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Gregory and was
Dr. Menas S. Gregory was another.
The actual function of patristic communism was adequately set forth by St. Gregory almost a millenium before More wrote Utopia.
But when tiny, 145-pound Albert Gregory Pearson of the Los Angeles Angels, who once caught three straight fly balls in center field because, as a teammate explained, `` the other team thought no one was out there '', hits seven home runs in four months ( three more than his total in 1958, 1959, and 1960 ), his achievement borders on the ridiculous.
The same word in adjectival form ( purgatorius-a-um, cleansing ), which appears also in non-religious writing, was already used by Christians such as Augustine of Hippo and Pope Gregory I to refer to an after-death cleansing.
However, this was not successful, for according to Gregory of Tours, Amalaric pressured her to forsake her Roman Catholic faith and convert to Arian Christianity, at one point beating her until she bled ; she sent to her brother Childebert I, king of Paris a towel stained with her own blood.
According to Gregory of Tours ' account, Alaric was intimidated by Clovis into surrendering Syagrius to Clovis ; Gregory then adds that " the Goths are a timorous race.
Alaric was forced by his magnates to meet Clovis in the Battle of Vouillé ( Summer 507 ) near Poitiers ; there the Goths were defeated and Alaric slain, according to Gregory of Tours, by Clovis himself.
Nor was it the loss of the royal treasury at Toulouse, which Gregory of Tours writes Clovis took into his possession.
This led to a further revolt near Philippopolis, and the commander of the field army in the west, Gregory Pakourianos, was defeated and killed in the ensuing battle.
Transmission, Gregory Chaitin also presents this theorem in J. ACM Chaitin's paper was submitted October 1966 and revised in December 1968, and cites both Solomonoff's and Kolmogorov's papers.
He was equally comfortable distributing his translation of Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care to his bishops so that they might better train and supervise priests, and using those same bishops as royal officials and judges.
Apart from the lost Handboc or Encheiridion, which seems to have been a commonplace book kept by the king, the earliest work to be translated was the Dialogues of Gregory the Great, a book greatly popular in the Middle Ages.
Alfred's first translation was of Pope Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care, which he prefaced with an introduction explaining why he thought it necessary to translate works such as this one from Latin into English.
His sister was Janet Anderson, the mother of the celebrated James Gregory.
As the story would later be told by the Anglo-Saxon monk and historian Bede, Gregory was struck by the unusual appearance of the slaves and asked about their background.
He was one of the seven cardinals who, in May 1408, deserted Pope Gregory XII, and, with those following Antipope Benedict XIII from Avignon, convened the Council of Pisa, of which Cossa became the leader.
The aim of the council was to end the schism ; to this end they deposed Gregory XII and Benedict XIII and elected the new pope Alexander V in 1409.
John XXIII was acknowledged as pope by France, England, Bohemia, Prussia, Portugal, parts of the Holy Roman Empire, and numerous Northern Italian city states, including Florence and Venice ; however, the Avignon Pope Benedict XIII was regarded as pope by the Kingdoms of Aragon, Castile, and Scotland and Gregory XII was still favored by Ladislaus of Naples, Carlo I Malatesta, the princes of Bavaria, Louis III, Elector Palatine, and parts of Germany and Poland.
The main enemy of John was Ladislaus of Naples, who protected Gregory XII in Rome.
The first Archbishop of Canterbury was St Augustine ( not to be confused with St Augustine of Hippo ), who arrived in Kent in 597 AD, having been sent by Pope Gregory I on a mission to the English.
During this time, Gregory of Cappadocia was installed as the Patriarch of Alexandria, usurping the absent Athanasius.
St Gregory Nazianzen, fellow Doctor of the Church, 330-390, said in Or. 21: " When I praise Athanasius, virtue itself is my theme: for I name every virtue as often as I mention him who was possessed of all virtues.

Gregory and chosen
Nectarius, an unbaptized civil official, was chosen to succeed Gregory as president of the council.
Until the conclusion of the council of Pavia in 997, Gregory V had a rival in the person of the antipope John XVI ( 997 998 ), whom Crescentius II and the nobles of Rome had chosen against the will of the youthful Emperor Otto III, Gregory's cousin.
Desiderius, abbot of Monte Cassino was first chosen pope as Victor III when Gregory VII died in 1085, but after Victor's short reign, Otho was elected Pope Urban II by acclamation ( March 1088 ) at a small meeting of cardinals and other prelates held in Terracina in March 1088.
On 6 August 1623, after the papal conclave following the death of Pope Gregory XV, he was chosen as Gregory's successor and took the name Urban VIII.
In the decree of election, those who had chosen him as Bishop of Rome proclaimed Gregory VII " a devout man, a man mighty in human and divine knowledge, a distinguished lover of equity and justice, a man firm in adversity and temperate in prosperity, a man, according to the saying of the Apostle, of good behavior, blameless, modest, sober, chaste, given to hospitality, and one that ruleth well his own house ; a man from his childhood generously brought up in the bosom of this Mother Church, and for the merit of his life already raised to the archidiaconal dignity ".
Pope Gregory X, in spite of Otakar's protests, not only recognised Rudolph himself, but persuaded King Alfonso X of Castile ( another grandson of Philip of Swabia ), who had been chosen German ( anti -) king in 1257 as the successor to Count William II of Holland, to do the same.
The name was chosen in honor of the wife of J. Gregory Smith, the first president of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company.
Ebenezer Gregory was elected moderator and the first town officers chosen, as far as can be determined from the minutes of the meeting, were school directors-Dr. Uriah M. Gregory, William Gorsline and Samuel Delamater.
Ebenezer Gregory was elected poundmaster and fifty-eight overseers of highways were chosen After the transaction of some further business the following additional officers were chosen:
Akropolites was chosen as the emperor's ambassador, and in 1273 he was sent to Pope Gregory X.
Two recent deans have chosen to retire before dying, while eight were elected Pope, Anastasius IV, Lucius III, Gregory IX, Alexander IV Alexander VI, Paul III, Paul IV and most recently Benedict XVI ( Joseph Ratzinger, elected Pope in 2005, the first Dean to be so elevated since Pope Paul IV in 1555 ).
After a nation-wide search, the 2009 / 10 Soulpepper Academy has been chosen and they are: Ins Choi, Tatjana Cornij, Raquel Duffy, Brendan Healy, Ken MacKenzie, Gregory Prest, Karen Rae, Jason Patrick Rothery, and Brendan Wall.
A Roman by birth, Honorius may have been one of those chosen by Pope Gregory the Great for the Gregorian mission to England, although it seems more likely that he was a member of the second party of missionaries, sent in 601.
In 1842 he was chosen by Pope Gregory XVI to be the first Vicar Apostolic of Ceylon ( now Sri Lanka ), but he refused the dignity as also the Bishopric of Down and the Archbishopric of Armagh.
At the same time or sometimes after, Gregory, another alumnus of the school of Nisibis, became Metropolitan of Nisibis, probably chosen by Sabrisho.
In 1608, Lanfranco had been chosen by Cardinal Alessandro, but the Ludovisi papacy of Pope Gregory XV favored the Bolognese Domenichino.
* Saint Licinius of Angers ( Lesin, Lezin ), chosen Bishop of Angers in 586 and consecrated by St Gregory of Tours ( c. 616 )
A naming contest in 1926 won by Oregonian sports editor L. H. Gregory made the Webfoots name official, and a subsequent student vote in 1932 affirmed the nickname, chosen over other suggested nicknames such as Pioneers, Trappers, Lumberjacks, Wolves, and Yellow Jackets.
Following the same tournament 4 Massey Students were chosen to represent New Zealand in the Junior World Championships: Ashraf Dhoray, Luke Charlesworth, Kritteka Gregory and Emily Ang.
When production resumed in mid-September of 1945, Clarence had chosen 28-year-old Jane Wyman, who was on loan from Warner Brothers, to portray a more mature character with co-star Gregory Peck.

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