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Grimlock and was
The process only barely succeeded, Megatron was deranged and animalistic, and was ultimately defeated by Optimus Prime and Grimlock.
Grimlock was one of the favorite Autobots of IGN.
Grimlock was voted the 6th top Transformer who was considered to be " badass " in the comics by Topless Robot.
According to X-Entertainment Grimlock was the 2nd top Transformers figure of all time.
After proving his worth by defeating the Decepticon Trypticon, Grimlock was elected leader of the Autobots.
Under Grimlock ’ s leadership, the Ark was repaired and made space-worthy again.
Grimlock and the Dinobots were destroyed during the battle against Starscream while the villain was super-powered by the Underbase.
Grimlock was seen among the Autobots being repaired on the Ark when Optimus Prime sent Landmine and Cloudburst on their mission to obtain computer chips to repair fellow Autobots in issue # 52, " Guess Who The Mechannibals Are Having For Dinner?
After a short time, Grimlock ( along with Jazz and Bumblebee ) was rebuilt by Ratchet as a Pretender.
Grimlock was unwilling to subject his Dinobots to anything he would not go through himself, and thus decided to test the fuel on himself first.
Their arrival, and their reviving the fallen Autobots with Nucleon, was an important part of Transformer victory that day, but Optimus Prime once again lost his life, sacrificing himself to destroy Unicron, and once again naming Grimlock as his successor with his dying breath.
Realizing that Grimlock had become trapped in a " chrysalis " stage, Prime's Powermaster partner, Hi-Q, tapped into and accelerated the process, completing Grimlock's evolution into a more powerful " Actionmaster " – but the enhanced power came with a price: Grimlock was now no longer able to transform into dinosaur mode.
Grimlock was one of the few survivors, and when Optimus Prime returned, recreated by the Last Autobot, Grimlock participated in the rout of the Decepticons.
The author of these stories, Simon Furman, was particularly fond of Grimlock, often using him for his original stories, and even using the character for responses on the readers ' letters page.
When leader of the Autobots, Grimlock was involved in assisting Action Force battle Megatron in London and attempted to kill the Predacon Divebomb in order to silence embarrassing facts about Swoop's past.
Tired of Prime's pacifistic approach to protecting Earth, Grimlock was joined by several older Autobots like Prowl and Wheeljack, who had just recently been reactivated, and longed for the older, simpler days.
With his transformation capabilities restored ( the explanation for which was not offered in the American series ), Grimlock was Optimus Prime's second in command in the so called Generation 2 series, aiding in the Autobots ' war against the " second generation " of Cybertronians led by Jhiaxus.
Unfortunately, their design specs proved to be a little too accurate to the creatures they were modeled on, as their primitive brains went out of control, and Grimlock almost destroyed Teletraan I, before the trio was stopped.
When Soundwave read his mind and learned of this animosity, Megatron was able to trick Grimlock and the Dinobots into switching sides, attacking and capturing Optimus Prime.
Ultimately, it was when Optimus Prime threw himself into harm's way to save Grimlock from an explosion that he accepted his mistake and rejoined the Autobots.

Grimlock and featured
Grimlock was featured in the 1993 Transformers: Generation 2 coloring book " Decepticon Madness " by Bud Simpson.
Unlike the wide array of other characters featured in the Beast Wars toy line who shared the names of older original characters but shared no other connection with them ( with the exception of Grimlock and Prowl ), the Predacon known as Ravage was the original Ravage from Megatron's army.

Grimlock and book
Grimlock appeared in the 1986 story and coloring book The Lost Treasure of Cybertron by Marvel Books.

Grimlock and called
Grimlock finally lost patience, stole the bodies of the Dinobots and a shuttle from the Ark, and piloted it to the planet Hydrus Four, where scientists had developed a new fuel called nucleon.
Grimlock and the Dinobots were semi-regularly called into action when the Autobots were faced with challenges that required extra strength, such as the Sub-Atlantican invasion of Washington, D. C., or the Decepticons ' control of the TORQ III supercomputer ; with every piece of help he and his troops gave, Grimlock was never slow to add a scathing remark about the inabilities of the Autobots.
Jetfire was among the Transformers kidnapped by the ancient Cybertronian called the Fallen, who planned to use the genetic potential in his spark to awaken Primus, but he was freed by Grimlock, putting the grudge to rest.
Grimlock appears in the TFcon 2008 voice play prelude comic called " Ground Effects " where he helps the Dinobots to dig up a Transformer on Dinobot Island.
Thundercracker appears in the 2008 April Fool's comic Shattered Expectations by Fun Publications as part of the Mayhem Suppression Squad called in by the Decepticons against the Autobots Goldbug, Grimlock and Jazz.
In issue # 36, Wheeljack called his old friend Sky Lynx for help in order to save a group of human kids from Grimlock.
Swoop appears in the TFcon 2008 voice play prelude comic called " Ground Effects " where Grimlock orders the other Dinobots to dig up a Transformer on Dinobot Island.
Snarl is one of the members of the Autobot sub-group called the Dinobots led by Grimlock.
Snarl appears in the TFcon 2008 voice play prelude comic called " Ground Effects " where Grimlock orders the other Dinobots to dig up a Transformer on Dinobot Island.
A robot named Snarl makes a return in Transformers Animated along with Grimlock and Swoop ; however, he is styled like the Generation 1 Dinobot Slag instead of the Generation 1 Dinobot of the same name, originally meant to be called Slag.
Sludge appears in the TFcon 2008 voice play prelude comic called " Ground Effects " where Grimlock orders the other Dinobots to dig up a Transformer on Dinobot Island.

Grimlock and Dinobots
Grimlock is the most fearsome and powerful member of the Dinobots.
Grimlock steadily grew more and more displeased with Optimus Prime's leadership, and eventually broke his Dinobots away from the main Autobot faction.
Grimlock swore to one day find a way to revive his Dinobots.
Grimlock began to experience brief bursts of immobility, his joints locking, which reached a peak when he became completely paralyzed in Cybertron's wastelands while he and the Dinobots were under attack by monstrous creatures from beneath Cybertron's surface.
Grimlock and the Dinobots were the only ones among the Autobots who saw through the Decepticons ' false pretense of peaceful co-existence and suspected the plan of mass betrayal.
Set in and around the U. S. stories, Grimlock and the Dinobots were the stars of several stories while self-exiled from the other Autobots, including In The National Interest where they tried to help expose the Robo-Master hoax.
The original character profiles ( and the tech specs derived from them ) written by Bob Budiansky and Dan Bobro indicate that Grimlock and the Dinobots were intended to come from Cybertron to Earth like the vast majority of other Transformers.
The final straw for Grimlock came when he and the Dinobots were injured in a Decepticon trap at an airfield.
Enraged, Grimlock refused to take orders from Optimus Prime any more, and led the Dinobots away from the Ark.
Grimlock instead opted to lead the Dinobots to Cybertron itself, where they were captured by Shockwave and put to work in the Cybertonium mines, until Spike and Carly rescued them.
Brought back to Earth, the Dinobots agreed to follow Prime's order again-until such time as Grimlock did not feel like it.
Also of note, it seemed that, along with the other Dinobots, Grimlock remained in his Dinosaur mode almost exclusively, rarely changing back to his Robot form.
In the second episode, Grimlock was again in action, trying to protect Vector Sigma alongside with two fellow Dinobots and Jazz.
When Bludgeon and his Decepticons were banished after the battle of Klo Grimlock refitted his Decepticon battleship, the Graviton, with weapons and recruited his several Dinobots and Autobots to hunt them down.
The modern Transformers ' first encounter with the Quintessons came in the Earth year 2005 ( during the events of The Transformers: The Movie ), when Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots were stranded on the planet and faced Quintesson justice, only able to escape when Grimlock intimidated the Sharkticons into revolting, and Wheelie led the marooned Autobots to a Quintesson ship to allow them to get off the planet.
He was also mentioned in " Grimlock's New Brain ", when Grimlock told the other Dinobots that Omega was away on a mission, forcing him to build a shuttle to investigate Unicron's head.
Upon locating the Dinobots Shockwave firstly engages and defeats Scorponok in battle, and then turns his attentions to Grimlock.
Shockwave opens a space bridge to search the universe for energy to rebuild Cybertron. He soon finds dinosaurs on Earth and later he appllied these forms to a group of Autobots on Cybertron with Grimlock being one of them and calls them Dinobots.

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