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Group and actions
Redeployed to northern Africa the unit began to see success, continuing with actions in Italy, Austria, Germany and in the Battle of Greece and Crete ( where its 9th Battalion, The Rangers ( TA ), served with 1st Armoured Brigade Group ).
Particularly prominent in this regard were the actions of the specialist anti-terrorist unit, the Special Patrol Group.
Following the Bay of Pigs Invasion fiasco in early 1961, the President reconstituted the 5412 Committee that monitored covert actions as the Special Group.
He wrote a paper entitled El Ansar ( The Victor ) in which he expressed support for the actions of the Armed Islamic Group ( GIA ) in Algeria, but he later rejected them when they started killing civilians.
Some historians have defended Ebert's actions as unfortunate but inevitable if the creation of a socialist state on the model that had been promoted by Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and the communist Spartacus Group was to be prevented.
Category: Group actions
* On October 8, 2004, the Securities and Exchange Commission “ announced .. enforcement actions against Invesco Funds Group, Inc. ( IFG ), AIM Advisors, Inc. ( AIM Advisors ), and AIM Distributors, Inc. ( ADI ).
Category: Group actions
Group dances include the Snake and Buffalo dance, where the group dances to mimic the motions of a snake in the beginning of the dance, then change to mimic the actions of a herd of buffalo.
Category: Group actions
The report, which was only concerned with dealing with the directors and their actions while MG-Rover Group was still trading, revealed that the five executives involved took £ 42m in pay and pensions from the troubled firm before it collapsed.
Also in 1988, Michelin Group, a subsidiary of the French tire company Michelin et Cie () proposed to acquire the Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company and took actions towards acquiring a stake.
We believe that these actions of Azerbaijan, as well as the Hungarian authorities to run counter to the efforts agreed at international level, particularly through the OSCE Minsk Group, directed to reduce tension in the region.
Publishers Weekly wrote " The Group Theatre ... ith its self-defined mission to reconnect theater to the world of ideas and actions, staged plays that confronted social and moral issues ... ith members Harold Clurman, Lee Strasberg, Stella and Luther Adler, Clifford Odets, Elia Kazan and an ill-assorted band of idealistic actors living hand to mouth are seen welded in a collective of creativity that was also a tangle of jealousies, love affairs and explosive feuds.
The committee ( also called the Special Group ) included the CIA director, the national security adviser, and the deputy secretaries at State and Defence and had the responsibility to decide whether covert actions were " proper " and in the national interest.
Category: Group actions
The Province Prefect informed President Allende of the Navy's actions ; immediately, the president went to the presidential palace, La Moneda, with his bodyguards, the Grupo de Amigos Personales ( GAP ) ( Group of Personal Friends ).
In November 2010, he renewed his involvement in trade issues when he was appointed co-chair of an Experts Group, created by the heads of government of Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia and Turkey, to report on the priority actions to be taken to combat protectionism and to boost global trade.
The protesters, with the help of nonprofit organizations including the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Public Interest Lawyers Group, and EarthRights International, brought claims for wrongful death, torture, assault, battery, and negligence against Chevron, alleging that the company had paid the soldiers that landed on the platform and were therefore liable for the actions that they took.
All Group actions must have the Elder's approval.
The Foreign Legion March Regiment ( Régiment de Marche de la Légion Etrangère ), subsequently renamed the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment ( 3e Régiment étranger d ' infanterie ), of the French Foreign Legion was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation with the inscription " Rhine – Bavarian Alps " for its actions in the drive of the Sixth United States Army Group, of which the French First Army was part, across the Rhine River into southern Germany to Bavaria and Austria in 1945.
On April 22, 1986, the 1st Brazilian Fighter Group was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation for its actions in the Po Valley region of Italy in World War II.
The Stagecoach Group has also indirectly attracted criticism through controversial statements and actions made by its chairman and co-founder, Brian Souter, regarding certain public statements and his funding of a campaign to block the repeal the Section 28 law.
The Peace and Constitution Committee Working Group promotes actions to raise awareness on the article 9 of the Japanese Constitution which denounces war and war-prepation activities.

Group and /
There are several major vendors of flight avionics, including Honeywell ( which now owns Bendix / King ), Rockwell Collins, Thales Group, Garmin and Avidyne Corporation.
As of 2011 the Atlanta Falcons Executive Committee consisted of ten people: Arthur Blank, Owner and Chairman ; Rich McKay, President & CEO ; Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager ; Kim Shreckengost, Executive Vice President / Chief of Staff for AMB Group, LLC ; Greg Beadles, Senior Vice President-Chief Financial Officer ; Jim Smith, Chief Marketing Officer ; Danny Branch, Vice President of Information Technology ; Dave Cohen, Vice President of Sales and Service ; Reggie Roberts, Vice President of Football Communications and Tim Zulawski, VP of Sponsorship Sales and Service.
A Group C Nimrod NRA / C2 which used Aston Martin's V8 engines in the 1980s.
The nearby airbase was the home station for the Stab & I / KG53 ( Staff & 1st Group of Kampfgeschwader 53 ) operating 38 Heinkel He 111 bombers.
Major Dutch-language weekly magazines in 2008 are Kerk en Leven ( Drukkerij en Uitgeverij Halewijn ) ( 409, 817 ), Dag Allemaal ( 402, 097 ), HUMO ( 227, 614 ), Libelle ( magazine ) ( Sanoma Belgium ) ( 216, 506 ), TV-Blad ( 158, 283 ), Story ( Belgian magazine ) ( Sanoma Belgium ) ( 159, 833 ), Plus Magazine ( Belgium ) ( 134, 242 ), TV-Familie / Blik ( 129, 328 ), Flair ( magazine ) ( Sanoma Belgium ) ( 126, 831 ), Knack ( magazine ) ( Roularta Media Group ) ( 126, 646 ), Trends ( magazine ) ( Roularta Media Group ),'t Pallieterke, ....
Major French-language weekly magazines in 2008 are Trends / Tendance ( Roularta Media Group ), Le Vif / L ' Express ( Roularta Media Group ), Télé Moustique ( Sanoma Belgium ), Femmes d ' Aujourd ' hui ( Sanoma Belgium ), ....
The IUPAC / IUPAP Transfermium Working Group report in 1992 officially recognised the GSI team as discoverers of bohrium.
The territory covers 780, 000 km < sup > 2 </ sup >, extending east and south from the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, and including Heralds Beacon Island, Osprey Reef, the Willis Group, and fifteen other reef / island groups.
The " CAMRA Pub Heritage Group " is a group established to identify, record and help protect pub interiors of historic and / or architectural importance, and seeks to get them listed, if not already.
IC 342 is one of the brightest two galaxies in the IC 342 / Maffei Group of galaxies.
On June 1, 1990, he assumed duties as the commanding general, 2nd Force Service Support Group < nowiki > Group / Commanding </ nowiki > general, 6th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Fleet Marine Force Atlantic and commanded the 2d FSSG during the Gulf War.
* Group C ( 12 / 13 year ): 5 m & 7. 5 m
* Group B ( 14 / 15 year ): 5 m, 7. 5 m & 10 m
* Group A ( 16 / 18 year ): 5 m, 7. 5 m & 10 m
In 1992 the IUPAC / IUPAP Transfermium Working Group assessed the claims of the two groups and concluded that confidence in the discovery grew from results from both laboratories and the claim of discovery should be shared.
United Nations markings include numbered Hazard Class and Division ( HC / D ) codes and alphabetic Compatibility Group codes.
Compatibility Group codes are used to indicate storage compatibility for HC / D Class 1 ( explosive ) materials.
The East Pakistan military personnel were trained in combat diving, demolitions, and guerrilla / anti-guerrilla tactics by the advisers from the Special Service Group ( Navy ) who were also charged with intelligence data collection and management cycle.
* Development of other content distribution networks on the internet through P2PTV ; EBU Project Group D / P2P, from November 2007 to April 2008, with a trial of selected member channels, thanks to Octoshape's distribution platform.
They are negotiated during the fax-modem handshake, and the fax devices will use the highest data rate that both fax devices support, usually a minimum of 14. 4 kbit / s for Group 3 fax.

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