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Gregory and made
Finally, the two brothers made peace with the mediation of the Papal Legate Gregory, and the king granted rule of Croatia and Dalmatia again to his brother.
On 20 August 1233, Andrew had a meeting with the legate of Pope Gregory IX in the woods of Bereg, and they made an agreement which ensured the privileges of the clergy.
First team regulars Siem de Jong, Urby Emanuelson and Gregory van der Wiel are former youth internationals who made the successful step up to the senior side.
, the board is made up of members of the Clay family, whereas the advisory committee is composed of leading authorities in mathematics, namely Sir Andrew Wiles, Yum-Tong Siu, Richard Melrose, Gregory Margulis, James Carlson, and Simon Donaldson.
Former Pope Gregory XII was then created titular Cardinal Bishop of Porto and Santa Ruffina by the Council, with rank immediately below the Pope ( which made him the highest-ranking person in the Church, since, due to his abdication, the See of Peter was vacant ).
Ayres goes further and asserts that Gregory quickly made himself unpopular among the bishops by supporting the losing candidate for the bishopric of Antioch and vehemently opposing any compromise with the Homoiousians.
Gregory made a significant impact on the shape of Trinitarian theology among both Greek-and Latin-speaking theologians, and he is remembered as the " Trinitarian Theologian ".
Among his sources, Paul used the document called the Origo gentis Langobardorum, the Liber pontificalis, the lost history of Secundus of Trent, and the lost annals of Benevento ; he made a free use of Bede, Gregory of Tours and Isidore of Seville.
His uncle Gregory IX made him cardinal deacon and Protector of the Order of Franciscans in 1227, Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church from 1227 until 1231 and Bishop of Ostia in 1231 ( or 1232 ).
He was made Cardinal-Priest of S. Pancrazio in 1585 by Pope Gregory XIII.
Pope Gregory IX made him a cardinal on 18 September 1227 with the cure of San Marco, and in 1228 – 29 sent him as legate in Lombardy and Tuscany, where the cities and communes had generally remained true to the Hohenstaufen emperor, Frederick II.
During the pontificate of Pope Constantine Gregory was made a papal secretary, and accompanied him to Constantinople in 711 to deal with the issues raised by Rome ’ s rejection of the canons of the Quinisext Council.
After examining Boniface ’ s written profession of faith, Gregory was satisfied enough that he made Boniface a bishop in November 722, and returned him to Germany to continue his mission.
Neither threats of divine retribution nor outright bribery made an impression on Romuald, and so Gregory appealed to Duke John I of Naples, funding his campaign to successfully retake Cumae.
Although Leo made no move to enforce this edit in the west beyond having it read in Rome and Ravenna, Gregory immediately rejected the edit.
Gregory also promoted the Church in northern Europe ; he supported the continuing mission of Saint Boniface in Germany, elevating him to the rank of archbishop of Germany in 732, and after a personal visit to Rome from Boniface in 737, where he was meant to attend a synod which does not appear to have been held, Gregory made Boniface a Papal legate in Germany, and asked him to reorganize the Episcopal sees in Germany.
Although Gregory stated that he was willing to give up his allegiance to the Eastern Empire and place himself under the protection of the Franks, Charles made no promise to assist.
Pope Gregory XIII made him a Cardinal-Priest of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere on 12 December 1583.
In a decree dated 18 April 1591 ( Bulla Cum Sicuti ), Gregory XIV ordered reparations to be made by Catholics in the Philippines to the natives, who had been forced into slavery by Europeans, and he commanded under pain of excommunication of the owners that all native slaves in the islands be set free.
" Gregory secured for the Ludovisi two dukedoms, one for his brother Orazio, made a Nobile Romano and Duke of Fiano Romano, 1621, and the other, the Duchy of Zagarolo, purchased from the Colonna family by his nephew Ludovico Ludovisi in 1622.
Gregory was chosen at Rome in 1406 by a conclave consisting of only fifteen cardinals under the express condition that, should Antipope Benedict XIII ( 1394 – 1423 ), the rival papal claimant at Avignon, renounce all claim to the Papacy, he would also renounce his, so that a fresh election might be made and the Western Schism ( 1378 – 1417 ) could be ended.
Major analyses of pre-Socratic thought have been made by Gregory Vlastos, Jonathan Barnes, and Friedrich Nietzsche in his Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks.
In the 6th century Gregory of Tours, author of the Ten Books of History, made his mark on the town by restoring the cathedral destroyed by a fire in 561.

Gregory and unsuccessful
If this is the case, Gregory was unsuccessful, as the see was still contested in 394.
While Haakon had been unsuccessful in gaining the recognition of Pope Gregory IX, he quickly gained the support from Pope Innocent IV who sought alliances in his struggle with Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II.
In the same year he had been an unsuccessful candidate for the professorship of the practice of physic ( medicine ), but subsequently an arrangement was made between him and John Gregory, the successful candidate, by which they both agreed to deliver alternate courses on the theory and practice of medicine.
Richard also petitioned Pope Gregory IX to have the first bishop of Salisbury, Osmund de Sees canonized, but was unsuccessful.
The communist regime in Axphain was defeated after an unsuccessful attempt to invade Graustark, and the monarchy in that country was restored with Gregory on the throne rather than the unpopular Hubert, who was himself assassinated in the aftermath.
In 2000, some weeks after her unsuccessful audition for Geena Gregory, she was contacted by Coronation Street bosses, who offered her a part of a new character.
He was part of the successful campaign at Calabria, followed by the unsuccessful Alexandria expedition of 1807, where Gregory was severely wounded.

Gregory and attempts
The second book begins with the death of Gregory the Great in 604, and follows the further progress of Christianity in Kent and the first attempts to evangelise Northumbria.
The Teutonic Order's attempts to conquer Orthodox Russia ( particularly the Republics of Pskov and Novgorod ), an enterprise endorsed by Pope Gregory IX, can also be considered as a part of the Northern Crusades.
Gregory ’ s elevation to the papal see is believed to represent a continuation of the attempts to control the local political situation in Rome which had begun during Pope Eugene II ’ s pontificate.
Gregory IX endorsed the Northern Crusades and attempts to conquer Orthodox Russia ( particularly the Pskov Republic and the Novgorod Republic ).
Gregory also objected to Chilperic's attempts to teach a new doctrine of the Trinity.
Schoolteacher Rachel Drummond attempts to save the children, Jamison and Nora, from cruel treatment by Reverend Gregory Trask at his school, Worthington Hall.
Gregory the Great's attempts at conciliation near the end of his pontificate, and especially through the Lombard queen, Theodelinda, began to have some effect.
Gregory the Great's attempts at conciliation near the end of his pontificate, and especially through the Lombard queen, Theodelinda, began to have some effect.
The second book begins with the death of Gregory the Great in 604, and follows the further progress of Christianity in Kent and the first attempts to evangelize Northumbria.
* The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship This 1998 article by J. Gregory Dees, Professor of the Practice of Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, attempts to define what makes a social entrepreneur.
He also attempts to kill Gregory and his mother during the Great Fire of Gregory House ( during the series, this fire is caused by him ).

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