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Group and dances
Area Service Committees are typically funded from Group contributions plus money raised by events such as dances and recovery events attended by members.
Group folk dances and choral singing are traditionally practiced in some but not all parts of Korea and were being promoted throughout North Korea in the early 1990s among school and university students.
Group dances are danced by groups of people simultaneously, as opposed to individuals dancing alone or individually, and as opposed to couples dancing together but independently of others dancing at the same time, if any.
Group dances include the following dance forms or styles:
Category: Group dances
Category: Group dances
Group dances are performed to music provided typically by an ensemble, or dance band, which may include fiddle, bagpipe, accordion, tin whistle, cello, keyboard and percussion.
Category: Group dances
Category: Group dances
Category: Group dances
Category: Group dances
; Group dances
Category: Group dances
Under the direction of Elizabeth LeCompte and with its associates and staff, the Group has created nineteen theater pieces, four dances, three radio plays, five video / film works and produced the first eight monologues of Spalding Gray.
Category: Group dances
Category: Group dances
Category: Group dances
Category: Group dances

Group and include
Other co-ed groups include Taal Tadka from Georgia Institute of Technology, RAAG ( Rutgers Asian A cappella Group ) from Rutgers University, Naya Zamaana from UCLA, UW Awaaz from the University of Washington and Dhamakapella from Case Western Reserve University.
Membership in International Organizations: The major organizations in which Colombia is a member include: the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean, Andean Pact, Caribbean Development Bank, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Group of 3, Group of 11, Group of 24, Group of 77, Inter-American Development Bank, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Chamber of Commerce, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Criminal Police Organization, International Development Association, International Finance Corporation, International Fund for Agricultural Development, International Labour Organization, International Maritime Organization, International Maritime Satellite Organization, International Monetary Fund ( IMF ), International Olympic Committee, International Organization for Migration, International Organization for Standardization, International Telecommunication Union, International Telecommunications Satellite Organization, International Trade Union Confederation, Latin American Economic System, Latin American Integration Association, Latin Union, Non-Aligned Movement, Organization of American States ( OAS ), Permanent Court of Arbitration, Rio Group, United Nations ( UN ), UN Conference on Trade and Development, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UN Industrial Development Organization, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, Universal Postal Union, World Confederation of Labour, World Federation of Trade Unions, World Health Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Meteorological Organization, World Tourism Organization, and World Trade Organization.
According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, preparations that include more than five percent of crude coal tar are Group 1 carcinogen.
United Nations markings include numbered Hazard Class and Division ( HC / D ) codes and alphabetic Compatibility Group codes.
The net profit of IKEA Group ( which does not include Inter IKEA systems ) in fiscal year 2009 ( after paying franchise fees to Inter IKEA systems ) was € 2. 538 billion on sales of € 21. 846 billion.
Theories intended to explain these unusual clouds include materials left over from the formation of our galaxy, or tidally-displaced matter drawn away from other galaxies or members of the Local Group.
These groups include several mentioned above: al-Gama ' a al-Islamiyya ( Islamic Group ) of Egypt, Islamist groups in Algeria, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the West Bank, and Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda group.
These include the Governmental Advisory Committee ( GAC ), which is composed of representatives of a large number of national governments from all over the world ; the At-Large Advisory Committee ( ALAC ), which is composed of representatives of organizations of individual Internet users from around the world ; the Root Server System Advisory Committee, which provides advice on the operation of the DNS root server system ; the Security and Stability Advisory Committee ( SSAC ), which is composed of Internet experts who study security issues pertaining to ICANN's mandate ; and the Technical Liaison Group ( TLG ), which is composed of representatives of other international technical organizations that focus, at least in part, on the Internet.
Others who worked on production with Nirvana include Muff Winwood ( formerly of the Spencer Davis Group ; arranger / producer Mike Hurst who worked with Jimmy Page, Cat Stevens, Manfred Mann, Spencer Davis Group and Colin Blunstone ; arranger Johnny Scott who arranged for the Hollies and subsequently scored films such as The Shooting Party and Greystoke.
TOCs may use what they like: examples include Futura ( Stagecoach Group ), Helvetica ( FirstGroup and National Express ), Frutiger ( Arriva Trains Wales ), Bliss ( CrossCountry, an Arriva franchise but not branded as such ), and a modified version of Precious by London Midland.
The Christian record companies include EMI Christian Music Group, Provident Label Group and Word Records.
Other subsidiaries and operating divisions include Porsche Consulting, Porsche Engineering, Porsche Design Group, Mieschke Hofmann und Partner ( 81. 1 %) and Bertrandt ( 25 %).
Medley also had solo success: In 1984, he scored country hits with " Till Your Memory's Gone " and " I Still Do " ( which crossed over to the adult contemporary charts and later became a " cult " hit with the Carolina Beach / Shag dance club circuit ); and in late 1987, his duet with Jennifer Warnes — "( I've Had ) The Time of My Life ", which appeared on the soundtrack for Dirty Dancing — topped the Billboard Hot 100 and won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture ( for the three songwriters, which did not include Medley ) as well as a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals ( which, of course, did ).
Viruses with RNA as their genetic material but which include DNA intermediates in their replication cycle are called retroviruses, and comprise Group VI of the Baltimore classification.
Prominent Somali telecommunications companies include Golis Telecom Group, Hormuud Telecom, Somafone, Nationlink, Netco, Telcom and Somali Telecom Group.
Subdivisions of the Sontaran military structure mentioned in the series include the Sontaran G3 Military Assessment Survey and the Grand Strategic Council, the Ninth Sontaran Battle Group, the Fifth Army Space Fleet of the Sontaran Army Space Corps, and the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet.
Military titles include Commander, Group Marshal, Field Major, and General.
The remaining nonenterococcal Group D strains include Streptococcus bovis and Streptococcus equinus.

Group and Snake
The oldest identified caldera remnant straddles the border near McDermitt, Nevada-Oregon, although there are volcaniclastic piles and arcuate faults that define caldera complexes more than in diameter in the Carmacks Group of southwest-central Yukon, Canada, which is interpreted to have formed 70 million years ago by the Yellowstone hotspot .< ref > Progressively younger caldera remnants, most grouped in several overlapping volcanic fields, extend from the Nevada-Oregon border through the eastern Snake River Plain and terminate in the Yellowstone Plateau.
Schofield receives a message from Trent with a list of members of a secret service known as the Intelligence Convergance Group which includes Snake and Montana.
* Gunnery Sergeant Scott ' Snake ' Kaplan-A member of the Intelligence Convergence Group ( ICG ) along with Montana.
* http :// romins. in / 2007 / 12 / punnamada-chundan_28. html Aries Punnamada Chundan, an initiative of the Aries Group of Companies ( longest Snake Boat )
After confronting the Marine who had shot him, Scott ' Snake ' Kaplan, and preventing him from killing Mother, he learned that the Intelligence Convergence Group ( ICG ), a secretive and insidious government intelligence organisation dedicated to maintaining America's technological superiority at any cost, was preparing to seize the spacecraft and kill Schofield and his team to prevent them from spreading word about the spacecraft.
Scott ' Snake ' Kaplan, a member of the Intelligence Convergence Group which she mentioned to Schofield earlier, attempts to kill her in her weakened state, but Mother is able to overpower him.

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