipope, Michel Colin ( former Roman Catholic priest of the Sacred Heart missionaries ), founder of the Renovated Church of Christ in 1951 and who went under the name Clement XV since ca.
For his sponsorship of the Roman College, Gregory XIII became known as its " founder and father ", and from that point the school acquired the title of the " Gregorian University ".
Many people were involved in the production, most notably: Nicholas Negroponte, founder and director of the Architecture Machine Group, who found support for the project from the Cybernetics Technology Office of DARPA ; Andrew Lippman, principal investigator ; Bob Mohl, who designed the map overlay system and ran user studies of the efficacy of the system for his PhD thesis ; Richard Leacock ( Ricky ), who headed the MIT Film / Video section and shot along with MS student Marek Zalewski the Cinéma vérité interviews placed behind the facades of key buildings ; John Borden, of Peace River Films in Cambridge, MA, who designed the stabilization rig ; Kristina Hooper of UCSC ; Rebecca Allen ; Scott Fisher, who matched the photos of Aspen in the silver-mining days from the historical society to the same scenes in Aspen in 1978 and who experiment with anamorphic imaging of the city ( using a Volpe lens ); Walter Bender, who designed and built the interface, the client / server model, and the animation system ; Steve Gregory ; Stan Sasaki, who built much of the electronics ; Steve Yelick, who worked on the laserdisc interface and anamorphic rendering ; Eric " Smokehouse " Brown, who built the metadata encoder / decoder ; Paul Heckbert worked on the animation system ; Mark Shirley and Paul Trevithick, who also worked on the animation ; Ken Carson ; Howard Eglowstein ; and Michael Naimark, who was at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies and was responsible for the cinematography design and production.
Originally known as the Timex Crew, members included Marcus Thompson ( founder ), Gregory " Greg B " Thomas, Michael Marshall, Craig Samuel and Darrien Cleage.
This sentimental, anti-intellectual form of pietism is seen in the thought and teaching of Zinzendorf, founder of the Moravians ; but more intellectually rigorous forms of pietism are seen in the teachings of John Wesley, which were themselves influenced by Zinzendorf, and in the teachings of American preachers Jonathan Edwards, who restored to pietism Gerson's focus on obedience and borrowed from early church teachers Origen and Gregory of Nyssa the notion that humans yearn for God, and John Woolman, who combined a mystical view of the world with a deep concern for social issues ; like Wesley, Woolman was influenced by Jakob Boehme, William Law and The Imitation of Christ.
The chapel just to the right of the church's presbytery ( at the south-east corner ) houses the funeral monuments of Pope Gregory XV and his nephew, Cardinal Ludovisi, the church's founder.
Foucault then develops a holistic account of power and uses methods not too dissimilar to the astonishing and outstanding Medieval Islamic polymaths scholars Alhazen, Ibn Sīnā, and Ibn Khaldūn and to a lesser extant prominent science figures from 20th century science such as ; Gregory Bateson, James Lovelock ( the founder of Gaia hypothesis ) and Robert N. Proctor ( Proctor who coined the term Agnotology ) and urges us to think outside the box of this new kind of power, therefore, opening up the possibilities of further investigations into this new perceived, impenetrable nature of biopower and according to Foucault he asks us to remember, this type of power is never neutral nor is it independent from the rest of society but are embedded within society functioning as embellished ' control technology ' specifics. Foucault argues ; nation states, police, government, legal practices, human sciences and medical institutions have their own rationale, cause and effects, strategies, technologies, mechanisms and codes and have managed successfully in the past to obscure there workings by hiding behind observation and scrutiny.
The traditional story involves serious chronological difficulties, and is based on a Bull of Gregory VII now known to be a forgery The founder, St. Stephen of Muret ( Étienne in French ; also called ' of Thiers ') was so impressed by the lives of the hermits whom he saw in Calabria that he desired to introduce the same manner of life into his native country and is said to have settled in the valley of Muret near Limoges in 1076, but Martène considers that the origin of the order cannot be placed earlier than about 1100.
In January 2007, Betsy Gregory took over as Dance Umbrella ’ s Artistic Director following the retirement of the company ’ s founder, Val Bourne.
The liturgy is patterned after the directives of Saint Gregory the Illuminator, founder and patron saint of The Armenian Church.
* Gregory J. Boyle, S. J., founder of Homeboy Industries
St. Gregory of Sinai is considered by most to be the founder of the hesychastic approach to prayer.
His great-grandfather Joseph T. Clark was managing editor of the Toronto Star and Saturday Night, his grandfather was a reporter for the Toronto Star, his father was the founder of Canada NewsWire, and his great-uncle Gregory Clark was an acclaimed writer and journalist with both the Toronto Star and the Toronto Telegram.

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