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Grissom and died
White died along with fellow astronauts Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee during a pre-launch test for the first manned Apollo mission at Cape Kennedy.
Chaffee died along with fellow astronauts Gus Grissom and Ed White during a pre-launch test for the Apollo 1 mission at the then-Cape Kennedy Air Force Station, Florida, in 1967.
It is the birthplace of astronaut Gus Grissom, who flew on Liberty Bell 7, Gemini 3, and died in a launch pad fire at Kennedy Space Center in 1967.
* April 3-Gus Grissom ( died 1967 ), astronaut.
His father died when Grissom was 9 years old.
Grissom recalls the day his father died to Catherine Willows in the episode " Still Life ".
Also of interest is a memorial to native resident of Mitchell, Gus Grissom, one of the original Mercury Seven astronauts, who died in the Apollo 1 accident.

Grissom and while
World War II broke out while Grissom was still in high school, and he was eager to enlist upon graduation.
White was buried with full military honors at West Point Cemetery while Grissom and Chaffee are both buried in Section 3 ( GPS Coordinates: 38. 873115 N ,-77. 072755 W ) of Arlington National Cemetery.
Chaffee and Grissom are both buried in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery, while White is buried at West Point Cemetery.
On April 6, 1972, the sheriff and two sheriff's deputies were killed in a shootout while attempting to serve a warrant on Bert Grissom ; Sheriff Douglas Batey and Deputies Glen Ray Archer and Troy Key were killed ; Sheriff Batey was replaced by William Thomas Pond as Sheriff, but Sheriff Pond was killed also on June 8, 1973, in an automobile accident.
Alou would become the leader in Expos games managed, while guiding the team to winning records, including 1994, when the Expos, led by a talented group of players including Larry Walker, Moisés Alou, Marquis Grissom and Pedro Martínez, had the best record in the major leagues until the 1994 – 95 Major League Baseball strike forced the cancellation of the remainder of the season.
Fred McGriff, who went two for three with a sacrifice fly, had single RBIs in the first, third, and fifth innings, while Marquis Grissom added a run-scoring single in the sixth.
Grissom once mentioned losing a body while in Minneapolis, implying he spent time there before taking a job in Las Vegas.
In fact, the show's creators made Sara Sidle while thinking of a future love interest for Grissom, but during the show's first three seasons, Grissom flirted with all the female characters, and when Sara asked him out to dinner, he rejected her, claiming that he did not know what to do about what is going on between them.
She leaves at the conclusion of the second episode of the season, after having a thinly veiled argument with Grissom while dealing with the distraught husband of a victim whose case she had worked eight years prior.
Some time later, while she was working in San Francisco, Grissom called her because he was in need of someone outside the Las Vegas team.
In " Family Affair ", the first episode of Season 10, Sidle returns to work in the laboratory on a temporary basis, revealing that she and Grissom are now married and have been living in Paris while Grissom conducts a seminar at the Sorbonne.
The character has often met with the disapproval of his supervisor Gil Grissom, due to listening to loud music such as Marilyn Manson while running lab machines and hiding porn magazines in some area cabinets.

Grissom and finishing
During the season, Grissom ran one Winston Cup race for Dick Moroso at the Atlanta Journal 500, starting 23rd and finishing 24th.
In 1993, Grissom ran an additional Cup race for Diamond Ridge Motorsports at New Hampshire International Speedway, finishing 29th.
Grissom had four top-tens in the 1995 Cup season, finishing 27th in points ; he started the season running in the top-10 points early on in the year.
Despite not finishing in the top-ten Grissom was able to land a 23rd place finish in points.

Grissom and on
Grissom was born in Mitchell, Indiana on April 3, 1926, the second child of Dennis and Cecile King Grissom.
Captain Grissom then underwent a series of physical and psychological tests and on April 13, 1959, was notified that he had been chosen as one of the seven Mercury astronauts.
Initiating the explosive egress system required hitting a metal trigger with the side of a closed fist, which unavoidably left a large, obvious bruise on the astronaut's hand, but Grissom was found not to have any of the tell-tale bruising.
In early 1964 Alan Shepard was grounded after being diagnosed with Ménière's disease and Grissom was designated command pilot for Gemini 3, the first manned Project Gemini flight, which flew on March 23, 1965.
* Grissom is named with his fellow Apollo 1 crewmates on the Space Mirror Memorial at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida.
* Grissom Hill is 7. 5 km ( 4. 7 mi ) southwest of Columbia Memorial Station on Mars and is one of the Apollo 1 Hills.
* A landmark on the moon is called Marina Grissom.
* Grissom's boyhood home on Grissom Avenue ( renamed in his honor after his Mercury flight ) in Mitchell, Indiana, is currently being restored into a museum.
* Virgil I. Grissom Bridge across the Hampton River, on Rt 258 ( Mercury Blvd, named after the Mercury program ) in Hampton, VA, is one of the six bridges and one road named after the original 7 Mercury astronauts, who trained in the area.
* Bunker Hill Air Force Base in Peru, Indiana, was renamed on May 12, 1968, to Grissom Air Force Base.
In March 1966 he was selected as Senior Pilot ( second seat ) for the first manned Apollo flight, designated AS-204, along with Command Pilot Virgil " Gus " Grissom, who had flown in space on the Mercury 4 Liberty Bell 7 mission and as commander of the Gemini 3 Molly Brown mission, and Pilot Roger Chaffee, who had yet to fly into space.
Gil Grissom on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV show is an entomologist, who is played by actor William Petersen.
* Gil Grissom, character on American TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, played by actor William Petersen
Before leaving the Moon on Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong's final task was to place a small package of memorial items to honor Komarov, Yuri Gagarin, and the Apollo 1 astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee.
Gus Grissom was the second American to fly in space on Liberty Bell 7 and also flew aboard Gemini 3.
* The Mercury spacecraft that astronaut Gus Grissom flew on July 21, 1961, was dubbed Liberty Bell 7.
Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen, finds a unique combination of medications on the leather gloves which Goodson had discarded at the murder location figuring that they could never be traced back to her.
Titov orbited the Earth over 17 times, exceeding the single orbit of Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1 − as well as the suborbital spaceflights of American astronauts Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom aboard their respective Mercury-Redstone 3 and 4 missions.
David Marcus ( Merritt Butrick )— Kirk's son, a key scientist in Genesis ' development — and Lieutenant Saavik ( Robin Curtis ) are investigating the Genesis planet on board the science vessel Grissom.
The change was so sudden that Grissom cracked his faceplate ( made of acrylic ) on the control panel in front of him.

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