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Had and I
Had they not gotten me to the hospital when they did, perhaps I would not be here to commend them at this time.
Had I been granted the floor on a point of personal privilege, the matter she raised would have been clarified.
Had to put my foot on it to hole it down while I cut it up fer the lob-scuse ''.
Had I been in an all-married section I would have missed this, and I believe that this single aspect has been of great personal value to me ''.
Had I been there, I, too, in the eyes of most Americans, would have been merely a pawn in the hands of the Communists.
' ' Had I known it was you ,' said Cúchulainn, ' I never would have.
Medley also had solo success: In 1984, he scored country hits with " Till Your Memory's Gone " and " I Still Do " ( which crossed over to the adult contemporary charts and later became a " cult " hit with the Carolina Beach / Shag dance club circuit ); and in late 1987, his duet with Jennifer Warnes — "( I've Had ) The Time of My Life ", which appeared on the soundtrack for Dirty Dancing — topped the Billboard Hot 100 and won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture ( for the three songwriters, which did not include Medley ) as well as a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals ( which, of course, did ).
# " Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream " ( Ed McCurdy ) – 2: 11 < sup > Recorded: March 17, 1964 </ sup >
Arrangements and orchestrations on " It Had to Be You ", " Where or When ", " I Could Write a Book ", and " But Not for Me " are by Connick and Shaiman.
It was released on DVD for the first time on January 9, 2001, and included an audio commentary by Reiner, a 35-minute " Making Of " documentary featuring interviews with Reiner, Ephron, Crystal, and Ryan, seven deleted scenes, and a music video for " It Had To Be You " by Harry Connick, Jr. A Collector's Edition DVD was released on January 15, 2008, including a new audio commentary with Reiner, Ephron, and Crystal, eight deleted scenes, all new featurettes ( It All Started Like This, Stories Of Love, When Rob Met Billy, Billy On Harry, I Love New York, What Harry Meeting Sally Meant, So Can Men And Women Really Be Friends?
Few could disagree with McGonagall's closing judgement: ' I must now conclude my lay / By telling the world fearlessly without the least dismay / That your central girders would not have given way ,/ At least many sensible men do say ,/ Had they been supported on each side with buttresses ,/ At least many sensible men confesses ,/ For the stronger we our houses do build ,/ The less chance we have of being killed '.
A version of Atalanta appears in three episodes of the television series Hercules: the Legendary Journeys: " Ares ", " Let the Games Begin " and " If I Had a Hammer ", played by Corey Everson.
Had I not, with my own eyes, seen myself appear out of the fourth dimension back there in the Twentieth Century, and glide down to my landing-field?
#" Recurrence / If I Had You " ( Ted Shapiro, Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly )-Dick Hyman / Tim Roth
What evil looks / Had I from old and young!
Had I permitted myself any innovation upon the original term, it would have been to convert it into AUSTRALIA ; as being more agreeable to the ear, and an assimilation to the names of the other great portions of the earth.
Senator Henry S. Foote of Mississippi, who had suggested the creation of the Committee of Thirteen, later said, " Had there been one such man in the Congress of the United States as Henry Clay in 1860 –' 61 there would, I feel sure, have been no civil war.
Had I lived in a different town I don't think that this would have happened, because it was just the confluence of educated government workers, and then also all the colleges in the area, Ottawa University, Carleton, and all the schools — these people were interested in blues culture .< ref > Still on a mission from God ; interview with Dan Aykroyd by Roger Gatchet, May 18, 2007, www. austinsound. net.
Whitlam maintained that the purpose in moving Fraser's car was to ensure that the Prime Minister was not tipped off by seeing it, stating, " Had I known Mr. Fraser was already there, I would not have set foot in Yarralumla.

Had and warned
Had Dandy been older or wiser, instinct might have warned him that he would be well advised to flee from the Lalauries' tender care if he valued his life.
" The US administration could have publicly revealed these plans to the world and warned Solidarity ," Urban said, " Had it done so, the implementation of martial law would have been impossible.

Had and him
Had that tall dark boy, carrying trays too heavy for him, found what he might have considered adulation of a man he probably hated more than he could bear??
In February 1705, Queen Anne, who had made Marlborough a Duke in 1702, granted him the Park of Woodstock and promised a sum of £ 240, 000 to build a suitable house as a gift from a grateful crown in recognition of his victory – a victory which British historian Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy considered one of the pivotal battles in history, writing – " Had it not been for Blenheim, all Europe might at this day suffer under the effect of French conquests resembling those of Alexander in extent and those of the Romans in durability.
Had he lived longer, Howard believes, his character might have enabled him to become a successful king like his father.
Gibson invited Baez to perform with him at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival, where the two sang two duets, " Virgin Mary Had One Son " and " We Are Crossing Jordan River ".
Had that been true, as head of the army, in a position given to him by Hatshepsut ( who was clearly not worried about her co-regent's loyalty ), he surely could have led a successful coup, but he made no attempt to challenge her authority during her reign and, her accomplishments and images remained featured on all of the public buildings she built for twenty years after her death.
Had he not been from the west wind, she would have swallowed him.
Had Brock lived longer, he would probably have been freed from financial worries, since under prize regulations a substantial part of the value of the captured military stores would accrue to him.
In June 1778 " By the ill conduct of his wife found it necessary to send her into Wales in order to work a reformation on her ", the cause of this appears to have been that Jane Nash " Had imposed two spurious children on him as his and her own, notwithstanding she had then never had any child " and she had contracted several debts unknown to her husband, including one for milliners ' bills of £ 300.
Fontaines was killed in the battle ; the duke of Enghien is reported to have said, " Had I not won the day I wish I had died like him.
Michael appeared gullible and naive ; a friend of Natalia's said he " trusted everybody ... Had his wife not watched over him constantly, he would have been deceived at every step.
He was meant to be a puppet, as evidenced by the saying: " Had the Council demanded the stars of heaven from him, he would have ordered it.
" Rabbi Akiva asked him: " Had you known that her husband would become a great man, would you have vowed?
Had the marbles been arranged in the other order, therefore, we would take him to be referring to the other marble, yet his internal state would be identical.
Had he joined O ’ Brien ten years before and carried the Irish Party with him, it is possible that Ireland ’ s destiny would have been settled by evolution.
Had he barely undertaken to perpetuate the tradition on which he received the sacred text he would have done as much as could be required of him, and more than sufficient to put to shame the puny efforts of those who have vainly labored to improve upon his design.
Had Nixon resigned without a sitting Vice President to succeed him, Albert would have become Acting President under the Presidential Succession Act of 1947, which would have forced Albert to resign from the office of Speaker as well as the House.
On 2 April 2007 Garry Cobain posted a video onto his YouTube account of him arguing with a lady at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London about God entitled " the GOD WARS-An Argument I Had At Speaker's Corner ".
Had a trustworthy tradition that the world was created out of nothing been known to Aristotle, he would have supported it by at least as strong arguments as those advanced by him to prove the eternity of matter.
Had the impeachment of Andrew Johnson in 1868 succeeded, he would have succeeded him as the 18th President of the United States.
* On 2 April 2007 Garry Cobain of The Future Sound of London posted a video onto his YouTube account of him arguing with a lady at Speakers Corner in London about God entitled " the GOD WARS – An Argument I Had At Speaker's Corner ".
Had they not tried to strip him off all his assets, including his home, deny him the ability to function in business, and routinely try to humiliate him I believe he would have paid back every penny he owed to the Irish taxpayer ".

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